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Happy Birthday Mom!


dehydrated fruit I have started to dehydrate some fruit again and a lot of people have been asking me what dehydrator I use. I don’t have a fancy one — you can find ones that dry out the fruit in a matter of hours. Mine is a basic model and I prep the fruit before I go to bed and when I get up, it’s ready. It works for me. Here is a link to the one I have – if you use the link below, I get credit for referring you –

I personally like them when they are a bit on the crispier side, and I dip them in some almond butter. The only thing to keep in mind is that you are eating fruit and if you aren’t careful, you could end up eating like 5 pears in one sitting! It’s still better than eating chips or some other crap.

Today is my Mom’s birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!


Marilyn Gettinger

As much as she drives me crazy, I love this lady more than the world. She is an amazing, strong, beautiful person and I am so lucky to have her as my mom. She doesn’t let anything stand in her way – and I love that she will never retire. She is the one who gave me my love of learning and the drive to be better each and every day.

Life is so short and I am so lucky to have both my parents still around and in our lives. I didn’t grow up with active grandparents – Both my grand fathers died before I was born, and my grandmas were nice ladies but I rarely saw them or knew them. I love that my kiddos are growing up with both sets of grandparents in their lives. They know them, spend quality time with both sets and will have memories to cherish.


Strength: Back Squats
Shuttle Runs
Farmer Carry
Bear Crawl

Recommended Reading

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Kindness Matters

  • This is a friend of mine who works out at Highbar CrossFit. She left a large tip – just because.

Kindness Matters

  • Kind World is a radio and online series featuring acts of kindness and the profound impact one human can have on another.

Happy Birthday Mommy


MomToday is my Mom’s birthday and I am so thankful to have her in my life and so active in the lives of my kiddos.  She’s crazy, and always working and busy so the effort that she puts in to be active in our lives does not go unnoticed. Sometimes that constant state of chaos she lives with (at least it looks like that to me) drives me crazy but I know that she wouldn’t be who and where she is without it.

I love her constant drive to learn more and do more. She is always reading, teaching, and talking with people in an effort to keep moving and progressing.  And as I have mentioned –  I am often told I can make friends with a rock? Well – I learned it from her and she is even better at it than I could ever be. She rarely leaves any event or party without a dinner invite and hugs all around. She taught me the importance of being well rounded and accepting of everyone. Everyone has something to teach and offer  and you never know – that one person you just met could have the potential to help you change your life.  Even if they don’t know it yet.

Happy Birthday Mommy.  I Love You! 

On another note entirely, I wanted to be sure to share this article as food for thought. When was the last time you went without eating something that contained wheat/gluten?

Food Science: Why you should probably stop eating wheat

A growing number of people are switching to wheat-free diets — and for very good reason. As science is increasingly showing, eating wheat increases the potential for a surprising number of health problems. 

CrossFit Training

I got up as usual but found a text from Coach Conan who is down and out with the flu — asking if I could cover for his 6A coaching.  We are a family, so as much as I wished I could just be an athlete this AM: I covered for him so he could go home. The poor guy had a 100+ fever and had barfed 2x during the 5A class.

So I got to have some extra fun this AM and coach a great group of athletes who managed to get their butts up and out to come and work on the Hang Squat Cleans. There really is sometimes nothing better than being able to hang out with people who are committed to living healthy lives.

Road Trip with Purpose


What a spring break it has been — Lots of beautiful weather, down time, time spent with the kids and hubby, cleaning and a road trip. I can’t forget the 2 days I spent in bed tackling whatever bug knocked me down.  I am ready to get back into the routine of my life — there is something to be said about slow and steady without a ton of drama.

We decided last minute to take a road trip to NJ/NY to see my Mom. She was supposed to go to San Fran to spend Passover with my 4 brothers and sisters and family but cancelled last minute because she hasn’t been feeling well. I know it probably was a very tough decision for her to make, so we made a family decision to head there to lift her spirits and check in on her…

My Mom lives alone in NJ and it worries me. None of her kids live nearby so we don’t know what’s going on with her day to day. She’s not old in the true sense of the word but she is at the age when she should slow down to enjoy life — My mom is the type of person who if not busy, she isn’t enjoying life. It’s the way she has been all her life — over achiever, amazing determination and a bit of crazy.  All the ingredients one needs for success really. She’s an amazing woman, but one that is stubborn as all hell.

