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Paleo Diet: ‘New Evolution Diet’


Paleo Diet: ‘New Evolution Diet’ Author De Vany on Food and Exercise – TIME.

I am a believer in moderation but for me – switching to a mostly Paleo eating approach has really changed the way my body feels and looks. My skin is better, my energy is better. I am leaner and lost lbs that I had been trying to lose for a very long time.  I also have been doing HIIT via Crossfit and have gotten way more results than going to the gym for years, running on the treadmill and doing a few weight machines.  That never challenged my mind either. Crossfit not only teaches your body to respond, you also get a mental workout. You learn to push yourself beyond where you thought you could go. You learn to support and lean on others. For me – it works. For others- they may have to find what works in their own lives.

…if we really want to get fit, we should follow the lead of our ancient ancestors, Paleolithic humans who lived as nomadic hunter-gatherers some 40,000 years ago.

For more than 25 years, De Vany has been an advocate of what he calls “evolutionary fitness”: a regimen of low-carb eating and interval- or cross-training workouts (with periodic fasting) aimed at controlling insulin. But he has also become the grandfather of the growing Paleo movement, a health philosophy built around the belief that modern life — dating from the advent of agriculture 10,000 years ago — is simply alien to our genes. Believers say that only by returning to a diet of wild game and fresh produce, eliminating grains and dairy, and exercising in short, intense bursts, can we thrive in a world of escalators and cheese fries.

HIIT and Women = Awesome


I love this video because it shows all kinds of women doing Crossfit. It doesn’t matter how old you are you can do it — and how awesome are they? This is the stuff we do in boot camp which makes us strong and lean — combine that with diet changes — you can be one of these ladies too!

Get out of Bed and Live!


I added this video because for women – I think it’s important to hear how training like I do — Crossfit, HIIT — helps other aspects of your life.  She says in the morning when she has to get up — its like let’s get up and Live! Which is exactly how I feel and what gets me out of bed at 5A. It’s something you can’t adequately describe to someone. It’s just a feeling you get once you are hooked on this training….

Oh and yeah for the guys  — she’s not bad eye candy.

Though she’s only done CrossFit for two years, it has already made a big difference in Camille’s life. When she encounters difficulties, she looks at them as challenges to overcome. They may hurt in the short term, but just as in CrossFit, she knows that the pain makes her stronger.

High Intensity Interval Training is good for you!


Gutsy Girl’s Adventures: What the HECK????.

Look at the pictures Erica posts in this entry to fully see the difference Crossfit/HIIT training has on your body compared to long distance cardio/endurance based exercise. It’s like night and day and a great example of what this type of training can do for anyone –the hard core athlete to the suburban Mom.

Crossfit is NOT a specialized fitness program. It’s a “deliberate attempt to optimize physical competence in each of ten recognized fitness domains”: Cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. Crossfit was developed to enhance an individual’s competency at ALL physical tasks. And Crossfit athletes are trained to perform successfully at multiple, diverse, and randomized physical challenges at short, middle and long distances. Crossfit achieves this through functional movement and high intensity anaerobic training. Okay, I’m probably going to piss off a lot of my fellow trail and ultrarunning friends here….BUT there is a big misconception that long distance athletes are fitter than short distance athletes. Here’s the thing though: endurance athletes have typically trained themselves LONG past any cardiovascular benefit and have actually LOST strength, speed, power, agility, balance and flexibility. Their athletic competency has been compromised. It is SCIENTIFIC fact that aerobic activity DECREASES anaerobic capacity, decreases strength, speed and power. (How many ultrarunners out there can jump up to a 24″ box, or do a dead-hang pullup, or squat to parallel without hurting their hamstrings or backs? ) On the other hand, anaerobic activity BENEFITS cardiovascular function, decreases body fat, and is the ONLY way to dramatically improve power, speed, strength and muscle. And what’s even BETTER—anaerobic conditioning will not adversely affect aerobic capacity!

HIIT is my Coffee


This was a tough workout — I made it to the final round before time ran out. I loved it though —and I felt that great post workout high. I can not imagine not working out at this point in my life. What would I do for a morning high? Coffee doesn’t cut it anymore – High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is my COFFEE! Who am I kidding — HIIT and coffee are my morning coffee!

side shuffle
jump skips

partner tear drops 14lb dynamax ball
partner crunches
general stretching
25 push-ups

checkpoint push-ups
20lb db lunge squats
100m bounding/primal walk
200m run with 25lb plate overhead
65lb back squats

This past week I have been struggling with staying on a healthy eating track. I have had a few drinks, a few cookies, a few extra snacks here and there — and here and there. Normally – not a huge issue for me, but last week it seemed to be a big challenge. Yesterday’s weigh in showed me up 1lb. 1lb is not a huge deal –everyone fluctuates but I know that when you start to lose focus that 1lb turns into another and another.

It’s odd though — I find that during ‘that time of the month’ my inner voice changes its tune. It does not fight as hard to stay away from those foods I know I should — and it craves it. Normally I would never eat a chocolate bar — but that’s what I did last week. — it’s very out of character for me.  I am going to do some research on why I crave sugar and carbs so heavily during this time –what am I missing from my diet?

Here’s a video example of HIIT —

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