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What is considered Lean Meat?


I have been looking at eating leaner meat –and have been wondering What exactly does that mean?

I found an answer at

What are Considered Lean Cuts of Meat?

There are several cuts of red meat that are considered lean. Cuts that include the words “round”, such as top round or bottom round, or “loin”, such as sirloin, tenderloin and top loin are lean choices. Flank steak is also a lean cut. Also, look for any cut that is labeled 95% lean ground beef. 

Any cut of meat can be made leaner by trimming off visible, solid fat before cooking. Healthy cooking methods include roasting, broiling, grilling, stir-frying, braising, steaming and stewing.

Not all sources of protein are created equal


In the most recent issue of Women’s Health magazine they had a short blurb about sources of protein and if they are all created equal –The answer was No. Up until recently, I never really thought about this. I always figured, protein is protein. But after looking into it and talking with others — you want to eat whole, efficient and complete food — and some would even say the info below should leave out dairy products all together and go pure ‘paleo’. One of the things I have found — we are all different and we need to try different approaches to see what works best for you, your lifestyle and your body type.  But the key take away here is not all protein is equal —

Many plant foods, including nuts and beans, can provide a good dose of protein, the best sources are dairy products, eggs, lean meat and fish. …Unlike plant based proteins, animal protein is complete, meaning it contains the right proportions of the essential amino acids your body can’t synthesize on it’s own. It’s possible to build complete protein from plant based foods by combining legumes, nuts and grains, but you’d need to consume 20-25% more plant based protein to reap the same benefits that animal-derived sources would provide…

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