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Phys Ed: A Workout for Your Bloodstream – Well Blog –

Another great reason to add exercise into your daily routine. This study says that it has metabolic effects and that being fit helps your body run more efficiently. Who can argue with that?

But a new study that gauged the metabolic effects of exercise may significantly advance our understanding of what’s going on inside a body in motion. During the experiment, scientists actually saw how much being fit changes your ability to incinerate fat, moderate blood sugar and otherwise function well. They also uncovered proof, at once inspiring and cautionary, of just how complicated and pervasive exercise’s consequences are.

Boston launches Soda-Free Summer Challenge.

Soda is bad period. Parents should try to limit the soda consumption of their families. It is not a common drink in our house since I gave it up over a year ago. There is no health benefit to it whatsoever!

Soda from a marketing perspective: “It’s bubbly, sweet and drinking it makes your life like a non-stop party!” The reality of excessive soda consumption: sugar-heavy sodas have been linked to America’s growing rates of obesity, diabetes, tooth decay, heart disease and depression.

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Burger King reeling under Mimosa hangover.

Child advocacy and alcohol groups are crying foul over the company's introduction of a pretend alcohol beverage. Fast food stores, such as Burger King, are favorite destinations for children and teenagers, they say. And for the restaurant chain to serve something even remotely connected with alcohol is “disastrous,” says Michele Simon, research and policy director at the Marin Institute, a California-based alcohol industry watchdog group.

Schwab survey says kids with chores become money smart.

I know that I had chores when I was a kid. Sometimes I think the kids of today at least in my circle are a bit too comfy in their lives. My kids have age appropriate chores in an effort to make them appreciate things around them but also because with both of us working, I simply have to rely on them to do certain things. We are a team. What about your family? Do your kids have chores?

Social networking makes it easier for patients to ask for help –

Many cancer patients …have a hard time asking for the assistance they need with household chores and other daily tasks. While patients feel guilty about inconveniencing others, their friends and family often don’t know how to best offer their support…a social networking tool, aims to help cancer patients manage information about their care, get their questions answered and interact with others who can aid them in their treatment.

Why people swear by the neti pot –

Although doctors have long known that a saline solution can help unclog sinuses, the practice has gotten a newfound popularity with the “neti pot,” a teapot-shaped container that flushes a saline solution through the nose –in one nostril and out the other, taking with it mucus and rinsing away irritants.

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Mental health providers should prescribe exercise more often for depression, anxiety, research suggests.

Exercise is a magic drug for many people with depression and anxiety disorders, and it should be more widely prescribed by mental health care providers, according to researchers who analyzed the results of numerous published studies.

Workout in Less Time with HIT |

More information about High Intensity Training as an effective way to get a workout in. Less time, higher intensity. It’s what I do as my primary workout during the week.

25 Popular Foods With Almost Zero Nutritional Value | Workout Mommy.

We love to eat them, but our bodies hate them because they provide absolutely no nutrition whatsoever and also bring on ailments and disease, the worst of which is obesity which itself leads to other ills. We must eat to live, not live to eat, and that’s why we must try to avoid these 25 foods, popular though they may be, because they have very little nutritional value and are loaded with all that’s bad for us.

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Personal Best – Sports Injuries – See a Doctor or Tough It Out? –

“Know how you typically recover,” he said. “When you are not recovering as you typically do, that’s the first warning that something more is going on.”

The problem with rushing to see a doctor for common injuries, according to Dr. Musahl and others, is that doctors have a limited arsenal. For a typical sports injury — pain or tenderness in a muscle or tendon — they can’t make you recover faster. And some of the treatments doctors dispense, like cortisone shots for injured tendons, can actually slow recovery, albeit providing temporary pain relief.

Overhaul will Lower the Costs of Being a Woman

Until now, it has been perfectly legal in most states for companies selling individual health policies — for people who do not have group coverage through employers — to engage in “gender rating,” that is, charging women more than men for the same coverage, even for policies that do not include maternity care. The rationale was that women used the health care system more than men

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In the end, it is all about our behavior and the choices we make. When we are armed with the right information, we can make powerful changes in our biology. We don’t have to be slaves to it. For food, so much of the issue is about quality, not quantity. Most people don’t appreciate the effect food really has on our body. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Small behavior changes and better choices can lay a foundation for long-term behavior change and bigger changes. The changes may not be immediate, but good health doesn’t come from popping a pill or one hard workout. Good health is a process and takes time and effort.

via A Philosophy of Strength and Health: Food & Health: It Doesn’t Have to Be So Complicated.

