Today was another good day at CrossFit Impavidus. We had rope climbs during the WOD and I finally got up that rope using the scissor grip. That is SUCCESS! I have been challenged by that rope for a long time and once again, its all technique! And I got halfway up the ROPE!! YAHOOOOOOO!

Row 250m
Pass Thrus
50ft Walking Lunges

Rope Climb

2 Assents (rope climb)
15 push ups
15 Air Squats
15 butterfly sit ups (+10 more each round as I waited on the rope)
7 Rounds completed

I have an issue- I guess some would call me ‘hard core’ in my workouts and although I like to have fun during them, I don’t have patience for people who come to the workout who aren’t serious. The ladies I have worked out with for years are the same way. We have been trained to show up and work! Chatting time is before or after — workout time is workout time.

The people that show up late, and we have to wait for them to catch up and then they continue to chat away during the workout frustrate me. Usually, I can block them out but when the workout is timed and you are sharing equipment or order of workout — I get frustrated. There is only so many extra reps I can do while I am waiting on them — and quite frankly, if we are timed – then everyone should be going full steam.

It’s also the Coach — Part of their job to keep us all focused and on task. I’m used to having everyone focused during the workout. It’s also not the time to practice moves over and over again. That’s what the skill practice is for and before and afterwards.

These workouts are hard and if you are working your butt off — then you shouldn’t be even able to talk.

Any have advice about how to handle? I don’t want to be that one person who is known as the beeyotch, but if really bothered me this AM. Am I being too sensitive and ‘hard core’? This is CrossFit after all —