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So Many Ways To Grow


one_workout_away_from_a_good_moodI had a rough weekend mentally and combined with a bug or something, I could not physically get out of bed yesterday and it was even harder to get out of bed this morning. So I skipped my 6A workout — and got up to get the kids off to school. I battled internally with whether to go to a later class, and ultimately did. And you know what? I am so happy I did. I needed it so bad and I felt so much better afterwards. It’s amazing how doing some lifting and an all out metabolic conditioning workout can lift your spirits. I feet worlds better! It’s true what they say that when you don’t feel like working out –go anyway. Trust me on that one!

Saturday, during my workout I did 5×5 of weighted pull ups. I wore a 5# plate off off of a belt and did strict pull ups. I am definitely so much stronger now and got through almost all of them without any assistance from Liz, my workout buddy.

Full Clean 5×2 105#

3 Rounds
5 DB Hang squat cleans
10 DB Push Press
15 Slam Balls
remainder of time: manmakers
–rest 2 min–
Repeat for 6 mins.

I am still thinking about this post How to Overcome the Perils of Caring Deeply — Scotty and I talked about it this weekend and he asked me what my thoughts about it were and the key points. I am glad he did because it forced me to really think about it and I had one of those infamous light bulb moments. I didn’t necessarily fit the entire profile but I definitely find that some people around me perceive my style as rude and that I don’t play well with others. I don’t agree with that, but I can understand how others with a different style could read that about me. I need to work on tempering/directing my passion in a way that doesn’t automatically put people on the defensive. It really was one of the first times, after reading this, that I began to ‘understand’ the reactions of some of the people around me. So much to learn — and so many ways to grow…

Developing you, the Brand


Developing the Brand Called You

I’ve been doing some reading about leadership and creating a positive self brand.  If you think about yourself in marketing terms — you are a brand. How you present yourself personally and professionally, how you respond to certain situations and certain people –all play a part in how your brand is perceived.

leadershipI hate when people say Perception is Reality. I don’t think that is a fair approach to take to any situation. I believe that a good leader or mentor can bring out the best in people and help them create a brand that is not only positive but that can inspire and expand further than was even imagined.

In work situations, I have seen so many managers be so quick to point out their employees mis-steps and criticize their actions or reactions –but never once try to get to the heart of it and figure out how to HELP them learn how to approach it properly so they grow and learn from the situation.  Every misstep, if done with good intentions, should be seen as a path to growth.  Too many managers approach their people with anger as they address an issue.

What if we all stopped and thought “what could be the cause of the issue?”

  • Maybe they didn’t understand the rules?
  • Was there a catalyst that may have caused them to snap at a fellow team member?
  • Are they starting to feel overwhelmed?
  • Do they lack instruction and/or direction?
  • Do they have what they need?
  • Did they act out of malice?
  • Is this situation being handled properly? (ie should the issue be talked about among the team members and not brought to the manager?)

I came across this blog: Leadership Freak, that offered some great insight into mistakes made by team leaders that I am sharing below:

The top mistake of team-leaders:

Weinzimmer and McConoughey say, “…drama mismanagement derails a leader’s ability to manage teams.” (The Wisdom of Failure)

According to Weinzimmer and McConoughey leaders contribute to overly dramatic atmospheres when they create dysfunctional harmony by:

  1. Bullying with intimidating tactics or demeaning comments.
  2. Trying to be liked by everyone.
  3. Insisting everyone likes each other all the time. The need to preserve the appearance of harmony leads to passive-aggressive behaviors within teams.
  4. Mismanaging competition within teams that leads to divisiveness.

This doesn’t just apply to managers — this is stuff to consider about you, the Brand! How do you react to any sort of conflict or issue in your day to day life? Do you stop and consider the intentions of the person causing the dis-chord or get to the root of the issue? I bet if you start there — you will find your answers. 

Leadership and Communication


I have been thinking about team work and how to manage people in general. I’m not talking about being a boss and having to direct and mentor people. It’s the day to day, working with people, sharing experiences with people, creating something with others that seems to be challenging for me and many others out there from time to time.

Most people in the world have the best of intentions. They want to do right by people, they are good people who want to sincerely help make the world a better place. But, we all come different childhoods, backgrounds and our filters are as different as night and day. We all have different things going on at home – good and bad. How do you figure out a way to work together AND take that all into account. I find it hard to say the least.

First off, I am an emotional person. Whenever you mix feelings and facts, you are bound to have some issues. Sometimes I envy people who are able to take all the emotion out of a situation and decide which way to go based solely on the information. There are times when I dont envy them and I sure as shit have issues relating to them. Those type of people frustrate the crap out of me because once again, I often act out of an emotional place.

I pride myself on having a strong personality and happy to step up as a leader whenever it makes sense to me. As a leader, no matter what the situation is, I have to take responsibility for when things go well and when they don’t. This goes for relationships too. Professionally and socially. I have been reading and learning about ways to operate that will help me be more successful. Not being able to communicate effectively and lead properly can and has held me back in the past. I’m frustrated with my lack of progress –and I am going to do better if it kills me.

Good communication is so hard…. <insert whining here>!

Today’s workout:


  • 8 hand release burpees
  • 12 Ground to OH
  • 400m run
  • 20 sit-ups
  • Cash out: 50 Squats

time: 21:39 


Eight Leadership Lessons from Martin Luther King, Jr.


Eight Leadership Lessons from Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today is Martin Luther King Day in the United States. On this day we celebrate the life and work of one of the greatest leaders the world has ever known. I want to take a few minutes and reflect on what is commonly referred to as his “I Have a Dream” speech.

It helped give me some inspiration to write my K12, Inc Blog post:

Teaching Kids About Great Leadership to honor MLKDay

January 17, 2011 marks the 25th anniversary of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. federal holiday and many states are encouraging Americans to use this holiday as a way to give back.  Make sure you and your family visit the MLK Day of Service website to find get information about this effort and find projects that “strengthen communities, empower individuals, bridge barriers, and create solutions” – all actions that can help make our world a better place to live.

Here’s to helping create the next generation of Great leaders!

Take some time to share some of the great leaders in your life and how they continue to inspire you by leaving a comment below.

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