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Oh No! I’ve been Glutened!


I had a really wonderful Mother’s Day – and totally did not follow my normal eating habits. I even had –ready for this??? Pizza!  And I enjoyed every single bit of the million slices I ate. When I got home – however, it was a different story. I had a Gluten Pregnant Belly. I looked in the mirror and seriously, my stomach looked bloated. I had read recently about this phenomena –and then saw a picture of it in action. I had never really thought about this although I know that my whole life I have had this stomach bloaty look even when I would eat so called healthy — whole wheat bread, cottage cheese…you know that drill. No matter what I did, I could not get rid of the belly. Until I got rid of gluten!

I didn’t workout all weekend — which is so odd to me. The oddest thing is that my shoulders and calves are sore.. The calves are from the run I did on Friday and the shoulders – that’s from the weeks and weeks and weeks of CrossFit. They haven’t had a good rest in a very long time. Scott also mentioned that the mycobacterial rash on my legs is looking better. Could it be that a good, solid rest is the ticket for it to heal completely? Who knows –but it’s been a very hard mental exercise for me too.

I’m going to go to a new gym tonight just to mix things up on my extended break from CFI. See what some of the other local gyms are doing, and how other trainers coach. I am thinking of it as a learning exercise to bring back when I return.

We are still going strong on the next 30 day challenge, but I have noticed that some of the athletes are losing steam. I posted this for them this morning. I hope it helps you all too!

50 Ways to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight


Happy Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful women out there — whether you are a mom to your own kids, someone else’s kids, 4 legged kids — Mom’s are special people who show us the true meaning of love. My kids let me sleep in, and then showered me with love and home made presents, including “The Book of Awesome Moms” in which I came in on top, and an I Love My Mom book, and a plant and lots of drawings of me.  Make sure you take time out today and call or visit with the “mom’ in your life…

Yesterday’s workout that included lunges made for a sore day today — Walking lunges with 25lb plate overhead can really make you appreciate rest days!  I’m off to get some gluten free pizza with my family — going to go a bit off plan today with the eating, but still no gluten.  It’s mother’s day after all —-

Coach Outlet deal just in time for Mother’s day


Mother’s day is next week! Here’s a pretty good deal for those that live near Coach Factory Outlets. Most Moms would be pretty happy to receive a nice purse or some other accessory from there. They are even carrying some jewelry.

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