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CrossFit WOD: Cindy


I went a little blonde crazy yesterday. I have been too busy (aka lazy) to get my hair done lately but finally bit the bullet and took care of it yesterday evening.  While I was there, my stylist was telling me her brother in law is a war veteran and loves CrossFit. One thing she said struck me as funny — she said that from what she can tell — Those who get into CrossFit, well it seems to take over their life. I wonder what folks out there think about that statement. Is that bad thing?  Working on your fitness in a healthy way, hanging out with like minded people, having fun, getting healthy and learning about healthy eating? Doesn’t sound like such a bad thing to have take over your life to me…

I can’t even imagine not being fit anymore. I think my body would go into ultra shock. I can vividly remember the feeling of my back always being tight and just an overall feeling of uncomfort in my own body. The only un-comfort I have now is when I am sore and wiped out from a hard day’s work. Now that’s the way it should be — if you currently at a point where your body is failing you because of your own doing, get up and do something. It really is about taking that first step. The rest will fall into place if you really want it to.

Another meeting of one of the CrossFit ladies today — Fran on Monday, Cindy on Weds. Makes you wonder which ‘lady’ we will meet on Friday???

800m run
10 Pass Thrus
10 OHS
10 Ring Rows
10 35lb KB Swings


Kip Swing
Kip Pull Up

5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
total: 16 Rounds

I did the first 2 rounds of Pull Ups with no band, but since I can’t yet grasp the Kip Pull Up – I moved to use the Blue Band to help. In our box, the blue band is the least help you can get with a band. Once I did that — pull ups are a breeze. I am frustrated that learning this kipping pull up is taking a lot longer than it should. It’s not strength, its timing for me. I am trying to do some visualization of it at night in addition to just practicing when I can. I know its just a matter of time before I get it but it really isn’t something that can be taught. Another challenge for me is my hands are killing me — the calluses are uncomfortable. I know it’s a sign of working hard, but can’t we come up with another way to show signs of that? HA!

Crossfit Impavidus: It’s your box too


Another Crossfit Impavidus training session this morning and my shoulders were not too pleased! I was also the only one that came to the 6A class so I basically had a personal training session with Nick. That is good and bad. You can’t really slack when the trainer has only you to focus on — I have had some serious training wins since I started at CFI — I got the Kip Swing down and even have done a few actual Kip Pull Ups and I can do a few DUs together in a row! That’s what teamwork, committed trainers, and a great gym atmosphere does for you.  Everyone pulls together to help you learn – some find certain tricks to help them and offer those suggestions.  CFI also lets you use the gym in general before or after your workout to practice. There is no ‘class over’,  get out of here feeling — it’s your ‘box’ too!

sampson stretch
jump rope/DU
High Knees
Leg Kicks
Walking Lunges
Heel to butt

Leg to Bar

KTE (switched to rings to elbows midway)
20in Box Jumps
7 rounds complete

Post workout:
jump rope/DU practice
back extensions
butterfly sit ups w/Abmat

Getting to know Kip.


No falls this morning at Crossfit Impavidus – that was a bonus right there.  My friend Oy came to the 6A class & added an extra element of fun. And the same people are showing up to the class so it’s becoming more like home to me every day. I am really liking Coach Nick. He seems to be right there when I need a push to keep me moving. It’s so interesting starting out with a new trainer. You have to get to know his style and he learns yours and adjusts his training methods to you — I’m finding it really fun to see a different side of my training. And the extra 15m of sleep I am getting every day is making a huge difference in how I feel overall — Change is good. Embrace Change.

Jumping Jacks
5 Pass thrus
1 L sit
10 Air Squats

Dynamic Stretches
Pass Thrus

Double Unders

20 Ab Mat Sit Ups
20 Double Unders/50 Jump Ropes
20 14lb Wall Ball Squats
total rounds completed: 8+

I did a combo of DUs and Jump Ropes because I would have been there all day if I didn’t, so on average I completed about 5 DUs during each round. And I am not sure if I counted the right amount of rounds but I know I worked my butt off, so I am sticking with what I think I did which was 8 full rounds and part of round 9 = 8+.

