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Wellness: No Room for Excuses


No ExcusesI really didn’t want to get up and workout this morning. I had such a hard time falling asleep last night and when I did, it was after 1AM and I was restless. I am normally a solid sleeper so not sure why it was so tough.  When the alarm blared at 5:00AM I hit snooze – thankfully my internal dialogue started fighting the battle against the ‘sleep monster’ who wanted me to stay in bed. It sounds corny but I name that pull to stay in bed ‘the sleep monster’. The pull seems to have such a strong personality and the ability to talk people out of working out it deserves a name.

When I first started working out and needed to get used to a super early wake up time, I found that having everything ready to go the night before was key in making it easier. I also purposely refused to talk to myself when the alarm went off. That’s when the internal dialogue starts to convince you to go back to sleep. So – I found that being almost like a robot –alarm goes off, get up without even thinking and go get ready. No questions, no excuses, no chance to find a reason.  And like a skill, it takes work but the more you practice – the easier it gets. I am proof of that – I got my butt up this AM, even though I didn’t want to and it would have been easy to hit snooze. I know I was going to feel better physically and mentally when my workout was done and guess what? I did!

The point is if you want to reach your health and wellness goals, you have to work at it – each and every day-even if you are in shape. There is no way around it – with the type of lives most of us live, the less than stellar choices available tend to be much more convenient which makes focus key.

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A Gym Where It Costs You to Skip a Workout


A Gym Where It Costs You to Skip a Workout –

This is going to be interesting to follow. Many people are simply not motivated enough by money to get moving. $25 bucks is pretty steep but probably the right price that would at least have some of those with good intentions to stop and consider what skipping would mean to their wallets — Personally, money isn’t my motivator for me being fit. I’m going to stay tuned to see if this works.

A lot of people who join gyms or health clubs find it very easy to stop going. Gym-Pact, a new program in Boston, aims to change that. “Gym-Pact offers what [co-founder Yifan] Zhang calls motivational fees: customers agree to pay more if they miss their scheduled workouts, literally buying into a financial penalty if they don’t stick to their fitness plans,” explains Susan Johnston of The Boston Globe. “The concept arose from Zhang’s behavioral economics class at Harvard, where professor Sendhil Mullainathan taught that people are more motivated by immediate consequences than by future possibilities.”

Gym-Pact launched a small pilot program last fall at Bally Total Fitness in Boston, and expanded its program at two Planet Fitness gyms in Boston in 2011. Currently, participants are fined $25 if they fail to follow the schedule in any given week, but Gym-Pact’s founders are still refining their model. ”Zhang and [Geoff] Oberhofer plan to tweak the fee structure to allow it to be customized to a customer’s goals. Future iterations may include a combination of discounted gym memberships and smaller penalties that apply daily rather than weekly.” (HT: Marginal Revolution)

It’s a Struggle


I’m struggling. My weight is up, my body fat is up – my motivation and morale are low. It’s very frustrating and depressing. I am not going to lie about it – it sucks! I don’t know what’s going on inside of me — I am trying to reignite the fire but it’s a struggle…

Many people look to me to help inspire them and I refuse to paint a different picture..there are even those that have a solid commitment that struggle and right now I am struggling. No one should work this hard and not see results…

Boot camp Workout –

Warmup x 1:
rockette kicks
forward lunges

plank heel to elbow
straight leg/crunch lifts (i have no clue what these are called)
hip thrusters
25 push-ups
general stretching

3 min stations
pullups/jumping pullups (switch at half)
400 m run
bosu pushups/bosu burpees (switch at half)
400 m run
db swing squats
400 m run
rope wave lunges
400 m run
65lb front squats
400 m run <–  I left before I ran.

Notable News


Still a bit under the weather so my initial idea of getting up and going for a run fell to the wayside.

I did want to share some interesting news I have come across the past few days:

Vitamin D and colorectal cancer focus of new Arizona study

U of AZ is my Alma mater and they also have a great cancer center. I am glad to see that they got this grant.

Two Arizona researchers have been awarded a $1.5 million grant from the National Cancer Institute to study the relationship of vitamin D to colorectal cancer. Peter Jurutka, PhD, of the University of Arizona College of Medicine Phoenix, in partnership with Arizona State University, and Elizabeth Jacobs, PhD, Arizona Cancer Center scientist and assistant professor at the University of Arizona Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health, will be spending the next five years on the study.

Is PE an Rx for ABCs?

Get out there and be active with your family. How can you argue with the benefits below?

A growing body of research says that students who are more active do better in school academically.

The idea is that exercise helps kids learn — and it’s not just Olwell who believes this. A growing body of research links physical activity and academic performance, according to a report released last month by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Ashburn Kettlebell & Functional Training Studio

Looking for a fitness/strength summer camp for your 12-16 year old? Take a look at the Ashburn Kettlebell & Functional Training Studio

Register for Strength Camp Get faster, get stronger
Ages – 12 – 16 years
July 5-9 at 9-12pm or July 6th and 8th at 530-8pm
5-day Monday – Friday Schedule – $199
2-day Tuesday/Thursday Schedule – $99

Ashburn Kettlebell & Functional Training Studio
44927 George Washington Blvd. #150
Ashburn, VA
703 582 6087 or

Motivational Quotes for Your Healthy Lifestyle

We all need to see motivational quotes now and then to keep us fueled and motoring on…

Health is Happiness

Have you ever thought about the connection between happiness and good health? Most of us would probably agree that there is a connection, but many of us who feel unhappy don’t want to take the time to build a foundation of good health. Good health can be the launching pad for great things. Think about when you are feeling under the weather. It is hard to stay on track and consistent with your goals when your body isn’t up to the challenge. It is extremely important to make sure your body stays in great shape if you want to enjoy all that life has to offer.

To your health!


I was reading some of the final posts at the Cranky Fitness blog – they are shutting it down. One of their posts really struck a chord with me today. It was about unleashing your inner crab – not everyone is all gung ho about exercising and leading a healthy and fit life. But – they make the commitment to do it – just not necessarily singing along the way!  I liked what they had to say in this particular paragraph:

Healthy food takes a while to get used to. If you’ve been eating lots of sugar, salt, unhealthy fats, and refined grains, then you’re just not going to appreciate the joys of fresh produce and lean proteins and whole grains right away. This is perfectly natural; there’s nothing wrong with you. You have two choices: either adjust gradually, or suffer through an ugly transition period. Either way, it’s not a good time to get all pessimistic and think that healthy eating will always be torture. Because it won’t. Your tastes will change with repeated exposure, I promise. The trick is to keep finding more stuff you actually like, so cutting out 90% of the crap that the rest of the world eats doesn’t feel like such a hardship. But this process can take a while, and focusing on the good things you can eat instead of the evil yummy things you shouldn’t is a much more effective approach.

Getting used to eating healthier takes time. And it’s not like you have to go all out. You can follow the 80/20 rule I have mentioned before. Life is about living — not complete suffering and deprivation. I found that doing it gradually worked best for me and even now, I struggle at times.

And if you do fall off track, be kind to yourself, brush yourself off, and get right back on the path. Living a healthy and fit life is more of a marathon than a sprint!


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