My friend Sara told me yesterday that I may want to stop referring to my ‘new’ eating approach as Paleo and just start talking about it like it is — healthy eating. Using the term ‘Paleo’ may turn some people off because they may correlate it to another one of those diet programs.  She is right — so to be clear — Paleo eating is not a DIET.  It is nothing more than being conscience about what you are eating and not putting junk into your system. True Clean eating in my opinion. Yes, you leave behind the gluten, wheat, and refined sugar but after a few days, you don’t even miss it – honestly! I love me some junk food –cookies, brownies, ice cream, french bread, bread, bread bread — but once you realize what that stuff is doing to your body and then take it a step further, and feel the difference once you have removed it from your diet  – you start to realize – this is how I should eat. Plain and simple — no weighing food, no %’s to figure out — you just think about what you are eating — is this processed in some way?? If the answer is yes — don’t eat it.

Now, I fully believe in enjoying life and not going to extremes — so once I get to where I want to be, I will be, on occasion, letting myself indulge.  There is a healthy balance you can and should strike and we are all different so making adjustments to your eating to suit you takes time. Will you ever be able to eat 4 slices of pizza 2x a week  — no, nor should you quite frankly.  Now a few times these past days I have craved ice cream or something sweet — so I have a cup of coffee with splenda. See — even I modify it  — do what you gotta do, but the idea is to improve nutritionally overall.