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Parenting: Does It Ever Get Easier?


It’s no secret that I’m not the tallest person — I’m around 5’3. Scotty, my husband, is 6’3. I figured when we had kids that they would most likely be taller than me. So, while it’s not a surprise that HB is now taller – there is a milestone moment in parenting when it hits you  – your baby is now grown up. I had that moment recently and my super tall husband had to point it out —

Parenting: It Never Gets EasierWe were shopping at a local sports store and I couldn’t reach something –so I asked HB to get it for me and sure enough, she reached up and got it with no problem. It was not a noticeable moment for me – do you know how many times I have to ask someone to get something for me? I can’t count that high — short people are used to asking for help.  But Scotty – well he strolled by and asked “Did you just ask HB to get something up high for you?”  That was the moment when I realized it had happened. My first born child is growing up. Can we make time stop?

As much as I love who she is now, I wish I had that time back when she was a baby. I would have been less nervous with her and enjoyed the time more. Life really does happen so quickly and before you know it – they are up and grown and your roles change. Circle of life, I suppose. Parenting – it never gets easy – what’s hard just changes.

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Scotty posted this to my Facebook wall recently to let me know I’m not alone. I was once asked by a friend, “Does your husband know you are moving out?” after he saw my car.

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Challenging Times Lead to Empowering Lessons

Fun Murderer of a Teenager


Hannah Bea 2015End of last month, my little baby girl became a teenager. It is hard to believe that 13 years have passed since I became Mom and had my priorities and perspective on life shift. What a crazy journey it has been. HB is becoming such an amazing young girl – so fearless and full of confidence. I love watching her –  and seeing how she evaluates situations and challenges herself constantly. She is so much bolder than I was at her age.

When HB was younger, she called me a Fun Murderer. In hereeyes, I was not fun in her eye whenever I told her she couldn’t do something she wanted to do – for whatever reason – I was murdering fun. She doesn’t say that much anymore – it has now turned into the infamous eye rolling any time I annoy her.  Her teenage years are bound to be full of moments of her parents embarrassing and annoying her.


Time flies for sure and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for both of us.  I’m having the best time being her Mom.

Hannah Bea 2015 Trashion Show

Always Something To Work On


I am just totally feeling like I am back in love with CrossFit again. I’m learning from coaches who have spent years and years learning how to lift themselves and coach and it makes all the difference. What I felt for a long time was that because I was more than a beginner and an older female athlete –that I didn’t get the attention that I needed to help me progress more. It’s not a fault of anyone – just the reality that newbies need more oversight and many times, it’s easier to gravitate towards younger, stronger female and male athletes when you do have time. I could have really sought out some more one on one coaching — but for me, I like the energy of the group setting. It helps motivate me and I tend to learn from watching others lift. So, it wasn’t an ideal situation.

4096ba0d7f7be2be088fb6b54529d1a3Dan and Randy at Highbar know their shit. Today, we worked on position two for the Clean and just like last week – I learned some new stuff and they re-enforced what I learned from the Oly cert a few months back. And Dan spent time really watching our form — identifying my faults and offering suggestions. The improvement from my first to my last clean was noticeable. I have to get out of my head though – not only when it comes to lifting, but during the WODs and generally in, life. I am a thinker!!

Dan suggested I read a book called: Meditation Changes Everything to help me figure out how to quiet my mind. I will let you know if it helps — if i can quiet my mind enough to read it. HA!

Hannah Bea at CampMy daughter Hannah is away at Adventure Camp this week. They are caving, white water rafting, rock climbing and swimming in a natural water slide this week. Sounds like super fun right? Well, I am sure she’s having a ball — I’m not doing so well though. I miss her so much my heart hurts. This is not the first time she has been away at camp either but I miss her presence. She is my best pal! I love to be around her and when she’s not here, I notice.

I think it’s really important though to let your kiddos head off and experience stuff on their own. To learn how to make new friends and adapt to new and different situations. She has never done a camp like this before –heck neither have I. And we are lucky enough to be able to afford to send her off during the summer, so as hard as it is –it’s important.  And the no devices makes it hard on me too,  because I have NO idea what’s she’s up to. I know it’s all part of her growing up and letting go –but man, parenting is hard!

200m run
10 Squats
10 push ups
10 P1 PVC practice
2/side groiners
5/side sprinklers
4 Camel/Cat

P2 Cleans
warmup to 75# 5×2
I didn’t push the load so I can really focus on form.

