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NTIA: Almost a Third of U.S. Does Not Use Internet – 2010-02-16 15:19:17 | Broadcasting & Cable.

This shows that elderly, minorities and the poor are lagging behind in using the Internet which is a shame because can you imagine how much help it could offer those groups?  Seniors can use it to connect with their families, find health information and make their daily lives easier. Heck, that can be applied to all of those groups mentioned above.

LIVESTRONG Blog » Blog Archive » Colonoscopies are Fun.

Once again I am highlighting this. They aren’t fun but they are a fact of life that we all need to face. Getting invaded in that way is not fun for anyone but having cancer isn’t fun in any shape or forn. A think a colonoscopy is an invasion? That is child’s play compared to colon cancer surgery and treatment!

To Eat or Not to Eat Pre-Workout? |

I included this post today because I always wonder if I should eat before my workouts. As most people know, I workout before 6a and quite frankly, I am not hungry and the thought of eating is the last thing on my mind. I have tried to eat once and I felt that I had an off kilter work out but I couldn’t say it was because of eating or what I was eating. I personally drink a tall warm glass of water before I head out the door for my workout and that seems to be fine for me.  There are a ton of theories on eating before and after a workout and I think you have to do what works best for you… I know that on the weekends, I do eat something before heading out to the gym. It’s not 5a though and I tend to have decent workouts…so go figure…

Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

I am all over this idea of teaching our kids better nutrition and eating habits than previous generations. It is so vitally important and has so many lasting repercussions if we don’t.  I am happy to see that the President, First Lady, Bill Clinton and so many other organizations and celebs are behind this movement.  But I do believe it’s just the tip of the iceberg. We need to address the companies that market to our kids, the government agencies and officials who tend to align themselves with certain associations and the list of to dos goes on and on. But again, it is a great step in this super important effort.

Motivations, Affirmations and Mantras – Oh My! → Cranky Fitness.

I loved this post. We all have ups and downs with motivation. We see all these desired results and think this is great, and then there are times when we keep at the same pace and the results are slow coming. I have had this happen a lot to me in so many areas – not just in the fitness department.  Finding a mantra that you can tell yourself really does help. I always remind myself to look at how far I have come, and imagine how much farther I can go. If you would have asked me when I started if it was possible for me to be the me I am today – I would have seriously questioned your sanity!  Find your mantra, you will see it does help!

Notable News


How doctors practice what they preach with diet and exercise | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News | Life/Travel: Health.

“I have to get my workouts in extremely early, or I wouldn’t get it done,” he said. “It helps my mind open. I’;m probably a much better person, in a much better mood, when I’;m active.”He has his share of aches but says the benefits far outweigh the pains.Balis cycles, swims, runs or lifts weights at the gym. He then showers and heads straight to work, eating a couple pieces of fruit and an energy bar en route.

We can’t aim for perfection, but we can aim for improvement by saying NO to unnecessary packaging and even toting our own reusables. TakeOutWithOut – enjoy your food, save your money, improve your health and help our planet!

Well – From Title IX, Evidence of Sports’ Lasting Effects –

…separate studies from two economists offer some answers, providing the strongest evidence yet that team sports can result in lifelong improvements to educational, work and health prospects.

Buy Heart Healthy Foods On A Small Budget | LIVESTRONG.COM.

The foods you eat affect much more than just your feeling of hunger. The foods you choose to consume also affect the overall healthy of your body, especially your heart. Foods high in saturated fat and cholesterol can cause arterial plaque build up, leading to higher risks of heart disease, heart attack and stroke. Choosing healthy foods, even when you are on a tight budget, can help prevent this from occurring.

Aspirin may help prevent return of breast cancer –

The study is the first to find that regular aspirin users had a lower risk of dying from breast cancer…A study in August also found that aspirin offered a potential benefit against colon cancer.

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