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Depression: Who Are You To Judge?

As I spent time yesterday reading about Robin Williams, it became clear how judgmental some people insist on being.  Who are we to judge someone else’s actions? We were not in his shoes at that moment or the ones that led up to it. All more »

Perspective and Hope

I was really out of sorts yesterday. I had a client meeting during the day and then attended my friend Khal’s memorial/visitation. I totally broke down from the moment it started. I just couldn’t stop thinking about him and his boys. He loved his sons more »

Feeding Your Mind with Stories of Kindness

As I mentioned a few weeks back, I am focused on surrounding myself with positive, happy people. People who are making a difference in their lives by making a difference in others’ lives. I want to learn from them, extract inspiration from them, be motivated more »

Can We all Be Kind: Practicing Kindness

It’s Friday – Friday – Friday! Can you tell how happy I am this week is over? It’s busy season at my job, so people’s stress levels are high, tempers are short and we all have too much to do. I am lucky that I more »

Welcome to the Kindness community

Welcome to the Kindness community Thought this was a good site even though it is filled with annoying ads. Reminders on a regular basis of the kindness that happens around the world. Wish you could find more positive stories in the news — stories that more »