We finished a bit early so I worked with my friend Andre on my Kip Pull Up once again. We figured out that the band I was using was not helping me learn the kip, so once we removed it – i was able to get the actual form down and now what’s left is to practice, practice, and more practice. Andre told me that he read the only way to really learn a Kip Pull Up is to keep doing it — so that’s what i am going to do! The thing is it’s not really a matter of being super strong. Once you get the Kip down that is what propels you up and over the bar. So many of these types of exercises rely on technique more than brute strength, so once you learn how – you can do it with more power and efficiency.

Well hello, Fran!:Crossfit WOD


Today I met Fran. For those familiar with Crossfit, Fran is a benchmark WOD. Long time Crossfitters all know their “fran” time.

65lb Thrusters
Pull ups (green band assisted)
Fran time: 6:35

Some caveats to my time: For some reason I had it in my head to power clean every rep in the beginning so that obviously affected my time. I also have yet to conquer a ‘Kip’ so my pull ups were a bit of a challenge.

One of the great things about Crossfit Impavidus is they really are great coaches. So the workouts are great, but the coaching you get makes all the difference. After ‘Fran’, Jerry worked with me on Kipping. He helped me get the first part which is the swing. I haven’t been able to get that in the year that I have been trying. He set things up and we worked on the first part, which is the swing back and forth. I didn’t realize that I was bending my arms during that time — and also I am not very flexible in the lower back. So I am going to start doing some extra lumbar/lower back exercises to help loosen me up. It will help me with the Kip swing we think. So we did the swing – and sure enough with his coaching – I got it and did at least one Kip Pull Up! SUCCESS yet again. I am going to work on it to get the feel right and then I will figure out the transition from the Kip Pull up back into the swing to do another — step by step. It really is all about technique.

Another validation that switching trainers was the right thing. My old trainer never spent one on one time with me, really watching what exactly I was doing and adjusting my form so that I could nail the technique. I have the arm and shoulder strength, so it definitely is technique. So first the Double Under technique, now the Kip Swing. 2 things I have been working on for well over a year — I wouldn’t say I nailed them down, but I am farther than I have ever been and I know that I will get them this year.

Now after Fran, I was spent. It may not seem like a big deal — 21,15,9 but holy heck! It is. Jerry was helping me with learning the Kip Swing and we were finishing up. I went to step on the box to release my foot from the band and lost my footing and didn’t grab the pull up bar in time — and BOOM! went down, hard. I sat there for a sec. You know that shock you get as your body is trying to figure out WTF happened? Well I don’t have any major injuries – some scrapes and bruising. I fell on the side of my back side — so I know that’s gonna hurt bad. It’s already starting — I got home and my kids said – Mom, you are tough. It looks cool!

Pull Up Extravaganza


A great special learning session at Plumbline Today. We started off with a 2 min jump rope warm up and did some general stretching, push-ups and then did saucers with a twist –we held a dowel over our head and went from lying down to sitting up with the dowel –picture a trapeze artist but lying down.. (There is a name for it but I cant remember right now)

Then the learning session began — Pull-up with a KIP. We spent an hour doing it in stages — swinging out and in, then swinging out/in and on the in, do the jump — all of this was done with the help of a 20in box and some plates on top of that for those of us known as ‘shortys’. Then the ‘props’ were removed and we worked with Mikey on getting the swing and timing right. Some got it right away, others — well I need more practice.

Finally, we were given the option to do a special to finish in 15 min timelimit…
PT station:
15,12,9 round
135lbs dead lift
5 Kip Pull ups or 30 pull ups with prop
200 m run

It was a good workout/training session. A benefit that I hadnt even considered was that the session was comprised of some new people. Anyone from Team Plumbline could attend — men and women –Mixing up the group adds a new twist on working out just like mixing up the routine does!

Pull Ups with a Kip!


It’s hard to believe it’s the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Is it me or does time seem to be moving extra fast now a days??!! Today I’m headed for a special workout class at Plumbline Training that will focus on the pull-up. More specifically it will focus on us learning and improving the kip.  I love pull-ups and to me, it’s one of those exercises that says to me — you are strong and in shape. It reminds me of gym class and doing the presidential fitness tests — if I can do them, I am the definition of shape!

Come learn or enhance your understanding of the pullup. You’ll be taught variations (Kipping) to the pullup which may help you produce more of them during worktouts. This class is 1 hour with an optional PT workout at the end. “

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