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Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!


Why You Might Be Dangerously Dehydrated

When you skimp on fluids (check out the ideal amount here), it’s hard on your body, which makes sense because water is essential to just about every process in our body and, in fact, to the very existence of life on Earth. Life first emerged in the salty, primordial ocean; it stayed there until it was able to capture a bit of that water inside itself, the so-called “milieu intérieur” in which cells are bathed. Our inner ocean is a calm, salty broth providing cells with the raw materials they need to function, removing waste products, allowing them to communicate with each other and buffering them from the unpredictable world outside.

This water within accounts for about 60 percent of our body — about 11 gallons, or 92 pounds, inside a 155-pound person. Most of it lurks inside our cells (where all sorts of important substances are dissolved in water) and outside them (the milieu interieur), but we also use it to cool our body with sweat, to circulate oxygen and fuel to our organs and to take away waste products via blood. The elderly, infants and sick children are most prone to dehydration, but no one is risk-free. “lf you’re really busy, it’s easy for all morning to go by and you don’t really drink much until you notice you are thirsty, at which point you’re already slightly dehydrated,” says Cheuvront. And when we exercise hard, such as playing soccer or football or running distances in the summer, and forget to hydrate, we can easily lose 4 to 5 percent of our body weight (take a look at the best after-workout drinks here).

Hot, Hot, Hot


Hot, Hot, Hot – did I mention it’s hot out there? I seriously only want to nap when it gets this hot — under a fan on high and the AC running. I lived in Arizona for many years and that’s one kind of heat. It’s hot for sure but low humidity. Here, in DC we are having temps around 100-102 but with super high humidity. It’s brutal tropical weather — it’s my least favorite type of weather. I can take cold, I can take low humidity heat — combine heat and humidity – it’s not my idea of a perfect day to put it mildly.

Today’s open Workout was a Team WOD:


For Time:
800 m Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Box Jumps
300 Sit-up (abmat)s
800 m Run

Post total time.

With a team of 2, both members run the first 800 m. As soon as either team member finishes the run, they can begin on the pull-ups. Only one team member is allowed to do the exercises at a time. Once 100 pull-ups have been completed between the two members, they can move on to the box jumps again following the same procedure as the pull-ups and for the sit-ups. Once the sit-ups are done, both team members must complete the last 800 m. Clock stops when both team members finish.

time: 37:06 –my partner Brooke and I came in 2nd to give you some idea of how hard it was. I was taking water breaks right and left. I don’t mess around with heat like this — no one should.

Getting you more Fit


What can I say? It’s scorching hot in Northern VA and it’s only 7A. Be careful out there for anyone getting some fitness in, hydrate and know the signs of overexertion and rhabdo. Even getting your fitness on is not worth risking your health. And coming from me –who forsakes Sleep often in the name of fitness– you know it’s true!

All of the CrossFit athletes left the box today drenching in sweat — yeah, good times.  My friend Andre is working on improving his running, so he and I go for a quick 800m run before class starts each time he’s here if we can. I also am not in love with running, so I like to tackle it with a partner. Also those things that are your weakness in fitness and in life in general –those should be the things you work on. They are the key to getting  you stronger, faster, more fit.

800m run
10 Pass thrus
10 Kick to Handstands
10 strict pull ups
10 ring dips

Skin the Cat
Inverted Ring Hand Stands
Dead Lifts

145# Deadlifts
20in box jumps
time: 9:07
Not my best time – Coach Jerry stopped me to work on deadlifts, so it stalled some of my time. I’m not sure if it was the certification this weekend, but my DL’s are all screwy. I am over thinking things way too much I think —

Should Females Train Differently Than Males?


I had a pretty good workout yesterday. I find that after a good challenging race (ie Rare Xfit Race) that I tend to see an improvement in some areas of my workout — my cardio seemed better yesterday. But have I mentioned it’s super hot ….like Arizona Hot which is not good for the DC area. I lived in Arizona and there is little humidity.  Northern VA – at least 50% which makes it un-enjoyable in every aspect.

Ran 1 mi
Various strength training
bosu push-ups
15mins on stairclimber
Stability ball crunches
ball lifts

Should Females Train Differently Than Males?.

I saw the topic below come up on one of the blogs I read and thought it was a good reminder to post.  Strength training for women will NOT bulk you up like a man. It is actually a VERY important part of a woman’s workout and exercise regime. It will help you perform better and also will benefit you later in life — think old lady hunched over and super weak.

Overall, strength training offers female athletes the same benefits that it offers male athletes! Regardless of their sport or gender, any athlete can benefit from increased sprinting speed, strength, balance, decreased body fat levels and a reduced incidence of injuries – all of which a properly designed strength-training program can provide. Also, studies have proven that strength training can have a positive effect on bone density, which will decrease your risk of osteoporosis later in life.

Even with all of the positive research out there with regards to strength training and female athletes, I still get asked the same question all of the time, “Will I end up looking like a man if I lift weights?” The answer is, “Absolutely not!” Much of the difference in muscle mass between males and females is attributed to hormones, specifically, testosterone. On average, men produce ten times more testosterone than females. Unless you’re a female who is taking anabolic steroids or other male hormones, lifting weights will NOT make you look like a man! Also, there is a difference in muscle mass distribution between men and women, especially in the upper body. So it is important to remember that male hormones and muscle mass distribution are the two main reasons that men usually carry more muscle than woman. These are 2 of the main factors why men who strength-train look more “bulky” than females who strength-train.

