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New Year: Time for a Healthy Reset


12434686_10153377842913741_300310168_nWe decided to adopt a puppy. We have been thinking about it for a while – and the kids are at an age where they can help at least a little with him. So, without further ado – Meet StormTrooper aka Trooper. He’s a 5 month old White German Shepherd and full of energy. He calms down nicely though and seems to be scared of everything around him which is a bit of a bummer. I am hoping it’s the new surroundings and he needs time to warm up.  Almost everyone that has seen him, has shared that German Shepherds were their favorite dog growing up, and they make good family dogs. I’m going to enroll him in training in January which should help. He’s super smart and already sits and fetches – and we are training him to sit and wait at feeding time.  We figured with the kids out of school for a few weeks, it would be a good time to get used to him being a part of the family. It will be interesting to see how he’s going to be next week when we all go back to our regularly scheduled routine and he will be alone for a block of time during the day.

Trooper - 5 months

Post Holiday Reset

Let’s talk about the holidays shall we? I have been out of control eating. I consciously know that I shouldn’t be shoving 80 bazillion cookies in my body, but it doesn’t seem to matter. The past few days I have been getting back on track though – becoming more mindful of what I am choosing and my plan is to start eating according to the Whole 30 approach in January.

The Whole30 program is a good option for those looking for a way to do a healthy reset or discover what food sensitivities you may have. For those interested in learning more about it, here are some great Whole30-related resources, compliments of Melissa Joulwan, author of the Well Fed book series, including 4 weeks of food plans, no recipe required meal ideas, motivational tips, and more.

One of the great things about doing the 30 day program is you can break your sugar habit if you follow the program religiously. It’s not easy, but craving sugar is one of the biggest issues for most people. Once you break that, which makes the first 10 or so days of this program the most challenging, you will begin to feel completely amazing. Your skin, your hair will look healthier. You will sleep better, wake up feeling better. Food will taste better. The list of benefits goes on and on.


In the coming year, I am going to spend more time working on my flexibility and mobility. I can feel the tightness in my shoulders and neck and have been having issues with my lower back. Nothing serious but I am smart enough to know it’s only takes an off balance move or a quick jerk and I could be feeling more than tightness. I started rolling out my shoulders and back with a Lacrosse ball after my boxing sessions. I have been introducing some friends to the painful joy of myofascial release after my sessions to. It’s amazing to me how many people don’t realize how important and effective it can be. I know many people use a foam roller, but I have found that using a Lacrosse Ball gives you a deeper roll out which is what my tired, tight muscles need.

Be Inspired

Be Inspired

A Certain Kind of Torture: Myofascial Release


This made me smile today – not only because it’s a cute idea that brings people out of their normal drudgery but the song also just makes you feel good. Only in LA right??

This week’s programming has been rough and I am sore! I took out the good old lacrosse ball and did some myofascial release to loosen up and try to lessen the soreness in my quads. Boy, that is a certain form of torture if there ever was one!  But it definitely is worth it.

Here are some interesting things to read:


Mobility is Important in your CrossFit Training!


Myofascial Release 

Let’s talk about mobility and how important it is to being and staying well. Today, I coached the 6A class and as a part of their warmup, I had them grab the good ole ball of pain and roll out their shoulders and back. This sort of muscle work is called Myofascial release. And its something you should do as much as possible! Trust me, it may hurt but if you do it enough, it won’t hurt as much and you feel so much better when you are done!

From Zen to Fitness:

Tight muscles can cause extreme pain and we are all susceptible to them – especially around the neck, shoulders and lower back area. Myofascial release is a form of soft tissue therapy which works to release contracted muscles and improve blood flow to the area. A large portion of back, neck and shoulder pain is caused by muscles which have seized up and are causing discomfort by either putting pressure on a nerve or just giving us a constant feeling of stiffness.

This is where myofascial release comes in – with simple methods you can learn to release these muscles and be free of pain. It can also be used preventively to keep muscles loose and supple. Athletes can find myofascial release methods especially useful as they are more prone to muscles tightening up and causing pain which can easily be prevented or released using simple soft tissue release methods.

In addition to using a lacrosse ball, you can also use a foam roller and bands. I have mentioned Kelly Starrett before and his site. It’s an amazing resource and he recommends the following six mobility moves below to focus on to really help improve your range of motion. CrossFit 604 recommends some moves based on Kelly S. approach as well.


Last week I shared a how to use a foam roller on my Pinterest board — try incorporating mobility work in your daily routine to help improve your circulation, to manage pain, and to help your flexibility and mobility. It may be a tough pill to swallow while you are doing the actual work, but the benefits are totally worth it.

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