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Balance is Part of the Obesity Problem


It’s MONDAY! Woot! Woot!  This time of year in the DC area is as close to perfect as you can get — the leaves are starting to change, the weather is crisp and cool. This seasonal change makes me want to declutter, and get ready for the long winter’s nap. Oh wait, we don’t get to nap all winter! Well you know what I mean — just get things in order, evaluate things in life, reflect on and appreciate where I am now. Remind myself to Be Here Now. 

I found this great post that really highlights the reality of obesity and its effects on all of us. It’s obviously a pro-paleo site but the stats and information do speak for themselves when it comes to what we eat and how we feel. Take some time today to look at all the interesting statistics it offers!

Yesterday, I came across a facebook post yesterday between my friend and super great athlete Jeremy Kinnick and one of his athletes who was sharing some thoughts about the challenge and eating clean. Another friend of the athletes piped in and said something to the effect of you all are crazy with this stuff and moderation is the key. Eating a little bit of everything is fine as long as it is in moderation.

This is probably an approach that we all take in most facets of our life.   Balance. I think this idea of balance belongs in some things in our life — but not for everything. Jeremy is completely right when he says:

Jeremy Kinnick And this “balance” is part of the problem with Americans and their health… In no way can eating that garbage ever do anything positive for you and anyone else.

Is he saying that you should NEVER ever eat it. Well in a perfect world, the answer is no, you should never eat crap food.  But we don’t live an in ideal world, so sometimes you will have cake, or eat at Del Taco. The is that you can’t ignore the real fact that crap food is crap food.  And when you make the choice to eat it – and we all do from time to time, don’t pee on your own leg and convince yourself it’s raining.   You are in control of your choices, and this includes the choices you make when it comes to the food you use to fuel your body.  Eating Del Taco, or a McDonald’s Big Mac will never, ever be the optimal, healthy food option you need to obtain peak performance from your body – period. And if you eat it as the norm, you are doing a lot more damage than you probably realize.  So, when you talk about balance what are you really saying?

Many of us CrossFitters/Paleo followers follow the 80/20 rule in general. Are we saying that the 20% of the less than ideal food is what we should be eating?  No. But we are making a conscious choice to allow certain foods. Some athletes out there do not at all. They embrace all that eating the way you should has to offer — Jeremy Kinnick is one of them and he is 100% right on.  It’s his life, his life’s mission and he is proof that it works in more ways than just physical.

I choose a more relaxed view and do, probably more than I care to admit, choose foods that I probably should leave well enough alone.  But its a CHOICE I make and I do know the repercussions and quite frankly, can see and feel them every day.   I think the issue is many people when they say moderation and they reason with themselves and others about why they eat the way they do — are blatantly ignoring the truth and that’s the issue.  Get informed about the food you eat, and then own the decisions you make about what you are putting in your body — honesty is the best policy!

Today’s workout was hard but I loved it. And I am getting really good at Knees to Elbows. So good that Coach Jerry- our gymnastics guru- asked me where they came from! Now that’s progress people!!

As many rounds as possible in 15 mins of:

600m jog

  • High Knees
  • Toe Touches
  • Side Shuffle
  • Lunges

10 Handstand Holds 3s

  • Med ball cleans
  • KTE


  • 8 Power Cleans 75
  • 8 Wall Balls 10
  • 8 Knees-to-elbows

8 Rounds


CrossFit Games Athlete: Jeremy Kinnick


This is Jeremy Kinnick – an amazing athlete and person who just made it to the CrossFit Games for the FOURTH time! (08,09,11,12)

He has worked hard all year, upped his game, shed some weight, focused his plan and guess what? It worked —  he knew what he wanted, and is going after it with focus AND hard work. If you put in the time and energy, you can get what you want.

He really believes in helping change people’s lives as well – a true coach and athlete. If you can’t tell, I’m a big fan of good people who use their talents to help others.

I love his story and how he put in the work – nothing was handed to him. A former overweight dude who changed his life and now is heading to the Games (for the fourth time I may add!).

He will definitely be one to watch at the games!

Watch this Video from the CrossFit Games site: Pacing It: Jeremy Kinnick

A Daily Struggle


I took a rest day today not only because I need to — but I am still nursing this chest/cold thingy. Now that the CrossFit Open is done, I can go back to my normally scheduled workout life and not have to work around Saturday Open WODs. I do have to say that they definitely made me stronger, mentally and physically.

My friend – CrossFit Athlete Jeremy Kinnick Killed it during the Open

75th in the world and 6th in Socal. Just getting warmed up! I hit the burpee workout twice but the rest only once with video. Week 1: 1,115 world, 103 region. Week 2: 239 world, 14 region. Week 3: 115 world, 12 region. Week 4: 68 world, 7 region. Week 5: 34 world, 6 region. Getting ready to spread that BUTTER all over the Regional!

But what’s even more important to share — is how nice and down to earth he is.  He’s a great role model for anyone looking to push harder and  go for the Win.  I love the people I meet in CrossFit!!

I saw this posted on CNN yesterday and thought it spoke truth to so many of us battling body image issues and self hatred over the way we look — ‘Half’: One woman’s struggle with weight loss

A revealing journey as a woman reduces weight by half

What struck me was how she referred to pictures of her naked body as ‘ruins’. That is so sad and telling at the same time and something that many of us can relate too. We have to start changing the voices in our heads to like ourselves —Such a daily struggle isn’t it?

Even the pics from my running  my race on Sunday brought out the voices about not looking good enough, fit enough, pretty enough. This time I didn’t let them linger though! I said to myself — I bet they don’t look bad to anyone else but me and left it at that. I mean what am I going to do about the pictures anyway? I am already doing what I can to live healthy and fit without taking all the joy out of it — I am doing better than good enough…

Meeting Jeremy Kinnick and Tony Blauer


Yesterday was so inspiring and fun – but even better than the actual seminar was the opportunity to meet more people in the CrossFit Community. I am planning on writing up a bit of info on the actual Tony Blauer Be Your Own Bodyguard Seminar in a separate post to share my thoughts because I really learned alot about how to think about fighting back when faced with a difficult situation.

I realized that i love going to training sessions that really expose me to different ways to approach situations and of course helps feed my passions. I just eat that stuff up. I took some notes of thoughts I had while Tony was talking because I wanted to make sure to further explore topics that he talked about on my own.

Another great thing that came out of yesterday was getting to meet a CrossFit Athlete that I have been talking to since last year – Jeremy Kinnick. I heard about him via the CrossFit Games last year, and reached out to him to connect and we have talked on and off about CrossFit since then. He was even nice enough to write up a post for the recent nutrition Whole Life Challenge we did for our athletes at CrossFit Impavidus. He’s an all around nice guy who loves what he does and it shows. He gave me some good advice about learning how to push through when I become uncomfortable and want to give up that is now seeded in my mind and will be put to the test this week.  I love that someone like me — who is not looking to go to the games — but is just as passionate about their progress can go up to really great athletes/coaches and they are more than happy to give you their thoughts and coaching without a second thought.

And he’s focused on the 2012 CrossFit Games coming up — I will be rooting for him the loudest!

I did head to the gym this afternoon since I missed my Workout yesterday — Kim and I created a workout that looked good on the board but holy crap — I was near puking at the end. What a great WOD to create for MYSELF! I am a nut.


PVC pipe stretching


Double Unders


15 Box Jumps
12 Pull Ups
9 Hand Release Push ups

total: 6+

Oh here’s a pic of Lori and i with Jeremy Kinnick.  He’s a cutie too — which doesn’t hurt! 🙂

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