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Living Fit and Sore Workout


With the special Plumbline session I did yesterday, I was sore -My lower back from the dead lifts and my arms/calloused hands from the pull up session. Living fit and SORE right? HA! I get to Plumbline today and sure enough — we have pull ups on the menu — the joy!!

Cheryl 'Florida'

This week is the final week in the 4 week camp so we weighed in and did body fat check. I have held steady the past 2 weeks weight wise, so although that’s great, I was hoping for another 1lb or 2 in all honestly. The real treat though was my body fat — 30 days of eating this way — I am down 2.5% body fat. That’s where it really tells the story.  I have struggled for almost a year trying to get the last 10lbs off and get my body fat to a level where I think it should be, based on the work I have put into it. Struggle is the right word too. I am so thankful that my friend Cheryl L was there to inspire me. Seeing her transform her body based on eating this way was the difference I needed to get off my butt and try it. As I have said before — I knew it wasn’t my workout or my will power — because it was clear to everyone and me that I was putting in the work. I was just not seeing the results that I wanted. Tweaking what I was eating is really what did it.  Enough Said – put up or shut up, seeing is believing, proof is in the pudding and any other metaphor you can think of….

I’m off today but still got up at my usual 5A time and headed to workout with my buds –

Rockette kicks
walking lunges
back pedal

bicycles (up and down w your torso)
back extensions
25 bottom up push-ups
general stretching

3 rounds 60 secs each station – with rest active stations
assisted pull ups
power clean squat press 65lbs
single leg lifts 20lb db
woodchucks/dynamax burpees
200m run/push ups

Who’s that girl?


I found this picture on my hard drive the other day. It was taken April 2009 — about a year after starting my journey. The reason I am sharing it is to show you that nothing happens overnight and making incremental changes really can make all the difference.

For me, working regular fitness activities into my life was my first step, then the summer of 2009, I started to tweak my diet and nutrition – getting rid of diet soda, making healthier choices overall — but nothing super Drastic and then over time, being more conscience about how much and what I was eating — until I was ready to take a hard look at what the food I was still eating was made from and what effect it was having on my body.  You do not have to jump right in and change everything all at once — take one thing and work to make that part of your life, then when you are ready, choose something else and so on —

and here i am today:

“If you don’t do what’s best for your body, you’re the one who comes up on the short end.”
Julius Irving

“True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are united.
-Alexander von Humboldt

What are you?


I read this post this morning: Experimenting with Scale Purgatory about taking a break from the scale. Isn’t it funny the relationship some of us have with the scale? It’s crazy if you think about it — it’s not rational. It’s a number that has so much power over us.

And what I find so interesting about this topic is how we all approach it differently and it’s all based on personal history. Did you grow up with a healthy relationship with food and weight? Did you learn balance and moderation?

I do not own a scale, never have.  My trainer forces me to weigh in every week — I purposely do not look at the number. In fact, to ensure that I don’t even accidentally see it — I put my hand over it. Its very frustrating for me knowing that a number has so much power over me that it can affect how I feel about myself for the week.

Last year there was one time where I did look at it after working very hard on modifying my diet and working out super hard all week — and sure enough the scale was UP! UP – how could that be? It was not logical, it was not possible — but there it was in black and gray digital blocks on the wall of my trainer’s facility. And how did I react? Like any normal woman I know — I was frustrated, upset, angry, felt like a failure, felt FAT and it affected not only my workout that morning – but my entire psyche.

The next day my friend Connie B said to me before boot camp — ‘if i see you even beginning to glance up at that scale again, I will take you down’. She recognized that all it took to set me back was to see that number — I have never tried to look at the scale again! Mostly in fear that Connie B will truly take me down. That would hurt more than I could imagine so I will leave it at that.

Do I sometimes want to know what it says? Yes – but I have learned it’s not a healthy way to approach being healthy and fit for me. My trainer will tell me if I am up or down lbs but the overall number – I don’t know. I know that it’s the best way for me to stay on track and positive about my whole journey.  Mikey my trainer doesn’t agree with me on it though. He asks how will I know if I am making progress — I have many other ways to tell.

  • I feel better overall – no more random back pain
  • I look better than I have ever looked and that’s not just my personal opinion
  • I am down 3 sizes — I had worn the same size for years and now I am 3 down from that. That is a sign of progress that you can’t ignore
  • Friends & Family notice – an ongoing joke that I hear is ‘you work out? I had no idea’ because everyone knows how much work I put into it.
  • People ask me fitness/health advice – they see the change and want to do the same

What’s a number anyway?  I am not saying it’s not a good indicator  of health and progress, but there are many factors that go into being healthy and fit. You can have a body type that is more solid so you will never be in the ideal range that you have in your head — it’s just not reality.  My doctor said to me one time while holding up a pencil — you will never be pencil thin – it’s not how you are built. I remind myself that I have to be the best I can be.  Also – another point is that while I wear a very small size pants — I have no hips. Many of my friends wear a bigger pant size although no one would ever think for a moment that they are overweight or out of shape, simply because they have a different body shape – they have hips.  We can only fight nature so much.

When I do get down on myself — Mel from The Clothes Make the Girl once said to remind yourself that — ‘you are not that number on the scale’ — or another thing that I remind myself about I am not that roll of fat that I see. I am sure we all have things to add to that statement —

I am not that <fill in the blank>….but what I AM is a healthy and fit woman looking to inspire and support others so they can live the best life they can live — which is really what we all are looking to do anyway – right?

Thanks, Tim Gunn


This is a quote from Tim Gunn, of Project Runway Fame — And it rings true in my experience and I find that i need reminding of this from time to time — so thanks Tim!

Take the high road. You will never regret it. No matter how much anger and strife you feel you’re facing, no matter how badly you want to lash out, don’t do it. You’ll never regret taking the high road. There isn’t one single time that I’ve lashed out that I haven’t deeply regretted it.

A righteous person falls, and then gets up

A righteous person falls, and then gets up:

This is a great message and very relatable to anyone that is working on being fit and healthy —

Inspirational Quotes


I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.
~Albert Einstein

Leading a Healthier Life


“Sometimes, when we decide to live a healthier life, we must leave behind friends who are not traveling the same path.”


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