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When the Mental Game Kicks In

The CrossFit Games 2013 Sometimes we long time CrossFitters forget that many people have no clue what the CrossFit Games are and why we are all talking about it. I didn’t register because I think I am going to move on — I did it for the more »

Coach Carl Paoli: Learn to Move so you can Move to Learn

Yesterday, I went to a workshop about movement. “Learning to move so I can move to learn” was the theme of the day, coached by Carl Paoli of Naka Athletics out of San Francisco (one of my favorite cities). Coach Carl’s Freestyle Connection I had no real assumptions more »

Don’t Forget Your Hamstrings

Hamstring Mobility – It’s Important Besides showing fellow athletes how to use a lacrosse ball to help with mobility, I also have shown many of them a really good hamstring stretch. Many people don’t realize how back problems are often associated with tight hamstrings. According more »

Mobility is Important in your CrossFit Training!

Myofascial Release  Let’s talk about mobility and how important it is to being and staying well. Today, I coached the 6A class and as a part of their warmup, I had them grab the good ole ball of pain and roll out their shoulders and more »

Working Wounded Games: Nov 10 2012 at CrossFit Rubicon

I feel better this morning. Rest days can do wonders for your body. Don’t ever underestimate how important rest days are in your overall fitness plan. I am not talking about sitting around doing nothing and eating crap. Just that you don’t do a hard more »

Mobility WOD

Mobility WOD go check out Kelly and all of his great advice about mobiity over at Mobility WOD. I often tell people exactly what he says: “All human beings should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves.” You won’t be sorry if you take his more »

Front Squats and Mobility

It was another metcon Workout — a Fran style workout with a bit of a twist. You would think that yesterday and today’s workouts that last under 10m would be throw aways but no way. I was totally spent at the end as was everyone more »

A Well-Balanced Meal? I Don’t Think So…

I was driving home this morning and listening to the radio. A McDonald’s commercial came on talking about updates to the Happy Meal. The Happy Meal will now include fries AND apple slices for a ‘well balanced meal’. Isn’t that fabulous!!  Now come on — if more »

Mobility time

Coach Conan was the coach of the morning. He’s a great coach and spends time really coaching & spends time with us teaching mobility which is so important to being fit and recovering. warmup  DROM stretching 400m run x2 L-sit 2x 20s Handstands 2x 20s more »

Yoga for Strength Training and Flexibility

One of the greatest benefits of blogging about my journey towards health and fitness is I get to meet and connect with some amazing people. People from all over the world, all types of backgrounds, education, perspectives and experiences. It was an aspect that I more »