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CSPI helps mom sue McDonald’s over Happy Meal toys


Here’s the article to go with my post from yesterday:
Parents and Mcdonalds

The Checkup – CSPI helps mom sue McDonald’s over Happy Meal toys.

The D.C.-based nutrition watchdog group Center for Science in the Public Interest has helped a California mother file a class-action suit against McDonald’s, demanding that the burger chain stop marketing toys to children.

Parents and Mcdonalds


I just saw a story on GMA about a Mom suing McDonald’s because her daughter is obsessed with Happy Meals and the toys that come with it. She says its their fault with their marketing targeted towards kids and she can tell her daughter ‘No’ but she sees the commercials on TV and it’s a losing battle in her mind.

My thoughts – instead of spending her energy suing McDonald’s, how about she focus her energy and money into creating programs that educate parents about good nutrition and what food like McDonald’s can do to the bodies of growing children if eaten as a staple. I am not going to sit here and say my kids’ don’t eat there — they do on occasion – what kid hasn’t? But my kids know it’s not super healthy food, they don’t get the french fries or juice and that it’s something they get in moderation.  You can’t have your kids living in a bubble — but you can arm them with knowledge without scaring them into eating disorders.

I tend to find myself getting annoyed with parents out there that don’t focus their energy and responsibility on the parents. The way to get McDonald’s to stop marketing and selling crap food is to stop buying it.  As a parent,  explain to your family about why you don’t want to eat there and that’s that — drive on by. Kids will get over it.  They are resilient and will get over it and may even thank you when they are old enough to realize the truth about poor nutrition —

More deceptive marketing to kids….


A Big Mac A Day Keeps The Doctor Away, McDonald’s Tells Students

Welcome to nutrition class, kids! Today we’re going to be learning about how processed cheese, factory-farmed beef and iceberg lettuce fit into a healthy diet. No farmer’s market field trip today, everyone. Where are we going? McDonald’s!

This one belongs in the “Hell is freezing over” files. Health Editor Brie Cadman reports that a McDonald’s in Stratford, Connecticut recently hosted a nutrition workshop for sixth-graders, where they learned, among other things, to choose a Big Mac because it has 210 fewer calories than an Angus Deluxe.

That’s just what the U.S. food guide pyramid says, right? French Fries on the top, Angus Deluxes in the middle, Big Macs on the bottom. Wait, no, that’s… the absolute worst model of nutrition that you could teach a small child.

Cadman goes on to relate that this field trip is a marketing ploy by a McDonald’s publicist who was giving kids “tips on making healthy choices.”

For many busy families, fast food offers a quick, easy way to feed picky kids while remaining sane. McDonald’s does indeed offer veggies, apple slices and salads that may (depending on how much salad dressing you use) fit into a healthy diet. Big Macs, however, contain almost half of an adult’s daily recommended amount of sodium and fat. A McDonald’s marketing campaign masquerading as a children’s nutrition program isn’t just dishonest, it’s dangerous.

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