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Crazy Day = Crazy Workout


A crazy day calls for a crazy workout —

800m jog
10 pass thrus
10 bendy whirly birds
10 OHS
10 Good Mornings

teams of 4 baseball
home base = lunges
1st base = kb swings
2nd base = squats
3rd base = double unders
3rounds at 2m = you run to the next base
team told was counted.

Our team had 2 newbies to CrossFit. I don’t mind because for me — the workout counts and I love meeting new athletes discovering it. Gives a fresh perspective on how far I have come. I gotta tell you though – this workout smoked me. I was dead tired at the end and it was hot, so I didn’t stop sweating for a good hour after the workout.

I then headed to Kennedy Center to see Wicked. It’s cool to get out and do something different. I live near a super fun, historical place and don’t take advantage of all it has to offer. Alot has to do with how much cash it all costs to do. We had to get a babysitter, pay for the show tickets, parking, dinner out — you can just imagine how much that cost. But it’s worth it once in a while —

Go ahead, try it!


I went out on a ‘school nite’ -a rare occurrence for me. Recently we have had some new energy/new people at work and they are really bringing social back into the department.  There is nothing like hanging out with some early 20 year olds to remind you about the differences in perspective. It challenges the way you see the world.  Don’t get me wrong — no way would I want to relive some of my 20’s, but when you are just starting out on your own, getting your first ‘real’ job out of college but yet still in that stage where you have no real responsibilities other than yourself — it’s just nice to be reminded of that time.

It also gets you out of your comfort zone and can be just what you need to break out of any rut. How many times have you met someone who has been at the same job for years, has the same friends, the same everything. For many of them, its numbing and they are in a pit of routine.  Doing something new or unusual exercises a part of your brain/body that we don’t usually consider.

I was talking to someone I love recently, who has had the same job for years about looking for a new job for her.  I remember when I left Aol. and came to K12 — and how invigorating it was to meet new people and see a company so different from the one I just left. It’s not a better or worse thing either. Its about the influx of new ideas, new culture, new ways of looking at things and for me, a new completely different field — education.  It’s true that if people don’t continue to learn, grow or have something to look forward too — it affects health.   Even if you won the lottery and became a gazillionaire — it can get old after a while (for some, it’s a long while) if you don’t have something else going on in your life.

So with that in mind — I challenge anyone who reads my blog, to go out there and try something new this month —

Here are some ideas —

  • Invite a new friend out to dinner
  • have that get together at your house that you have been meaning to host
  • take a day off and go somewhere new
  • start an exercise program
  • get your resume done and apply for some jobs
  • reach out to someone you havent seen in a long while
  • Network — find a career mixer/HH and go!
  • Go out on a school night!

But when you go out, have a drink when you are not really a regular drinker, eat food that you normally would not even consider eating all in the name of being social — well let’s just say it makes it that much harder to get your butt out of bed and workout! But, No excuses….

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