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Are you Well Fed & Healthy?


When I was first exploring actual CrossFit and then later, Paleo eating, one of the first athletes I found blogging about it was Melicious from Clothes Make the Girl. I felt so special when she would respond to my comments I left on her blog and then later – when I got really into blogging – found out she read my blog — Rockstar!  She’s someone who changed her life years ago but is not such a vigilante that she can go on a trip and indulge. That’s what I look for in people to follow — they balance their lives with healthy living. Living is about trying that special dessert that your friend made, and having that Carvel ice cream cake on your birthday (oh, wait that;s me)– but overall you live healthy and get right back on the track the next hour or day. It’s a journey!

I seriously credit Mel with inspiring me throughout the years to continue with my own journey despite challenges and self-doubt. She is one of those souls that even though I have never met her in person, I know she’s as awesome as she comes across online. One day our paths will cross —

Melissa just wrote a book about healthy eating with recipes. I have gotten so many recipes from her blog over the years. Her sharing them in a book is awesome.

Also make sure to take note – when you find your passion for something, it leads you — I bet she didn’t know she was going to publish her recipes when she first headed down this healthy and fit path.

The collection of  recipes is called Well Fed and it’s a labor of love which you can instantly tell when you take a look at it.  For those that follow Melissa and Dallas Hartwig of Whole9, all of the recipes in Well Fed (except one dessert) are approved for Whole30 compliance – so that means they are good and healthy.

The book includes 115 recipes and you can get a sneak peek with the free 30-page PDF sampler. You will of course want to buy the book and it’s available in a printed, softcover version (175 pages) and an ebook (PDF) version.

I also love that she is giving back with this project. When people buy the printed book, they get a code to download the PDF version for just $1, which is being donated to Common Threads, a non-profit that teaches low-income kids how to cook in a free after-school program, and she is donating $1 from every PDF sale to Common Threads.

So, what are you waiting for — visit her Well Fed site, get info and then buy her book so you can start the new year off eating healthy but not deprived!

Tips on doing a Better Push-Up


Oh that Mother Nature — it was 60-70 degree temps last week. This morning, I woke up to snow and ice on the ground. And I woke up normal time, got dressed and ready to workout and lo and behold it was canceled! I will go to a night class this evening to get my workout in — just goes to show you – go with the flow and Momma Nature constantly reminds us all of that.

I saw this video on The Clothes Make the Girl and I thought it was worth sharing here – I love Push Ups, so any tips to help them be more efficient are welcome –

How to Do a Push-up

Valentine’s Day is for Indian Food


Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day. It’s such a funny holiday to me — you find people who love the holiday, dress all in red totally embracing the romance and joy of it all and then those that refuse to acknowledge that it’s anything more than a regular day.  I’m kind of in the middle — it’s nice to acknowledge the holiday, especially when you have kids but romance and love are things that should be shown all the time in a relationship — it’s hard when the push and pull of life happen but it’s important to not lose sight of it. I have to remind myself of that all the time — I am sure I’m not alone.

We also discovered that Valentine’s Day is a big order Indian food day apparently. We had a repairman at our house into the evening so decided to order Indian and the place was packed — with people picking up their orders. Who knew — Chinese for Christmas, Indian for Valentine’s Day. Learn something new every day…

One of my inspirations Mel from The Clothes Make the Girl talks about what she calls hormone poisoning: the monthly moodiness, food cravings, and motivational slump caused by girly hormones (or the annoying lack thereof) — well i am full swing of that and it just pisses me off because it obviously affects everything including my motivation to get up each and every morning. I am thankful that I am well trained to just jump out of bed when the alarm goes off — but it also affects my ‘game’. My performance overall is off — and I have to remind myself that there are ‘darker’ forces at work –but think about it – mentally I’m off so even with me telling myself its not me, it doesnt register properly.

35lb KB Swings (10)
33lb OH Squats (10)
PVC Pass Thrus

Mobility Band stretches

20 DUs
10 24in Box Jump

I did a combo of DUs/Jump Ropes. It really is true the more you do them, the better you get — so as frustrating as it is to just keep trying under the 15m timelimit it does pay off. I decided to do 20 DU attempts which translates into a combo of JR and DUs —

Also – Conan advised me to do a Kip Swing while doing the KTEs and boy, it made all the difference! Keeping your arms and core tight also helps with not swinging like a crazy person while doing it. It really is all about technique!

Birthday Shout Outs Today!


I have mentioned many times about the inspiring, strong women that I get to workout with every morning. What’s great about them is that they really are all different – different careers, body types, backgrounds, family, reasons, struggles. Today is a special day — because 2 of these women are having milestone birthdays today! Oh and for the record, both showed up at boot camp this morning even though it’s their birthday —-


Melissa is the one person who is responsible for me trying boot camp and starting me on my way… She inspired me based on her own results and encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone. Today is her big 40!

I told her if that’s what 40 looks like — I bet everyone would get in line. She is strong, smart, and seriously one of the kindest, nicest people I have ever met. She has helped me in so many ways the past few years as I struggled to rediscover who I am and make some tough choices and changes.

She also was there for me so many times as we fought our way through cancer treatment – and for that, I will be ever grateful.  Happy Birthday Melly Mel!

Happy Birthday Avelina!

This amazing woman turns 60 today! That’s right folks  — she is amazing and inspires me each and every day. I tell her all the time how ‘hot’ I think she is and I am not just saying that.  When I was a kid, that was not what 60 looked like. She works hard for it & it pays off. You should see her work her butt off every morning and never gives up!

Avelina is my ‘boot camp mom’. She checks in on me from time to time and has offered me much advice, help and appreciation. Meeting her has been a great benefit of my journey. She is also a judge — so that doesn’t hurt (not that I will need a judge or anything)!

Happy Birthday Avelina and thanks for being in my life!

You will get Back on Even Ground


I loved this post by Mel over at The Clothes Make the Girl — because she calls it like she sees it. I am trying to be realistic and realize it’s ok to indulge once in a while — it doesn’t make you a failure or a bad person. You let yourself indulge – nothing more, nothing less. You get back on track the next day — nothing to panic about.  Getting on track may mean your journey has more uphill than originally mapped out — but eventually you are back on even ground and you had fun getting there!

So dear readers, if you indulge in your favorite holiday treats, enjoy every bite and remember that there might be some consequences to be paid… but just like Scrooge, you can be redeemed by lessons learned, good behavior, and the love of the season.

So – for those of you enjoying the spirit of Christmas today — Relax & Enjoy. I for one am going to sleep in, let my body recover after all those brutal workouts this week — and enjoy the time with my husband and kids.

I hope you are enjoying the love of your family, friends and life! Life is so short and has lots of unexpected twists and turns — so take today to appreciate all you have!

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