FDA plans to limit amount of salt allowed in processed foods for health reasons.

I have never been one to pay attention to the salt content in things. My blood pressure isn’t high, my heart is healthy. I am not known to add salt to my food on a regular basis.  But if you stop and really look at the sodium content of some so called healthier foods, it really is quite shocking.

The Food and Drug Administration is planning an unprecedented effort to gradually reduce the salt consumed each day by Americans, saying that less sodium in everything from soup to nuts would prevent thousands of deaths from hypertension and heart disease. The initiative, to be launched this year, would eventually lead to the first legal limits on the amount of salt allowed in food products.

Do You Drink Enough Water or Are Some of Your Health Problems Caused by Chronic Dehydration? – Associated Content – associatedcontent.com.

I have lately been trying to ask myself when I feel like munching on something – could I Just be thirsty. I am not saying the answer is always yes, but it has helped. That and drinking herbal teas — I pee forever now because of all the water/tea I drink, but I do think it has helped curb my snacking.

If you exercise a lot, drink alcohol regularly, live in a hot country or keep your home heated to a high temperature you may not always be as well hydrated as you need to be for optimum health. In addition, as people age their thirst reflex becomes weaker. You cannot entirely rely on thirst to tell you when you need to drink more water.

Parents’ obesity, especially mom’s, tied to kids’ risk

Another thing to blame moms for, right?? Can we just have a few things that we can definitively say are from the dad? Please? I do think that at least in my mind, most front line parenting is done by the Mom – so it’s normal to assume that what they eat and their relationship with food plays a big part in their kids present and future relationship with food and living a healthy and fit life. Hence, lead by example and make small changes consistently over time and you will see a change in your family too.

UK researchers found that among more than 7,000 2- to 15-year-olds in a national study, those who had two obese parents were 12 times more likely to be obese than children with two normal-weight parents. That was with factors such as socioeconomics — gauged by parents’ jobs — and ethnicity taken into account.Mothers’ weight showed a particularly strong association with children’s weight, the study found.

Don’t Stretch Before Exercising | Fitness Health Zone.com.

I have read articles that said make sure you loosen up/stretch and then read articles where it says don’t do static stretching. Not sure who to believe – I always find personally a little stretching feels good before I do lifting. For running, I do a few hamstring stretches and then I am off. What do you think?

Working at home: Family-friendly? – USATODAY.com.

I thought this was an interesting article. Blurring the lines between work and home is really the core discussion point. A friend of mine was telling me today that she doesn’t have a blackberry and had to do some work travel recently. She does have a cell phone. She was out of touch via email during the day because of the project work she was doing and her boss said you need to get a Blackberry so you can keep up on emails.  Her company won’t pay for one because of budget issues, so she said – well then I will not be able to check mail regularly.  She has no personal need for one, so pay for it or no go.  I was thinking about that and how rare it is now a days to find anyone that isn’t almost completely wired and reachable anytime of the day. It’s quite astounding if you think about it.