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Another Rainy Day Workout


I love rain and all — but this is ridiculous! Although for boot camp — I am happy it was pouring. We can’t workout in the pouring rain because Mikey doesn’t want his equipment wet, oh and for our safety.  We can workout in a slight drizzle, mist and light rain but pouring is out of the question.

So inside boot camp was a bit different — we went back to the as many reps as you can do for each station in the alotted time for 3 rounds. The time for most of the stations is 60 sec, but for one station its 90 — so you basically skip the rest time between stations.

2min jump rope

knee roll ups
hip missions
50 push-ups
general stretching

3 rounds
65lb Behind the shoulder push press
jump rope or double unders
25lb KB squats/KB swings/KB Squats
25lb DB jackhammers
inch worms

KB Swing Steps — Not as easy as they look!


high knees
heel to butt
forward lunges
general stretching


knee roll ups
knee crunches (keep your hands on thighs and touch your knees each time you crunch)
full body hip missions
50 missions

shoulder press 65lbs
broad jump burpees
ring rows x2
25lb KB swing steps
200 m run

When Michael was going over this morning’s workout — we saw the KB swing steps and thought oh that looks doable — not too bad…HA! Those suckers are tough. When the KB is up in the air is when you take a step and it takes the wind out of you! You kinda look like Frankenstein when you do them — It was a great workout overall though. I finished in 27:48 mins.

Here is a good video/instruction of the Lateral Step Kettlebell Swing.

Kettlebell Bootcamp in Ashburn


This morning I attended a Kettlebell Bootcamp in Ashburn. A friend of mine introduced to me to John Hastings who has just started running these camps.

C3i Sports Performance has bootcamp style workouts in addition to other services.

Today’s session was held at 6a in Ashburn Village at the local elementary school. It’s outside and every day offers a different challenge.

Today’s workout was:

1 lap around track

with a band, different upper body stretches on the playground equipment

we were set up in our own stations and there was a cone in the middle, a mat at one end, and a kettle bell, jump rope, & divider at the other.

We ran to the cone, ran back, ran to the kettle bell, did 40 double arm swings, ran back to the mat, did 10 reach up sit ups/10 push-ups, ran to the cone, ran back, ran to the kettle bell, did 40 alternate arm swings, to mat, did situs/push-ups, then did it again but did 40 weighted jump ropes instead of kettle bells, ran back did the push up/sit up combo, then finished it off with jump over the divider 20 x. A few times, John called out back peddle and if you were running, you back peddled.

We did the entire thing again and instead of doing 40 reps, we did 20 reps for each and did 20 Russian sit up twists instead of reach up sit ups.

We ended with a light run around the track.  I used a 12lb kettlebell which for me is rather light. At the boot camp I attend- we don’t use anything less than 15lbs but it allowed me to really focus on the cardio aspect of the workout and I can tell you – I got winded with all the running/race style.

It’s a co-ed camp and there were all ages and they ranged in fitness levels – from a 13 year old boy to a 52 year old lady. What I really liked about this camp was that this workout allowed different fitness levels to work hard but the hard that is relative to them. So no matter what your level is, you can handle it.  When someone is just starting out, it can be daunting and hard to feel like the workout is just way out of your league.  Everyone was very friendly and welcoming as well.

I met a 13 year old boy and his mom who attend. The boy is pretty impressive – does Jui Jitsu 5x a week and comes to the boot camp 3x a week. His mom just started the camp and you can tell she is working hard. I thought how great it is that they both come together to get fit and healthy. What a great example she is setting for her son. It’s meeting those kind of people that re-inspires me and fuels my motivation.

Have a great Friday! I am scheduled for the Aol. 5K Spring into Summer this Sunday – see you there!

BW-PT Strength Training


My back is feeling better after 2 full days of rest – no running, no lifting, no core work. Good ole fashion rest. So I knew I was going to do something active today. I tried a kettlebell training class and then went for a 3 mi run.

One of the things that I am interested in lately is looking into different types of workout methods and training philosophies. Part of really investing in your passion is making sure you arm yourself with all the information to find out if you are doing the right approach for you and your goals. So, I have been looking at  opportunities to try different workout programs.

Today I worked with Brian Wright – Personal Training (BW-PT). Brian invited me to try a free 8a Kettlebell training class in his new studio in Ashburn. One of the most important things when you are using kettlebells is form and Brian took the time to really watch and adjust my form during the workout. During this session, it was very functional movements and he talked about how if you think back to Greeks – they didn’t have any fancy equipment. It was real life movements and they were in shape. First he had me remove my sneakers – he suggested that when lifting, to wear a more flat shoe or go barefoot – chuck taylors etc. So I did this all with no shoes on bc I had worn my running shoes.

So we worked on kettle bell movements – swings, power cleans – and then I did some back lunges with one foot in the rings. One of the things I liked a lot was doing planks. He helped me set up my form properly and then went from all angles and tried to push me to make me aware of whether my core was engaged. He also incorporated some yoga moves to help stretch and a foam roller to work out some of the upper layer of your muscles.  We didn’t just do kettlebells either although it was incorporated in many movements that one would traditionally do with dumb or barbells.

The thing I noticed from this session was that it was quite a good workout, with as many calories burned as some of my boot camp sessions,  but yet didn’t seem nearly as hard.

Brian is really passionate and knowledgeable about fitness and it shows. He took the time to discuss what he was doing and what it was going to help with. Also, he made some modifications based on his observations of some of my weaker spots. It was really a great training session. He is adding more kettlebell training sessions at different times so check his website if you are interested in taking one.

He also mentioned he is starting up a fitness summer camp class for Middle School students. I am sure he will have information on his website.

Notable News


Boston Marathon Great for Winners; What About the Rest of Us? – Health Blog – WSJ.

The debate over whether running marathons is a fine form of exercise or dangerous to your health, however, isn’t likely to stop any time soon; arguing the pros and cons of long-distance running is practically a sport in itself. The Boston Globe takes a look at the “calamities small or large” that can afflict runners during the 26.2-mile event. The story mostly focuses on the less serious problems – muscle cramps, tendinitis, blisters, banged-up toenails – that are a pain, but aren’t going to kill you.

Harvard Docs to Insurance Companies: Drop the Big Macs – Health Blog – WSJ.

Should life and health insurers be investing in the stocks of fast-food companies?

Researchers at the Cambridge Health Alliance, which is associated with Harvard Medical School, say no, citing the downside of fast food — associations with obesity and other health problems, heavy marketing to kids and the the chains’ environmental impact. Insurers, however, do have a responsibility to share- or policyholders to maximize returns, and that may include investments in companies that don’t share their health-promoting mission, they say.

You, your doctor and the Internet –

Should a caregiver ever Google a patient? Would you ask your physician to be a Facebook ‘friend’? Ethical questions abound, and the doctor-patient relationship is at stake.

Kettle bells for every workout –

The growing popularity of kettle bells, the primitive-looking bowling-balls-with-handles that deliver a great all-body workout, has given rise to similar products with more flexibility. Available now are weight-changeable kettle bells that can be customized to new fitness levels, for different family members or even during a workout — so you don't have to own more than one. Below, find four innovative ways to throw your weight around. — Roy M. Wallack

I discovered this great website one day See Adam Train at while searching Twitter and it really has offered up some great info and resources –  Including this site about running barefoot. Current popular thinking suggests that perhaps running barefoot is a lot better for us than we ever even considered.  I keep hearing about this approach from many different people, it is worth looking into.

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