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The 2014 CrossFit Games Open Starts Feb 27th


The CrossFit Games Open starts soon — its a series of workouts designed to challenge you and separate casual athletes from elites and ultimately those that rise to the challenge meet up during the CrossFit Games during the summer. Even you aren’t ready to go to the ultimate games, it’s a good way to just test yourself based on your own level and be a part of a bigger event that really ties all of us CrossFitters together.

Do you think you are too old to start CrossFit? Look at these 60+year olds in Tucson putting in the work. Now let’s be honest, many athletes like this probably were already in shape and were primed and ready to do CrossFit, however, all across the country, there a ton of ‘masters’ athletes that are doing CrossFit that aren’t born athletes –and are doing it! What’s Your Excuse??

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For Laughs

It’s freezing here, but man I feel for those So CAL folks as they endure brutal weather…My thoughts are with them.


Zach Galifianakis – sheer genius


I love the honesty of kids. The way they look at everyday things just makes me smile — here’s a funny clip from SNL last night from Zach Galifianakis who I believe is just a sheer genius — interviewing for a new assistant:

The Triple Dub: WWW


I am posting this video because It reminded a few of us boot camp ladies of some moves we do at our workout — and we thought it was hilarious!

It definitely has some cursing in it — and may not be appropriate for everyone. You are warned:

White Women’s Workout from Adam Margolis on Vimeo.

Women Laughing Alone With Salad


Women Laughing Alone With Salad | The Hairpin.

Ok – those that know me, know I love my salad. Salad Time is synonymous with Steph.  My friend Jenny sent this link to me and these women must have some special seeds on their salads because as much salad as I eat – I certainly don’t look like that while eating.

A Twilight Obsession is bad for Friendships


Is there a place for humor in cancer?


I saw this question on Livestrong‘s Facebook page and wanted to put it out there as food for thought:

Is there a place for humor in a cancer experience? New comedy show airing soon on Showtime called “The Big C“. It’s about a woman with cancer and how it changes her perspective on life.

Finding the humor in the Big C


A Friend’s Cancer: Good For Your Health?

Sorry Kimmel, we ran out of time


This is funny..

handsome comes from here…

Ok, this is FUNNY


Nathan Bloch | Director & Writer | Film, TV & the Web.
Watch this Doctor’s Visit Video. I couldn’t stop laughing…NSFW!

Let me know what you think…

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