400m run
12 SDHP 65#
10 Ring Dips
400m run
12 SDHP 65#
10 Ring Dips
400m run
time: 16:46

Holy crap that was tough. The air was thick this AM, so my breathing was labored. I am working on being more aware of my breath and getting it under control too. See how much I have to work on? It’s an ongoing journey — being fit and there is ALWAYS something to work on and challenge yourself with! That’s why I LOVE IT.


Everything Happens For A Reason


Yesterday I watched my baby, Hannah start the two day process to ‘graduate’ from fifth grade and head into Middle School. I felt the tears bubble up and an overall feeling of pride, amazement and a touch of sadness come over me as I watched her get some awards and then get her promotion certificate. Not sad in a depressed way — just sad that time goes by so fast and you can’t slow it down or capture moments that seemed like yesterday.


This is a pic of Hannah graduating Kindergarten in 2008. So sweet and little – and now she’s sweet, but not so little. As I looked over the crowd of fifth graders sitting in their school standard chairs yesterday, I thought about how they have their whole lives ahead of them and they don’t even know it yet. They will grow up, struggle, marry, have hardships, have joys, success, failures, sadness, elation. They will experience hard times and wonderful moments. They are only starting to be who they are destined to become. How lucky are we — that we get to help them get there?

Hannah Graduating Elementary School

Today’s workout was all about Turkish Get-Ups. It’s a really great all around body exercise –really taxes your core. I was so happy today because I thought I did TGU’s pretty well, but when Coach Randy went over it with me — he tweaked it a bunch to help make me more stable and able to handle more weight as I worked through the movement. What a difference technique makes! Because I have to learn a new way of doing it, I spent a bunch of time going through the steps over and over and over again. Which to some, may seem like a Pain in the Ass — but to me, that’s what I have been craving. Someone to pay attention to the work I am doing and to help me make bigger gains.

1 Turkish Get Up 7 Box Jump (24 In.)s 1 Kettlebell Swing, 53 lbs 1 Turkish Get Up 6 Box Jump (24 In.)s 2 Kettlebell Swings, 53 lbs 1 Turkish Get Up 5 Box Jump (24 In.)s 3 Kettlebell Swings, 53 lbs 1 Turkish Get Up 4 Box Jump (24 In.)s 4 Kettlebell Swings, 53 lbs 1 Turkish Get Up 3 Box Jump (24 In.)s 5 Kettlebell Swings, 53 lbs 1 Turkish Get Up 2 Box Jump (24 In.)s 6 Kettlebell Swings, 53 lbs 1 Turkish Get Up 1 Box Jump (24 In.) 7 Kettlebell Swings, 53 lbs
Time: 12:05

Next time I will do it faster — I was learning the new TGU form and because I am such a thinker, I was going through step by step making sure that it was registering in my head. I’m also pretty happy that Coach Randy suggested that I up my my box size to 24′ and my KB to 56#. Because the reps are lower, the weight and height can go up to make it more challenging.  By the end of this WOD, those TGU’s were painful.


And my article is up online now: I am Modern: Stephanie Hoaglund. I love this article because I really think Gwen, the writer got what I am all about. I find some just don’t get me, so when I find people that understand what my ultimate goal is, it just fills me with a ton of happiness. Thank you Gwen.

Busy Busy Day


 castI took the day off to take Hannah to the orthopedist to have her wrist looked at — well she is now in an arm cast. I am sure the novelty of it all will wear off in a day or so. It will be a long four weeks for my baby.

Today was a rest day for me and I was more than happy to do it. I am so so sore.. mostly in my quads. I think it may be from rowing since I did a ton of that yesterday. But i will be back at it tomorrow…

Here’s a few interesting articles I have read that I think you should read too:

via The Paleo Palate 

3 sweet potato peeled and grated
8-10 tiger prawns/shrimps peeled
4 free range eggs
1/2 yellow onion chopped
Salt and pepper to taste
2 – 4 tbsp coconut oil for frying

Heat the coconut oil in a skillet on low to medium heat. Mix the sweet potato, eggs, onions and salt and pepper in a bowl. Take a handful of the mixture, form into a pancake then push one large shrimp on the center of the pancake. Fry shrimp face down for about 4 minutes on low to medium heat. Turn the pancake on the other side when the shrimp is cooked. Fry for another 2-3 minutes until it is cooked through.