We want her to move out of her house and de-stress a bit and live closer to at least one of her 5 kids. Her house is almost 100 years old, in NJ, requires alot of upkeep. All the things that she could do without at this time in her life.  She keeps stalling all of us saying she is working on getting it all ready to sell — she refuses to acknowledge that she has said that to us for 20+ years!  But, what can you do really — she’s a grown woman, pays her own bills, isn’t crazy in the legal sense — she is staying put until she wants to move. Period.

I’m not one to tell someone what to do — I know my Mom well enough by now and telling her what to do ain’t gonna work. I just don’t get the WHY. Why would she want to live so far from her family? Why would she not want a nicely maintained, easy place to live? Why wouldn’t she want to de-stress her life?  I am hearing from many of my friends that we are all dealing with parents like this now. We are mid 30-40’s and our baby boomer parents are aging whether they like it or not.  My kids want my Mom to live closer.

I am more worried about something happening and no one being around to help out — I am at least 4+ hours away and it’s not super easy for me to just drop everything and head out there to help.  It weighs heavy on my mind right now — and the fact that there isn’t much that can be done to make a change in the situation. She will move when she wants to or HAS to –but not before.

A few of my brothers and sisters don’t seem to understand that about my Mom.  They want to offer help but the way they are doing it only turns her away –she pretends to listen and does her own thing.  My sis, Dee and I know my Mom real well — we are the youngest which afforded us certain experiences with my Mom that my older siblings did not.  It has a lot to do with the way my Mom grew up. She will not be told she can’t do something — and her home and stuff represents something: probably independence. I don’t want to appear that I get my Mom because I don’t – but I do know what her buttons are and telling her she can’t do something or even what to do is definitely one of them.

I’m just sharing my thoughts – there isn’t much more I can do except keep my eye on her and do what I can to encourage her to pack it up and head on out towards us! We would welcome it.

Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful women out there — whether you are a mom to your own kids, someone else’s kids, 4 legged kids — Mom’s are special people who show us the true meaning of love. My kids let me sleep in, and then showered me with love and home made presents, including “The Book of Awesome Moms” in which I came in on top, and an I Love My Mom book, and a plant and lots of drawings of me.  Make sure you take time out today and call or visit with the “mom’ in your life…

Yesterday’s workout that included lunges made for a sore day today — Walking lunges with 25lb plate overhead can really make you appreciate rest days!  I’m off to get some gluten free pizza with my family — going to go a bit off plan today with the eating, but still no gluten.  It’s mother’s day after all —-

Happy Mom’s Day


HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the Moms and those that do the job without the title! Now a days there are so many definitions of what a Mother is – so they should get to enjoy the day too!

This is a pic of my mom and I at my brother’s wedding last August in Carmel, CA.  My mom is an amazing lady and I am lucky to have her in my life.

Right now Scott is making me pumpkin pancakes! Life for me is good – Enjoy your day – do something that makes you happy!

Coach Outlet deal just in time for Mother’s day


Mother’s day is next week! Here’s a pretty good deal for those that live near Coach Factory Outlets. Most Moms would be pretty happy to receive a nice purse or some other accessory from there. They are even carrying some jewelry.

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Ever notice how parenthood inspires a whole new language? We call these words Momfinitions. Perhaps you recognize a few of these new parenting terms that haven’t quite made it into Webster’s—yet. Read some of our Momfinitions, and after you’ve had a hearty chuckle, feel free to submit your own Momfinitions in the comments below!

via Momfinitions | – Parenting Advice, Parent Stories, and More!.

So the post above was sent to me by my friend Lori B and it  had me laughing so hard- because no matter what sort of parent you are, every one of us has words we use that we can all relate to. It’s one of those great equalizers of parents, something we all have in common. I would prefer to call these “Parentfinitions” instead of their word “Momfinitions” because now-a-days you would probably hear both Moms and Dads uttering these phrases!

Lori shared a few of her Parentfinitions:

desswantish – I’m not hungry for my actual dinner, just gimme dessert because I NEEED it.

Poofbuggles – it’s the holiday for stuffed animals that is every day and the reason why THEY don’t have to go to school.

Gruffpumbles -it’s an expletive!??! which is used for all the words they should NOT say.

A few of these heard around my house:

the phantom – means one of the kids went potty and didn’t flush. “The phantom struck again”.

Hannahtude –   Watch out,  Hannah is in a crabby mood and giving us attitude.

I am sure you all have some around your house that you utter or even remember your ‘rents uttering on your behalf!

Share them with me!

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