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Billionaire challenge: China’s wealthiest


The next billionaire challenge: China’s wealthiest – Sep. 10, 2010.

The gap between the have and have nots seems to be getting wider all the time and on one hand it’s great that Gates and Buffett are trying to persuade others in their tax bracket to give back — it’s also shocking to see just how much money some people have. I mean jaw dropping sums of it while there are many many many more that don’t have enough to buy food for tonite’s meal.

Giving back not only helps others, it feeds your soul. Everyone should take some time & think about ways they can give back – whether it’s time, money, food, experience, clothing — even writing notes to armed forces is a way to give back.  You don’t need to be a billionaire to make a difference – so while Gates and Buffett try to persuade the rich folk to give dollars, we can all give in ways that fit our ‘middle class’ lifestyle and it will still make a difference — i guarantee it!

Gates and Buffet are coming to push their pet cause — the so called Billionaires Pledge — trying to persuade the rich, no matter where they may live, to donate half of their wealth to charitable causes.

The Clothes Make the Girl: Groceries vs. Dining Out


The Clothes Make the Girl: Groceries vs. Dining Out.

My family eats out more than I would care to admit. Busy lives, easy convenient restaurants = eating out. I do have to say that for the most part – it is not McD’s but as we all know – unless we prepare it at home – we really don’t know what we are eating in terms of calories, fat content etc. has a really interesting article about how much Americans spend on groceries versus eating out. According to Brian Wansink, the director of the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University, we make 227 decisions about what to eat every day!

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