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As CrossFit Explodes on the Scene, I wonder…


I clipped my ankle this AM while doing my workout — and it stunned me but I shook it off and continued on with the workout so it should be interesting to see if the reason I am not feeling pain is from the adrenaline or because it was minor. I am hoping the latter of course. I am trying a new approach during my workouts — to remember that I am not competing against anyone and the goal for me is progress. I am not in the running for the CrossFit Games and training is not my full time career. This is ME time and it’s time to exercise and and have fun with my friends. I have to check myself sometimes because I tend to forget this is for fun and not take it too seriously.

Today during our post workout stretching we made plans for getting my hair done with a friend this Saturday. Multi-tasking at its finest!

My posts recently have been about the marketing push for CrossFit. As someone who has been involved in some way with it for a while, it’s fascinating to me to see something go from small to explosion right before your eyes. I saw it happen with AOL when I started there in 1995 and the internet was just starting to hit the mainstream and I see it now with CrossFit. With their partnership with Reebok, it’s going to be a good business lesson watching this all play out. Did they make the right decisions, will it ‘sell out’ the passion of the sport,  how will the elite athletes fare, will it lose it’s community?  It’s a wait and see scenario.

It’s fun to have this perspective — but as I share this info, I want to make sure that anyone that reads my blog knows it’s not the only way. I love CrossFit and how it has helped me with all aspects of my life. But I also realize it’s not right for everyone. My only hope as I share this info is that you will find something that you are as passionate about in your life whether it be fitness or life related. As for fitness, I believe everyone needs to find their own thing — and you have to figure out what you like and don’t like about your fitness routine and start there. Maybe you like to run for hours on end — then a complete CrossFit program definitely is not for you, but you can add some strength training into your routine at your local gym. I just want to expose everyone to a complete training program as opposed to training for just one sport or hobby –it definitely will enhance your specialized interest. Trust me – I have seen it with my own eyes! Be open to new approaches –that’s the key take away!




25 Double Unders
25ft bear crawl
25ft Walking Lunges


Ground to OH


bar facing burpees
ground to OH 65#/95#

time: 10:23

I know it’s excuses but man, I can not breathe during burpees and then to have to Power Clean/Push Press that weight up – I seriously began to feel nauseous and then throw in the clipped ankle. It was definitely tough. I guess that’s the reason that I was feeling like I have to remind myself it’s not about winning, it’s about progressing. I am thinking of taking a few days off in a row to see how my performance improves because i think my body is screaming at me to recover — it’s hard for me to tell whether it’s just normal wear and tear or something deeper. I am also probably somewhat hormonal at the moment so that could be it too. Ramble, ramble, ramble…


CrossFit WOD: TOSH


heel to butt

Today’s WOD was focused on endurance —  named ‘Tosh’.
3x (200m + 400m + 600m)

Rest the exact time it takes you to complete the interval in each set

(Ex: 200m Run takes 35 Sec, Rest 35 Sec, then Run 400m, Rest 400m time, etc…)

TOTAL time to do the entire WOD: 26:32

Once again, at first glance — didn’t seem like a big deal but by the 1st round, 400m in — holy smokes. I’m glad that I went this morning though. I almost took a rest day because I’m sore, but decided to bite the bullet and go. Since it was a running focused WOD — the timing was great.


I took a pic of this poster I saw at one of the local fast food joints in Tucson.  No – I didn’t eat  there! I was getting a GIGANTIC ice tea. I thought it was very telling about how we are programmed to think drinking something that has a ton of sugar and calories and/or artificial sweetners is being marketed as healthy.


If you are going to partake in drinking this stuff, then it’s your business, however don’t be fooled into thinking you are doing your body any good though…

CSPI helps mom sue McDonald’s over Happy Meal toys


Here’s the article to go with my post from yesterday:
Parents and Mcdonalds

The Checkup – CSPI helps mom sue McDonald’s over Happy Meal toys.

The D.C.-based nutrition watchdog group Center for Science in the Public Interest has helped a California mother file a class-action suit against McDonald’s, demanding that the burger chain stop marketing toys to children.

More deceptive marketing to kids….


A Big Mac A Day Keeps The Doctor Away, McDonald’s Tells Students

Welcome to nutrition class, kids! Today we’re going to be learning about how processed cheese, factory-farmed beef and iceberg lettuce fit into a healthy diet. No farmer’s market field trip today, everyone. Where are we going? McDonald’s!

This one belongs in the “Hell is freezing over” files. Health Editor Brie Cadman reports that a McDonald’s in Stratford, Connecticut recently hosted a nutrition workshop for sixth-graders, where they learned, among other things, to choose a Big Mac because it has 210 fewer calories than an Angus Deluxe.

That’s just what the U.S. food guide pyramid says, right? French Fries on the top, Angus Deluxes in the middle, Big Macs on the bottom. Wait, no, that’s… the absolute worst model of nutrition that you could teach a small child.

Cadman goes on to relate that this field trip is a marketing ploy by a McDonald’s publicist who was giving kids “tips on making healthy choices.”

For many busy families, fast food offers a quick, easy way to feed picky kids while remaining sane. McDonald’s does indeed offer veggies, apple slices and salads that may (depending on how much salad dressing you use) fit into a healthy diet. Big Macs, however, contain almost half of an adult’s daily recommended amount of sodium and fat. A McDonald’s marketing campaign masquerading as a children’s nutrition program isn’t just dishonest, it’s dangerous.

Reflections on Letting Yourself Go


Sometimes when I am driving to work or out doing an errand – I will randomly notice other women that look to be close to may age. Some of them look great – while others, well they don’t look their best. In some cases, it looks like they have given up any sense of self. They don’t put themselves together, take a few minutes each day to tidy themselves up. I am not talking about full on glamour, but more than just wake up and put on the first pair of sweats you find on the floor. It really doesn’t take that much to do. I think the way you look says a lot about the way you feel about yourself in many ways.  So when I came across this on Piperline’s Facebook, I loved what it was saying- I used to not put a lot of thought into how I dress – then I found my passion and started to see the results of taking care of myself and part of that is looking my best.

I’m not talking about spending a fortune or having enough shoes to rival Imelda. I am talking about buying a few things that make you feel great, are comfortable and fit well.  A great pair of jeans can be found relatively inexpensively and for most of us, nothing is more comfy than that.  A great shoe – Target has some great ones to choose from. Just a few things that says to anyone around you – I do give a damn about me.

And if your reason is because you have gained weight or don’t like something about yourself — do something about it. If it bothers you that much, either learn to accept it or change it. To sit there stagnant is not the right thing to do. My heart sinks for some of the ladies I see out there – I am not talking about one certain kind of body type either. Fat, thin, skinny, tall, short – everyone can take a few minutes before they head out and fix themselves.  So why not start tomorrow?

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