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Getting you more Fit


What can I say? It’s scorching hot in Northern VA and it’s only 7A. Be careful out there for anyone getting some fitness in, hydrate and know the signs of overexertion and rhabdo. Even getting your fitness on is not worth risking your health. And coming from me –who forsakes Sleep often in the name of fitness– you know it’s true!

All of the CrossFit athletes left the box today drenching in sweat — yeah, good times.  My friend Andre is working on improving his running, so he and I go for a quick 800m run before class starts each time he’s here if we can. I also am not in love with running, so I like to tackle it with a partner. Also those things that are your weakness in fitness and in life in general –those should be the things you work on. They are the key to getting  you stronger, faster, more fit.

800m run
10 Pass thrus
10 Kick to Handstands
10 strict pull ups
10 ring dips

Skin the Cat
Inverted Ring Hand Stands
Dead Lifts

145# Deadlifts
20in box jumps
time: 9:07
Not my best time – Coach Jerry stopped me to work on deadlifts, so it stalled some of my time. I’m not sure if it was the certification this weekend, but my DL’s are all screwy. I am over thinking things way too much I think —

Here’s my workout for the day – what did you do?


So while I feel night and day better now that I have finished my antibiotics – I feel that I am not at 100% yet. I did OK during the workout and have to remember that heck, at least i DID the workout.  I need to get better at remembering to appreciate the successes and not just think of things that I haven’t done.
Thank God it is not as hot as it was this past weekend this AM. Although hot, it wasn’t unsufferably hot.  So here’s my workout for the day – what did you do today?

Warmup x 2:
rockette kicks
forward lunges

plank heel to elbow
straight leg/crunch lifts (i have no clue what these are called)
hip thrusters
25 push-ups
general stretching

3 min stations
pullups/jumping pullups (switch at half)
400 m run
bosu pushups/bosu burpees (switch at half)
400 m run
db swing squats
400 m run
rope wave lunges
400 m run
65lb front squats
400 m run

It’s Hot Hot Hot


With the heat index at somewhere near 105 in the DC area, I am headed to the gym. Why risk heat stroke? And even though a few friends told me I should not work out for a few more days – I am going to go and just take it easy. Heck, it may make me feel better —

I posted this video because frankly – these women kick ass!



Yesterday was a crazy day. For a good part of it, we had no internet connection. The entire community was down apparently. It made me think – what did we all do before we had it? My kids were upset, I was getting ansy  – crazy!

After the graduation stuff on Friday – we took the kids to see Toy Story 3. Pixar has done it again – great story, great animation, great great great! When you take your time and not make crap – it is so worth it. And very timely as well – covering milestones in kids’ lives which happened on Friday for my kids as well. Time goes by so fast.

So no post from yesterday – sorry about that folks! I did go for a 5 mi run on the trail and once again, it was hot and I returned hot and sweaty but feeling great.

Nate wasn’t feeling so good yesterday either – must have been the crazy graduation ceremony that left him wiped out so we skipped the water park festivities that were scheduled for him and his classmates and instead hung out at the pool. He went in for a bit but then just sat in a lounger.

Today is Father’s Day – so the kids and I for the most part will hang by the pool if we can.

To all the Dad’s out there – especially the father of my kids – Scotty! HAPPY FATHER’s DAY!!

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