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First Lady Sets Sights on Global Waistlines


First Lady Sets Sights on Global Waistlines | TakePart – Inspiration to Action.

One year into her ambitious “Let’s Move” campaign to fight obesity in America and encourage the country to make better choices in the kitchen, First Lady Michelle Obama is taking her crusade to the world stage.

In an interview to mark the one-year anniversary of the campaign, Obama said that she’ll now take the “Let’s Move” message with her everywhere she travels, inspired by world leaders’ interest in her famous White House garden.

“What I find internationally, and Barack says the same thing, is whenever he meets with a world leader, one of the first things they ask him about is the garden,” Mrs. Obama said. “Obesity is becoming an international issue. Many first ladies have begun to think about how they’re going to deal with this issue.”

The First Lady also announced that she has been working—quietly, so far—with the National Restaurant Association to give the nation’s eateries a “Let’s Move” makeover: smaller portions and kids’ meals that feature carrots and apples instead of French fries and chips.

The new targets follow a year in which the First Lady used the East Wing bully pulpit to usher in significant changes to the nation’s grocery stores, fast-food outlets and school cafeterias.

Don’t Forget – Tomorrow Michelle Obama Talks to AOL Health About ‘Let’s Move’ Website


First lady Michelle Obama is speaking exclusively to AOL Health this morning about the relaunch of the website for her “Let’s Move” campaign.

The first lady laid out her ambitious plans to combat the childhood obesity epidemic last February, calling on parents, educators and businesses to work together to help children eat healthier and move more.

At 10 a.m. this morning, she will speak with AOL Health’s senior editor Jennifer Fields about the new website and answer questions from AOL readers about her “Let’s Move” plans.

The aim of the chat is for Obama to speak directly to the mothers and fathers of America’s children, offering them guidance on how to teach their children healthier habits that will last a lifetime.

Readers were invited to e-mail Obama their questions and concerns. Among them:

— School budget cuts that have led to a reduction in physical education programs across the country. One mother asks, “Is there a way to encourage school districts to realize that fitness is essential to students’ well-being?”

— Lack of access to fresh produce. Another reader says, “I spend a lot of my time in Davis, Calif., when my husband is deployed. In Davis, fresh and organic produce is much cheaper and easier to get. When I come home to Killeen [Texas], the only places to shop do not carry fresh, organic fruit and veggies, and junk food is cheaper than fresh fruit. Are there plans to implement new laws or tax breaks for companies so we could get some nice, fresh, organic, cheap food here in Killeen?”

— Little or no access to green space. One reader writes, “Mrs. Obama, your home has ample grounds to grow a garden to promote a healthy lifestyle, but many families do not have space or time to grow a garden on their own. Could we grow gardens at school and use the food produced in the gardens to create healthy school meals?”

To find out what other questions readers have, click here Tuesday morning, 10-11 a.m., to listen to Obama’s first-ever live Web chat.

via Michelle Obama Talks to AOL Health About ‘Let’s Move’ Website – AOL Health.

Michelle Obama Talks to AOL Health About ‘Let’s Move’ Website – AOL Health


Do you have a question for Michelle Obama? You can ask her on Tuesday, July 13 at 10 a.m. Eastern time during her first-ever live web chat right here on AOL Health. Mrs. Obama will be discussing the newly enhanced Let’s Move! website and answering your questions live!

Mrs. Obama has taken on the ambitious goal of solving the challenge of childhood obesity within a generation and launched a nationwide campaign — Let’s Move! — to help achieve it. We at AOL Health love Mrs. Obama’s dedication to this issue and the fact that she’s brought together schools, parents and businesses to join the fight against this childhood epidemic.

Her web chat will be live streamed on and on AOL Health at 10 a.m. Eastern time on Tuesday, July 13.

Want to ask Michelle Obama a question about the Let’s Move! initiative or childhood obesity? You can! Send an email to (please include your name and town) from now until Monday, July 12th at 10:00 a.m. Then tune into the event on Tuesday, July 13th where you can also ask your questions live

via Michelle Obama Talks to AOL Health About ‘Let’s Move’ Website – AOL Health.

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