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Giving back

To me a vital part of living a healthy life is giving back. Giving back does not have to be any huge production either. There are tons of small ways to do it.  For those of you that have volunteered, you know that there is more »

Bedtime is for Suckers!

Instead of filling my kids’ up with candy for Valentine’s Day last month, I decided to buy each of them a Hallmark’s Awesome Kid Coupon Book: 52 Ways to Say You’re Special and You’re Loved!  I figured it’s the kind of gift that can help more »


Momfinitions Ever notice how parenthood inspires a whole new language? We call these words Momfinitions. Perhaps you recognize a few of these new parenting terms that haven’t quite made it into Webster’s—yet. Read some of our Momfinitions, and after you’ve had a hearty chuckle, feel more »