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Stand Up to Cancer: 2015 Crush Cancer Event

I love sharing information about working out and giving back. This weekend, in gyms across the country you can participate in: The 5th Annual 2015 Crush Cancer event to benefit Stand Up to Cancer!  The 5th Annual 2015 Crush Cancer event to benefit Stand Up To Cancer’s collaborative more »

Running: A Skill That Can Alleviate Stress

Lots of people are getting out there and running now that Summer is here. 19 Ways To Shave Down Your Race Time includes some good ideas and advice on improving your pace , including this infographic about foam rolling – which I am huge fan of! Hope you more »

Sugar- the most demonized additive known to man

Is Sugar Toxic? It’s so interesting to gain the insight and knowledge that science provides us around what we are trained to put in our bodies — On May 26, 2009, Robert Lustig gave a lecture called “Sugar: The Bitter Truth,” which was posted on more »

Obesity is a huge threat

Panel: Obesity is century’s greatest public health threat While I agree with some of these guidelines — but most of the actual food ones, I call foul! As you know – I am a believer in the Paleo view on eating: lean meats, nuts, berries, more »

Must Read: Gluten: What You Don’t Know Might Kill You

Gluten: What You Don’t Know Might Kill You I recently went Gluten free (paleo approach) in October to lose weight, but what I realized was that when I got rid of the gluten – I felt great. It was the culprit for my constant fatigue more »

Half of colon cancer deaths can be prevented

Researchers: Half of colon cancer deaths can be prevented The American Cancer Society estimates that this year alone doctors will diagnose more than 140,000 new cases of colon cancer nationwide and 50,000 people will die from the disease. Meanwhile, researchers say more than half of more »

Drinking Coffee May Lower Women’s Risk of Stroke

Study: Drinking Coffee May Lower Women’s Risk of Stroke I believe in moderation of certain things — coffee being one of them. I love having a cup of coffee after CrossFit in the AM. It gives me the same feeling that eating a warm bowl more »

Using BAI instead of BMI to measure fat

BAI Better Than BMI? Scientists Develop New Way To Measure Fat I personally was not a fan of the BMI measurement scale. 2 people can have completely different body shapes and and weigh the same — and one comes out as obese based on weight more »

Bob Harper say it ain’t so —

Don’t buy into the hype people – Quaker Oats ain’t good for you Just because Bob Harper is Hockin it —http://bit.ly/fQL0T2

Healthy Eating: The skinny on fats

Healthy Eating: The skinny on fats. Good information about fats. I have read recently all about Coconut Oil and how great it is for you. I’m waiting on my order to come in to try it and I will definitely let you know! Of the more »