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Grabbing for Stomach Share

I came across a few really interesting things on the web yesterday: Read this: The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food Interesting information about companies and the quest for“stomach share” — the amount of digestive space that any one company’s brand can grab from the competition. more »

Make Every Day Count

Another rest day is here! Hurray. I am sore from all the work this week which was made harder by all the crap food I ate. Birthday weeks are hard!!! Here are some interesting things I have come across this week around the web: ‘I more »

This is not Fred Flinstone – The Paleo Diet

Paleo diet or ‘caveman’ diet gains traction despite controversies; ‘This is not Fred Flintstone’  Could Paleolithic man hold the key to today’s nutrition problems? A growing number of adherents to the so-called “caveman” diet contend that a return to the hunter-gatherer foods of the Stone more »

Notable News

Boston Marathon Great for Winners; What About the Rest of Us? – Health Blog – WSJ. The debate over whether running marathons is a fine form of exercise or dangerous to your health, however, isn’t likely to stop any time soon; arguing the pros and more »

Notable News

Burger King reeling under Mimosa hangover. Child advocacy and alcohol groups are crying foul over the company's introduction of a pretend alcohol beverage. Fast food stores, such as Burger King, are favorite destinations for children and teenagers, they say. And for the restaurant chain to more »

Notable News

Personal Health – Risks for Youths Who Eat What They Watch – NYTimes.com. We have all been there with our kids. They are watching a show on TV or at the store with us and you hear the “mommy, can you buy <insert product here> more »

Notable News

FDA plans to limit amount of salt allowed in processed foods for health reasons. I have never been one to pay attention to the salt content in things. My blood pressure isn’t high, my heart is healthy. I am not known to add salt to more »