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Reebok CrossFit Mid-Atlantic Regionals


I just got back from watching the CrossFit Mid-Atlantic Regionals and I am way inspired and speechless by what I saw.  Super athletes in my mind doing the same workouts I do but even faster, more efficient. I was just so in my element watching. I loved the energy in the place and watching others, as hooked as I am. I will post some pics when I get a chance. I am so happy I went —

Today’s workout at CrossFit Impavidus was a partner WOD. Coach Marc and Conan were leading the workout. Good, hard fun.

10 OH Squats
10 Pass Thrus
10 Pull Ups (NO BAND)

Air Squats
Sit Ups
Partner does exercise while other runs 400m then switches out. And randomly you will be called upon to do 10 push ups throughout the WOD.
time: 20:00

Finding your ‘CrossFit’


This weather is great and perfect for working out. Other than allergies, I love springtime in Virginia. I also love ‘springtime’ in Arizona –which is where i will be heading in a few short weeks for spring break. Heat, sun and time to recharge —

run around bldg 1x
sampson stretch
10 pass thrus
10 OHS
10 pull ups (2min deadhang)
10 ring dips

(Rx was 115/63)
115lb dead lift
73lb OHS
time: 10:13

Ouch! My wrists hurt after those OHS. It actually was the hardest part of the OHS for me! But I am proud of myself — I did heavier than prescribed (Rx’d). So yeah for me!

I wanted to share a story about a friend of mine who is in the midst of a life change. Let’s call her ‘A’. She has had some things happen to her recently that have made her take a good hard look at where she is in her life. Probably the same sort of stuff that happens to us all around our age (40s). Her career hasn’t quite traveled the path she thought it would , she is going through the motions in her day to day life, Has a lot of stress on her shoulders — her husband travels a lot, has 2 kids. Probably sounds like most people you know — well I had been encouraging her to try CrossFit for a while, but she was always intimidated. Thinking you have to be hard core — even though I told her that I wasn’t like this 3 years ago when I started. Then a sign –A Groupon deal for a local CrossFit appeared in my inbox and i forwarded it to her — she bought it, which was progress, but waited 3 months to try it. But — last week she did it. She and her husband tried it and sure enough — she could do it. It was ok and it was scaled for her abilities. The smile on her face as she came over to tell me that morning was something I wish I took a picture of!

That set a spark inside her — and she went last week, and is going this week. She was telling people about doing pull ups this week. I can’t even begin to share how proud of her I am. The only thing I want for her and anyone else stuck in a rut, is to find their “CrossFit”. And I am not talking about it as a place — just finding their passion, something that shocks their core into realizing that they are not doing anyone any favors by neglecting themselves. If you could see her the past 2 weeks — she is full of possibilities, pride, and confidence in the future. That’s what it’s all about — not only for her, but for her family as well! Think about how her 2 daughters are seeing their Mom now!

Hats off to my friend ‘A’.

Reminders – You have to make a change!


It’s important to not forget how far you have come from time to time. I certainly don’t dwell in my past mistakes or missteps, but I do check in to remind myself how far I have come. It’s a great way to inspire and recommit myself to the journey that I am on.  So – I found this picture of myself from October 2007 & decided to post it here.

Oct 2007

April 2011

You know what is so funny to me. No one would have called me heavy and although I didn’t feel thin or in shape — I didn’t feel this mushy!  It’s so weird to look at pics of me from before I found my passion. I had both my kids by 2007 — so I was obviously living the life of a Mom with a 5 and 3 year old. Not easy by any means and this was 7 months before my first boot camp experience —

As you can see — anyone can decide to make a change in their life. You have to commit and work at it. It doesn’t get handed to you but it’s definitely up to you to make it happen. And you can do it with baby steps — start working out, make gains physically — then look at your diet or start with your diet and when you are ready — start exercising! The point is — Make a Change!


Cancer Support Blogs


I was recently contacted by Roxanne McAnn at about a recent article on their own blog about bloggers who have opened their lives and experiences to help others going thru the same. They have included my blog! I am so honored and this is truly what it’s all about for me — giving back and helping others that have experienced a life changing event that forced them to re-look at their lives and start making better choices for themselves and their families. If I can do that for others — then I have done my job.

50 Terrific Blogs for Cancer Support

Cancer is a despicable, overwhelming disease that’s still frustrating doctors and nurses, as well as their patients. But through all the tests, hospital stays, surgeries, chemotherapy and side effects of cancer, a powerful and uplifting network of bloggers has also flourished. These bloggers have opened up to their families and the public to share their fear and shock during diagnosis, physical burdens during treatment, and struggles to get back to a more normal life once they’ve kicked cancer out, hopefully for good.

