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Work and Commitment

When I heard the alarm this AM, I hit snooze and decided “today, is a rest day”. I am entitled to it and I am tired. Don’t fool yourself into believing that it’s ‘easy’ for me to get up. I love to sleep, I love more »

Using BAI instead of BMI to measure fat

BAI Better Than BMI? Scientists Develop New Way To Measure Fat I personally was not a fan of the BMI measurement scale. 2 people can have completely different body shapes and and weigh the same — and one comes out as obese based on weight more »

Justin Stoneman: America: A Big, Fat, Stupid Nation

Thanks once again Mel for giving me more enlightenment: Latest figures confirm the ridiculous: three out of four of you will be ‘overweight or obese’ by 2020. To gauge perspective: there are now more ‘fat’ people than ‘white’ people in America. Perhaps our bigots of more »

Obese Children’s Arteries Show Signs of Heart Disease

Obese Children’s Arteries Show Signs of Heart Disease. The hazards of being an obese child go beyond schoolyard teasing or being picked last in gym. The arteries of obese children exhibit a stiffness normally found in adults with heart disease, according to a new study more »

NEEDED: Intensive, comprehensive and ongoing efforts to address obesity

70 Million Obese Americans: What’s the Solution? Its a national issue that will have lasting repercussions if not seriously looked at and serious action taken. We are a nation of smart people from all over the globe – surely we can put our heads together more »