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18 years, 18 years…

This was waiting for me on my Facebook wall when I got into the office this morning by Scotty – “Remember our 18 year anniversary? We had to cancel our dinner reservations because we forgot you had to take our daughter to that annoying teen more »

Twenty Years Ago

Me, a recent University of Arizona grad starting a new job – scared and excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. You, an Arizona native, who had started a few months earlier thanks to your Pops, who left an application on the shop’s chain link more »

Marriage: Growing Together

Marriage is Hard Work This week my husband shared a story about a couple we know that are no longer together. It was quite a shock to hear the news that they are divorcing – they seemed very well suited for each other, had a more »

Working on your relationships

You know what I love? On my drive home I see older couples walking. Many of them are Asian or Indian — just walking, together. It’s early in the morning and they are walking. Some walk fast, some slow but they walk together. That’s seriously more »

Marriage helps Colon Cancer Survival Rate

Marriage Improves Odds of Surviving Colon Cancer ScienceDaily (June 21, 2011) — A new study shows that being married boosts survival odds for both men and women with colon cancer at every stage of the disease. Married patients had a 14 percent lower risk of death more »

What’s considered attractive and/or sexy in men versus women

The Sex Difference in Sex Scandals There are some things that you can’t change about genetics and attraction I guess – no matter how far we have come. I posted this with regards to how women and men are viewed when they are in positions more »

Dealing with Cancer – Spouse Has Cancer

For Better, For Worse What would you do if your new husband was struck with a deadly, disfiguring disease? For Diane Reiners, the diagnosis was a test of love, strength, and the power of wedding vows. Cancer doesn’t make it easier to love someone. I more »