Let’ me repeat one sentence from above: Good health is a process and takes time and effort. It’s a journey not a sprint that we are talking about. I always think about how great it will be that I am more in tune with my body and can feel how it feels depending on the quality and type of food I eat. I read a lot about people eating the Paleo diet which I believe is very much like the Zone Diet and how once they get on the program, they can tell immediately when they go off of it.

We’ve made exercise feel like a chore to most people, not like a gift we give ourselves.”

Instead, she suggested borrowing the motivational approach used by commercial marketers, “an emotional hook that creates positive, meaningful expectations of how exercise can enhance people’s lives, a way to feel better.”

via Personal Health – To Keep Moving, Look Beyond the Physical –

I often have said that I think one of the reasons why I have continued on my healthy and fit journey is because it’s fun to me. I have met amazing friends who have become like family to me and also because I found something that I connected with. The bootcamp style of fitness really suited me whereas someone else may be more into running or swimming.  I agree that lecturing people about the dangers of not exercising and health implications doesn’t really motivate people. We all are guilty of the not-me thinking…Oh I won’t fall one day and break my hip, or I won’t have a heart attack if I continue on the path of obesity…you get the idea I am going for… You have to find your thing – the thing that will make it feel like fun or give you that rush. That is truly what it is for me — finding the right program, clicking with the people, and my workouts give me a rush – knowing that I lifted that much weight or am that sore — thrills me.

But new research suggests that interventions aimed at school-aged children may be, if not too little, too late.

Like children and teenagers, babies and toddlers have been getting fatter. One in 10 children under age 2 are overweight. The percentage of children ages 2 to 5 who are obese increased to 12.4 percent in 2006 from 5 percent in 1980. Yet most prevention programs have shied away from intervening at very young ages, partly because the school system offers an efficient way to reach large numbers of children, and partly because the rate of obese teenagers is even higher than that of younger children — 18 percent.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which helped finance Dr. Taveras’s study, is spending $500 million over 14 years to fight childhood obesity, but only in children 3 and up. And a multimillion-dollar National Institutes of Health childhood obesity project that is giving out $8 million over eight years explicitly excludes pregnant women and infants under 1.

via Evidence Suggests Obesity Prevention Should Start Very Early –

I am not sure what else I need to add in here with this article – We as a country are getting fatter The fact that the rate of obese teenagers is even higher than that of younger children — 18 percent – is scary but that shouldn’t mean that you don’t address the obesity issue in younger children. If studies are showing that we need to get in there and get involved earlier, then that is what we should do. Not as easy as it sounds I know, but if we start the discussion now, we can act that much faster.

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Healthy Eating Tips – Cheap Organic Food –

PepsiCo yanking sugar from schools worldwide – Crain’s New York Business.

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Get Physical: Effective Weight Management Methods.

Good weight loss programs are usually uncomplicated, but you need to balance an everyday workout routine with a properly crafted, nutritious diet. Listing foods to stay away from, foods to be eaten mostly, and foods to be consumed moderately can be a very good way to properly begin a diet program. The purpose here is to adopt controlled eating, with only as much consumption as is necessary for healthy sustenance.

Some good common sense advice that we should read regularly.

Gaps in Dealing With Cancer in Teenagers –

While overall survival rates are as high as 70 to 80 percent, depending on the type of cancer, teenagers have not benefited from the huge advances in survival made by younger children and much older adults in recent decades. They are also far less likely to participate in clinical trials, which offer the most up-to-date therapies: Fewer than one in five adolescents with cancer are treated in a clinical trial, according to some estimates, compared with well over half of younger children.

Temporary Hearing Loss May Rewire Kids’ Brains – Shots – Health News Blog : NPR.

Apparently, hearing loss in one ear during critical periods of brain development can rewire the auditory cortex, changing the way it processes sound.

Good info for those parents whose kids’ have constant ear infections. Knowledge is power and you can be armed with information when you talk to your doctors.