Birthday Shout Outs Today!


I have mentioned many times about the inspiring, strong women that I get to workout with every morning. What’s great about them is that they really are all different – different careers, body types, backgrounds, family, reasons, struggles. Today is a special day — because 2 of these women are having milestone birthdays today! Oh and for the record, both showed up at boot camp this morning even though it’s their birthday —-


Melissa is the one person who is responsible for me trying boot camp and starting me on my way… She inspired me based on her own results and encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone. Today is her big 40!

I told her if that’s what 40 looks like — I bet everyone would get in line. She is strong, smart, and seriously one of the kindest, nicest people I have ever met. She has helped me in so many ways the past few years as I struggled to rediscover who I am and make some tough choices and changes.

She also was there for me so many times as we fought our way through cancer treatment – and for that, I will be ever grateful.  Happy Birthday Melly Mel!

Happy Birthday Avelina!

This amazing woman turns 60 today! That’s right folks  — she is amazing and inspires me each and every day. I tell her all the time how ‘hot’ I think she is and I am not just saying that.  When I was a kid, that was not what 60 looked like. She works hard for it & it pays off. You should see her work her butt off every morning and never gives up!

Avelina is my ‘boot camp mom’. She checks in on me from time to time and has offered me much advice, help and appreciation. Meeting her has been a great benefit of my journey. She is also a judge — so that doesn’t hurt (not that I will need a judge or anything)!

Happy Birthday Avelina and thanks for being in my life!

In the end…


Here’s a quote for the new year that I hope will inspire you as much as it does me:

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

-abraham lincoln

If you hang around the barber shop, you get a haircut.


One of my favorite quotes lately is this:

“Sometimes, when we decide to live a healthier life, we must leave behind friends who are not traveling the same path.”

– by Unknown

And i post this on occasion because I think its very true. If you hang around people that are not into healthy living, it makes it that much harder for you to be on this journey.

When I posted it yesterday, a friend of mine shared a saying she has heard —

If you hang around the barber shop, you get a haircut.

So keep those quotes in mind when you are thinking about making a change in your life – whether it’s fitness related or not –  — you need to be around people who lift you up, focus on the important, and who strive to live their best lives.

By living your best life, you attract others who are striving to make things better. The kind of people worth knowing — the kind of people who never fail to inspire you – the kind of people you need to be around when you are making changes.

Many of us look to the new year as a time to renew, recharge and refresh ourselves. It’s a time to reinvent – so surround yourself with the type of people you want to be like —

This is not a detour – It’s a change!


Walking out of Gold’s gym today after a good workout I saw this: ‘When you are ready to change, you will…” I think this is so true because you really do have to think of it just like that — it’s a change, a shift in how you live — a change is not temporary. If you want temporary then call it a detour because you will eventually go back to the old route —

At Gold’s – I did a varied workout that lasted about 1:20m total.

15 min treadmill run
25lb db walking lunges
50lb OH Squats x2
50lb back squats x2
50 BOSU push ups
50 assisted pull ups
50lb bicep curls x2
40lb Iso bends x 2

General Stretching
Stability Ball twists
Stability Ball lifts
Stability Ball crunches

A tribute to her Mom: Elizabeth Edwards


What a wonderful tribute to her mother — and you can also tell how Elizabeth Edwards was able to prepare her kids for her passing. She dealt with it being honest, sincere and straight forward. Watch this and you can hear in her daughter’s voice how much she loved her children and family — I have a new found respect for Mrs Edwards.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

SweetGreen Hosts Free Yoga Sessions FTW!


I love companies that really give back what they are ‘selling’ — SweetGreen in Reston Town Center is hosting free yoga weekend for their neighborhood at Down Dog Yoga — which happens to be super close to where I work.  What a great idea – host a free yoga session to promote healthy and fit living! SweetGreen FTW! (means For the Win!)

free yoga weekend headline
free yoga weekend image

We’re continuing the free yoga trend and spreading the love to our yogis by our store in Reston, VA! We partnered up with Down Dog Yoga Herndon to provide free classes to our neighbors on Friday, December 10th and Saturday, December 11th. That’s right – classes at one of the best studios in the area, entirely covered by sweetgreen!

Come join us for an OM-azing session using these easy steps:

1) “Like” us on Facebook!
2) Go to Down Dog Yoga’s website for the schedule and register for any class on the 10th or 11th (make sure to click on the Herndon tab!). Drop-in spaces are also available for those who aren’t into online commitment.
3) Get your free sweetgreen gift bag from the instructor after class and fill that post-yoga tummy with sweetgreen salad and frozen yogurt at sweetgreen Reston Town Center!

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