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Allowing Kids to be Sedentary is Asking for Trouble

Neurological Connections Created During Exercise As a CrossFit Kids Coach – I am always wanting to learn more about neuroscience related to exercise. It’s so influential in how a child learns and grows that not encouraging kids to exercise is just asking for trouble. Here’s more »

Kids and Health: The Decline of Good Nutrition and Fitness Programs in Schools

Kids: Get them Moving & Eating Healthier. They will Learn More. Guaranteed! Physical Activity During my training as a CrossFit Kids coach, we really dived into how much research is available regarding how exercise and physical fitness helps kids learn. Getting kids to move throughout their more »

Explaining Cancer to Kids

I get asked a lot about how my two kiddos handled Scott being sick and how we, as their parents handled it. It’s not an easy thing and showing weakness and sadness to your kids at any time is hard but when you are dealing more »

CrossFit Kids is the Way!

Coached a great group of athletes this AM as I covered for Coach Nick at 6A.  Knowing you are going to coach a fun group of people helps alot in getting your butt up and out the door.  I also coached last night — totally more »

Girl Scouts vs. Health and Fitness

Today is a much needed rest day for me — I’m sore! Not over crazy sore but definitely a good day to rest. What’s crazy is that I miss the gang though — that’s part of the draw about CrossFit. You want to go workout more »

Kids are Getting Fatter!

Kids are getting fatter, and many will have to do some serious calorie cutting to avoid that fate as they grow up. That’s the grim news from a new study that looks at how children have become heaver since 1971. It’s not news that the more »

Get Your Kids Outside and Moving!

Too Few Kids Getting Outdoors With Mom or Dad Nearly half of all U.S. preschool-age children don’t get outdoors at least once a day for parent-supervised playtime, researchers reported Monday, causing concern among experts who say early exercise habits could protect children from obesity later more »

When you Know Better, you Do Better!

Here are 2 articles aimed at us parents! We give so much of ourselves making sure our kids have the right education, the right extra activities — how about we start with making sure they get exercise and eat healthy? Pay special attention to the more »

The Young with Cancer

Cancer’s most isolated patients For decades, the needs of adolescents and young adults with the disease have been slighted. That’s beginning to change. Physicians and researchers acknowledge that for decades, the needs of adolescents and young adults with cancer have been slighted. They frequently receive more »

Call us Urban!

I got the kids ready for school – drove them in the pouring rain came back and got ready to go to a 930A CrossFit class. It’s fun to mix it up but normally I’m at work so I can’t make a 930A class. Last more »