It’s Hot Hot Hot


With the heat index at somewhere near 105 in the DC area, I am headed to the gym. Why risk heat stroke? And even though a few friends told me I should not work out for a few more days – I am going to go and just take it easy. Heck, it may make me feel better —

I posted this video because frankly – these women kick ass!

How to Finish Your 5K Strong


How to Finish Your 5K Strong |

I have a few races coming up and it’s always good to revisit some advice about completing races. Hope you find the info useful as well.

I did skip my workout today – the horror! My throat is killing me and I made the decision to go back to bed when the alarm went off. I am glad I did. My body was tired and I do feel better now. I will either go to the gym in the AM or go for a run. This heatwave is also so hard on anyone exercising. The No VA area should not be experiencing 100′ heat with high humidity. It’s not right, normal or humane.

Talk to you tomorrow!

News to Note


A few items to share:

Today’s PSA: Exercise with caution in today’s inferno

It’s been so darn hot the past week or so in the DC area and East Coast.  Make sure you are paying attention to tips and advice about exercising in this sort of heat. It tends to sneak up on you and by then you are screwed…

DC Schools to Discontinue Flavored Milk
This is Great news. If more schools and other places that cater to our children make changes like this, think of the impact we could have!

Some experts argue that the empty calories from sugar cause behavorial problems in school and prime children for health problems ranging from tooth decay to obesity and early onset of diabetes. Flavored milks also cause a drain on school food budgets because they are more expensive than plain milk. But the dairy industry has fought hard to keep flavored milk in school, fearing that children would drink less milk if it did not contain the added sugar.

What happened to the breeze?


June 2009

There was a nice breeze when we started the workout today, but for some reason – it quickly disappeared right after the warm up! I wonder why?? Because it’s friggin HOT!

We had a late start today so we only did one round of warm ups but the rest was business as usual – and as usual, I left the workout very sweaty and hot.  What else is new?!!

warmup x 1
side shuffle
skip jumps
general stretching

core x 2
partner leg raises
sit-ups with your hands crossed and on your shoulders the entire time
ball twists (14lb dynamax ball)
side high five push-ups 25

5 min stations
boxjumps at 2 min mark: run to cone and back resume box jump and at 4 min: run resume box jump
25lb kettlebell swings
heavy jump rope at 2 min mark: 5 inchworms resume heavy rope at 4 min: inchworm resume heavy rope
run half mile/20lb db hang cleans
65lb SDHP at 2 min mark: 10 burpees resume SDHP at 4 min mark: 10 burpees resume SDHP

June 2009

The pictures in this post are from June 27, 2009 – Last year and one full year into my commitment to a healthier and fit life. And this week marks 2 years since I attended my first Plumbline Boot Camp!

June 2010

Look at that picture and for anyone out there that thinks being in shape and transforming your body is easy – that pic says it all. I was working out like crazy for one year – it takes time, patience, and whole body/mind changes to really transform yourself. I feel great and I know I look better than I did last year – hands down.

If I can do it – anyone can – REMEMBER THAT!

It IS worth it


This heat is such an extra challenge for me. It seems to just zap any extra energy I may have – making tough workouts that much tougher. I do have to say though – I am happy I get it over with early in the morning. I can not imagine having to go in the evening and endure the hot, sticky heat.  And my body is just angry with me – I am sore and having to do those checkpoint pushups burpee things..I was groaning the entire time – it was a mix of groaning and ow’ing. I did not finish in the 30 min time limit. I think i was like a 1:30 over which is no surprise. I really had to dig deep inside to find the mental grit to continue on especially with the jump ropes. I am happy the week is almost over. Oh, and even though I am whining about the heat and my soreness – it still makes me happy and proud of myself that I do this day in and day out. It is WORTH it.

Warmup x 2
high knees
forward lunges
heel to butt

Core x 2
hip missions
core twists up and down – (legs and shoulders up and you twist, twist, twist then when he says down, you bring your shoulders down quickly and then right back up and begin twist — over and over and over again)
pilate stretch called Pilates Hundred.
50 push-ups
General Stretching

15, 12, 9, 6, 3
push press 65lbs
checkpoint pushups x 2
100 Jump rope plus x 5 of the # above
run (400m, 200m, 100m) repeat
power clean 95lbs

Hot, Hot, and more Hot


I’m sore from the lunges yesterday so I was grunting and groaning a lot today. Oh and did I mention it was hot! This will be a common theme summer long – Hot, Hot, and more Hot. I can’t imagine how it is for those that go in the afternoon camps. There is no shade and its black asphalt. That just adds an element of pain that I do not want to experience!

warmup x 2
side shuffle
skip jumps
general stretching

core x 2
partner leg raises
ball twists (16lb dynamax ball)
high five push-ups 25

5 min stations
boxjumps at 2 min mark: run to cone and back resume box jump and at 4 min: run resume box jump
25lb kettlebell swings
heavy jump rope at 2 min mark: 5 inchworms resume heavy rope at 4 min: inchworm resume heavy rope
run half mile/20lb db hang cleans
65lb SDHP at 2 min mark: 10 burpees resume SDHP at 4 min mark: 10 burpees resume SDHP

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