Burpees Suck

Something I did on Monday tweaked my back a bit. It started yesterday afternoon and it’s not super painful but I decided to take a rest day today to just let it heal a bit. It was a hard decision too. Coach Conan is the scheduled coach –it didn’t hurt that burpees were on the docket. I hate those damn burpees but if my back had felt better this AM, I would have gone.

My 6A workouts are really my saving grace some days — not only for the stress release but for the sheer joy of being around people who are bettering themselves and living a healthy life.

Some days I just stop and realize I live a very busy life and maybe I should scale back. The problem is — for the most part, the things that I choose to do extra in my life are things I love, so they don’t feel like work.

How I feel about all of it depends on the day of the week, month of the year – some days I love it all, other days it exhausts me. ┬áIt’s probably just PMS!! (said most men after reading this!)

As a part of my workouts, we have been doing sub maximal loads — training in the 50-60% range for back squats which at first felt very odd to me. But yesterday, during our back squat workout, my PR was 35# heavier than previous and I attribute it to that training approach. Give it a look and see what you think: Westside Barbell