Presenting the Ruritan Citizenship Award Recipient: My Daughter


Sometimes, the universe speaks to me so loudly, letting me know I am doing the right thing. I saw this today from coach Zach Even Esh, who I met briefly last summer:

Training Tip: If you train hard you must also rest “hard” – both are equally important

I am sure it’s no surprise to anyone who knows me, this laid back approach to training the past week and a half has been very odd and unnatural to me. Mentally, I feel so much better though. And I am definitely starting to feel happier and more organized. I think I was just so amazingly burnt out and overwhelmed and had no way of putting the breaks on it – so it started to seep out and affect some other areas of my life. Things you wouldn’t even connect with my fitness routine, but now that I am well rested and feeling better, those things are working their way out.

Last night, my amazing daughter Hannah was given a Ruritan citizenship award –one was given to one student from each of the local schools and Hannah was chosen by her principal and a group of teachers. I was so proud to see her up there, being recognized for how amazing, sweet and caring she is. From the day she was born, I knew she had a special sparkle. I am so lucky to be her Mom —


And to top it off, I sent her preschool/Kindergarten teachers a note about her winning this and one of her most favorite teachers came to surprise her and watch her get the award. I am not sure he knows how much that meant to her and us. He’s a very special guy —


DTES 2013 recipient of the Ashburn Ruritan Club Award


Hannah has been selected as the DTES 2013 recipient of the Ashburn Ruritan Club Award. Teachers and principals decide which student they believe are great models of citizenship.

This award is all about students who are good citizens, kids that are nice, respectful of their elders and who go out of their way to help others.

So proud of my Hannah Bea!!hannah

Encouraging Young Girls to Be Themselves



Encouraging Young Girls to Be Themselves and that It’s OK

If you don’t already know this by reading my blog regularly, I love my kids. They bring me such joy and clear perspective on all things in life and for the most part, they just think I’m the cat’s meow. I am preparing myself for this not to be the case as they get older, but for now – I am enjoying being one of their favorite people in life.

My girl HB is running for Treasurer of her Elementary school and the recording of her speech is today. She never ceases to amaze me – she created her poster and her speech is really good. It’s well organized, has her quirky sense of humor in it and she has practiced it with the vigor of a young tiger. While I was listening to practice her speech last night I wondered if in  a few short years (maybe sooner than that) will she fall victim to the insecurities and doubts that seem to creep into young girls’ minds as they start to hit puberty and go from girl to young woman? And what can I do to minimize the effects of media and public stereotypes as her mom — and as a woman who did and still does live under the influence of ideal standards of beauty to some extent.

I read a lot about how women are portrayed and socialized in our society to believe in the myth of beauty and to put so much value in how they look. One non-profit that is doing good work trying to help shed light on how it all happens is Miss

Miss is a call-to-action campaign that seeks to empower women and girls to challenge limiting labels in order to realize their potential and transform our culture for the betterment of all.

Given the advent of the 24-7 news cycle and the proliferation of infotainment and reality TV, media has become the predominant communicator of cultural values and gender norms, telling us all who we can and cannot be.

We believe that one ordinary individual, united with others around a common, meaningful goal, can spark millions of small actions that ultimately lead to a cross generational revolution to eradicate gender stereotypes and create lasting cultural and sociological change that will benefit not only women, but the world at large.

I want my daughter to believe in her intelligence, her personality, and that treating others kindly and with good intentions will ultimately be her worth and that by caring about her overall health – she is beautiful.

I believe it’s my job as her Mom and primary role model to walk the walk – talk the talk!  It’s hard to change filters but it’s something that I am working hard to do because it is so vitally important and influential on both of my kiddos.

On her way out the door this morning, she asked “Mom, should I wear my glasses during the speech?“. I said – Does Hannah wear glasses?  She said “Yep“. I said — then wear them!  I love that girl —

Workout today was a two parter –the weather here in Northern VA is so odd. It was 60′ at 6A and it’s supposed to get up to 80′ today. Crazy warm weather for Fall. But made for a nice outside warmup and sprint workout!


  • DROM
  • shuttle runs
  • drills


  • KB Swing


tabata sprints (sprint 20s/10s rest x 8 rounds)

  • 10 KB Swings
  • 10 Push Ups
  • 10 Sit Ups

Rounds 8



Another Milestone for My HB


Happy Birthday!


Happy 10th birthday to my beautiful daughter Hannah Bea. She has been one of the most joyful experiences and I am so proud to be her Mom. She’s a bright, kind, funny and sharp young lady who makes us laugh each and every day. Who wouldn’t want someone like that in their lives?

We have a weekend full of fun and celebration but for now, it’s normal life — workout time.

1 lap run
25ft Inch Worm
50 Ft Bear Crawl
5 wall walks



Turkish Get Ups

rounds: 18

Rest 5 min, then

5 KB Swings

rounds: 11+5

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