I keep hearing how Kobe Bryant is in the zone right now – game face ready to win the NBA championship.  In the zone – allows an athlete to focus completely on the task at hand and not worry about anything else but the next shot, play, etc. I  was thinking about this and how to learn and apply it to my workouts. I give up so easily and it gets super frustrating – I want to have that mental grit that helps me carry on but there are times when I just don’t find it within me.

It never occurred to me but you can apply this zone thinking to motherhood too. Trying to focus completely on the task at hand — and using the athlete mentality to roll with the punches.

Another reason why it really is a great thing to participate in sports growing up.

Mother Like a Champion

What athletes can teach us about going the distance as parents.

Sports psychologists help athletes reach their potential by teaching them how to harness their mental grit. Top competitors follow a disciplined regimen to build strength and speed and rely on a team of coaches and nutritionists to keep them at their peak. Yet often in motherhood, we assume our responsibilities come with constant self-sacrifice. We go it alone, don’t ask for help and put our needs aside. Instead of elevating the physical, mental and emotional demands of our care giving duties, we are dismissive about what it takes to get the job done. We slog through, promising ourselves that tomorrow we’ll get more sleep, take time to meditate or stretch, or pack ourselves energy boosting snacks (while we’re making lunch for everyone else).