Honey, Don’t Bother Mommy. I’m Too Busy With My Blog and Building My Brand. –

Very timely and relevant. You mean I am not the only one doing this? What!?? Very interesting cultural shift occurring…

Boot Camp is at once a networking and social event, bringing together virtual friends for some real-time girly bonding, and an educational seminar designed to help the participants — about 90 percent of them mothers — to take their blogs up a notch, whether in hopes of generating ad revenue and sponsorships, attracting attention to a cause or branching out into paid journalism or marketing.

According to a 2009 study by BlogHer, iVillage and Compass Partners, 23 million women read, write or comment on blogs weekly.

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Why You Can’t Exercise Enough To Lose Weight.

His assertion is a mathematical fact. No matter how much you exercise, if you eat poorly, you will not lose weight. Let me say it again – I know from experience that when I’ve made it a habit to overeat, I can’t exercise enough to lose weight.

I have mentioned this before and even really showed you with my own pictures. If you eat like crap and workout – you will not see the long lasting results that everyone ultimately wants.  You have to follow the 80/20 rule – 80% diet, 20% exercise.   Also it can apply to eating – eat right 80% of the time (more if we are really being honest), then the 20% of the time you can eat in moderation those foods that you consider your downfalls.

In Obesity Epidemic, What’s One Cookie? – Well Blog –

While small steps are unlikely to solve the nation’s obesity crisis, doctors say losing a little weight, eating more heart-healthy foods and increasing exercise can make a meaningful difference in overall health and risks for heart disease and diabetes.

Ok, hate to keep putting up news that brings you down, crushes your ideas or challenges what you previously thought was true. is about being real about this journey.  While any and all exercise is better than none, you have to really get out there and move – change your life, make being active a central part of your and your families life to impact real change.

U.S. Children: Generation Snack – Well Blog –

A sweeping study of 31,337 children and adolescents released on Tuesday tracked snacking and meal trends from 1977 through 2006 using data from four national surveys. On average, children reach for cookies, chips and other treats about three times a day, consuming nearly 600 daily calories from snacks. That’s an increase of 168 snack calories compared with what children ate in the late 1970s.

I can relate to so much in this article. My kids are constantly asking for treats, snacks. I hear from my 5 year old son a minimum of 5 times a day on a good non weekend day,  utter the phrase “I’m hungry, can I have a snack”?  How can one boy be so darn hungry?  And when I say yes but it has to be something healthy – i get the whine and  the “i can’t believe you are making me eat healthy” look.  I worry about giving them too many snacks and setting them up with poor eating habits that they will ue to navigate things on their own.  I also worry about not giving them food when they say they are hungry. My son will literally cry and beg for food before bed, and once he gets it and eats it, goes to bed fine which leads me to believe it’s not a stalling tactic he is using. A power tactic, perhaps!  So my strategy is to continually talk about eating healthy food, exercising, and what is junk food and eating in moderation. I can only hope that that is the right approach for my family.

Personal Health – Studies Show Further Health Benefits of Exercise –

Regular exercise is the only well-established fountain of youth, and it’s free. What, I’d like to know, will persuade the majority of Americans who remain sedentary to get off their duffs and give their bodies the workout they deserve? My hope is that every new testimonial to the value of exercise will win a few more converts until everyone is doing it.

Physical inactivity,” they wrote, “is one of the strongest predictors of unsuccessful aging for older adults and is perhaps the root cause of many unnecessary and premature admissions to long-term care.”

Before I started getting myself in shape, I often thought about getting older and my later years and having to have others care for me because I was too weak to do it myself.  I no longer think like that – only that I am helping myself age better and more gracefully now.  The power that I have to ensure that my aging goes as well as it can, is something that I do not take for granted.  If there is something you can do in your own power to help yourself, you should do it. Easier said than done I know.

No time to exercise? No problem. Intense interval training could slash hours off your workout |

LONDON – People who complain they have no time to exercise may soon need another excuse. Some experts say intense exercise sessions could help people squeeze an entire week’s workout into less than an hour. Those regimens — also called interval training — were originally developed for Olympic athletes and thought to be too strenuous for normal people.

I have talked about interval training before and its benefits. Now I am not sure I really buy into getting an entire week’s worth of working out into an hour but I do think there are a lot of benefits to interval training. It also goes along with the High Intensity Training philosophy that I currently follow: that there is an inverse relationship between how intensely and how long one can exercise and that is why they are intentionally kept brief.

