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Just the Way You Are

I heard this song by Bruno Mars ‘Just The Way You Are’ and it really resonated with me — I am always asking Scotty how I look (just like many wives and girlfriends out there) and it frustrates him to no end. I just think more ยป

Please Vote for DJ Rick Adams!

Please vote for a great guy who gets kids. I love his idea as well. As someone who is part of community building within the educational sphere dealing with parents and kids, they really need this sort of show. Pair them with those that have more ยป

Rob Pattinson is funny

I love Robert Pattinson – it’s my ode to teenybopper-ism. Call me a Twilight Mom – I don’t care. I just think he’s adorable, funny and doesn’t seem to take himself very seriously. Here’s a funny clip promoting the MTV music awards – it’s NSFW: