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Living Fit and Sore Workout

With the special Plumbline session I did yesterday, I was sore -My lower back from the dead lifts and my arms/calloused hands from the pull up session. Living fit and SORE right? HA! I get to Plumbline today and sure enough — we have pull more »

Who’s that girl?

I found this picture on my hard drive the other day. It was taken April 2009 — about a year after starting my journey. The reason I am sharing it is to show you that nothing happens overnight and making incremental changes really can make more »

What are you?

I read this post this morning: Experimenting with Scale Purgatory about taking a break from the scale. Isn’t it funny the relationship some of us have with the scale? It’s crazy if you think about it — it’s not rational. It’s a number that has so more »

Thanks, Tim Gunn

This is a quote from Tim Gunn, of Project Runway Fame — And it rings true in my experience and I find that i need reminding of this from time to time — so thanks Tim! Take the high road. You will never regret it. more »

A righteous person falls, and then gets up

A righteous person falls, and then gets up: This is a great message and very relatable to anyone that is working on being fit and healthy —

Inspirational Quotes

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious. ~Albert Einstein

Leading a Healthier Life

“Sometimes, when we decide to live a healthier life, we must leave behind friends who are not traveling the same path.” -unknown