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Loudoun Extension Office Motivates Residents to Exercise with New FIT Extension Program.

Most Virginians want to stay fit and physically active but may have difficulty finding the time, energy, and motivation to get moving. FIT Extension is an 8-week physical activity program developed by Virginia Cooperative Extension. It helps Virginians improve their exercise habits, diet, and overall quality of life in a fun and challenging way.

Volunteering – 6 Reasons Why it Will Help Your Career and Your Karma | InPlay, the official Blog of BusinessElite.

So there you have it, if your passionate about what you do — YOU have the opportunity to help someone else be successful. Take advantage of it and go make it happen.

Really? – The Claim – To Cut Calories, Eat Slowly – Question –

In a study last month, scientists found that when a group of subjects were given an identical serving of ice cream on different occasions, they released more hormones that made them feel full when they ate it in 30 minutes instead of 5 . The scientists took blood samples and measured insulin and gut hormones before, during and after eating. They found that two hormones that signal feelings of satiety, or fullness — glucagon-like peptide-1 and peptide YY — showed a more pronounced response in the slow condition.

Obesity Summit Attracts Big Names With Stories to Tell | NBC Los Angeles.

When Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger agreed to back a conference on health and obesity in Los Angeles, he recruited an old friend who knew a lot about the subject matter; former President Bill Clinton.

“I believe that until we get a hold of our lifestyles and our food chain and how we eat and how we exercise, we’re going to have serious, serious problems,” Clinton told attendees at the governor’s “2010 Summit on Health, Nutrition and Obesity: Action for Healthy Living” at the California Endowment.

News to Note


The role of nutrition in slowing Alzheimer’s disease

You might be surprised to learn that nutrition may become one of the cornerstones in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Over the past few years, medical research has strongly suggested that the progression of Alzheimer’s may be slowed by good nutrition. A nutrient-dense diet, in some cases, might even slightly reverse the progression of Alzheimer’s.

A lot of Alzheimer’s research is underway at the Neurosciences Institute and Dr. Forchetti described a number of ongoing clinical trials. One trial really caught my attention. It involves a nutrient-dense food product made by Dannon. Although the exact formulation of this food is a proprietary secret, Dr. Forchetti was able to tell me that it contains high doses of omega-3 oils, vitamin B complex, antioxidants, wheat germ, cereal proteins and other vitamins.

Medical research has shown that omega-3 oils and vitamins can reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s. However, most foods are not nutritionally dense enough and dietary supplements are necessary. Not everyone likes to take dietary supplements but the development of an effective, nutritionally dense food might be the answer.

This post says you “may be surprised”. I am not. Nutrition and health plays a vital role in EVERYTHING.  This type or research is so interesting to me. Not only does this sort of information help Alzheimer’s patients, but I would image it also can help cancer research. Learning how nutrition plays a part in so many diseases can only help the broader understanding of how it affects everything.

Kids and Cooking Classes

I love this idea of teaching kids to cook. It not only helps reinforce a tradition of everyone eating together, it can also help teach healthy eating.   The Kids’ Cooking Campaign is an annual event teaching children basic cooking skills. The purpose of this program is to help revive family mealtimes and the affection and communication that this time allows.  Today’s busy families are not likely to mimic the days of old when families were able to sit down together for at least two meals a day, but according to studies, the family meal tradition is an important time that benefits far beyond nutrition.  Sharing meals provides a setting for communicating that can strengthen family ties and stabilize relationships.

Skin Deep – Fast Food for Dieters Has Its Doubters –

A little late to the game, to talk about this I know, but this wasn’t really about eating Taco Bell. This was about a person making a choice to eat healthier, exercise more and — over two years — lost 54 pounds.  As you no doubt know, I have done this and lost 25lbs.   A bunch of other food joints are following suit: Dunkin Donuts, McDs, and of course Subway which did it a long time ago with Jared.   It’s great that they are listening to their consumers and finding out that they want more options, but whether they are really healthier options seems to be in question. See below how one study found that main chain restaurants often do not report the calories accurately.  There is no way to know how something is prepared when you eat out… Food for thought!

Others worry that the companies might not accurately report nutritional information, which is a legitimate concern. A study published this month in The Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that the caloric content of food from 29 Boston chain restaurants and 10 frozen meals sold in supermarkets averaged 18 percent more calories than the stated values.

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