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Paleo Worlds Collide


When I first discovered CrossFit and Paleo eating – I came across a blog from Melissa Joulwan: The Clothes Make the Girl.  I didn’t know Melissa personally, but found her take on both topics to be well fedreally inspiring and helpful as I began to explore making meaningful changes in my life. Almost five years later, I am still reading her blog and have gotten to know her. Although I have never met her in person, we both mention that we feel like we are ole pals. Some day, our paths will cross in real life – i know it.

She wrote this book: Well Fed. It’s an amazing Paleo cookbook and I am not the only one who thinks so.  Whenever I get the chance to tell someone about it – I do. Not because Melissa is my blogging friend, but because it really is that good.

Photo1 (50)My worlds collided this past week. I do social media marketing consulting for Power Supply – the paleo meal delivery service and get the meals on a weekly basis myself. I was their customer before I started doing work for them as a matter of fact.  I noticed the other day that –lo and behold — they mentioned my ole pal Melissa and her Well Fed cookbook as the inspiration for one of their meals.

I sent the pic to her — that must be a really cool feeling to see something you worked hard on and put your heart and sole into impact others in a big way.   I imagine it would be like a singer/songwriter hearing their song on the radio.

If you are interested in Paleo eating, I heartily recommend visiting the Clothes Make the Girl and picking up a copy of Well Fed. You will be amazed at how delicious food can be –without all the junk!

bon appetit! 

Earning Thanksgiving


Lots going on this week –the obvious, Turkey Day! I hope you all have great plans filled with great company and even better food. Life is about living and deciding when it’s a good time to indulge. I firmly believe for me, Thanksgiving is the right day to have good food — Paleo or not. I do have to admit though, since my son is gluten free — we will be creating a gluten free pumpkin pie and gluten free stuffing so it’s not going to all go to hell.

I have begun doing some social media consulting work with Power Supply, a Paleo meal delivery company in the DC Metro area.  Its a great concept and I started the delivery before I had started working with them, so I was a customer first. The meals are really good –although I do keep some salt and pepper at my desk because you do have to add in some seasoning from time to time. I think they do that on purpose because of the large number of people they have to serve and all the different taste palates.  Anyway, you will see my talk about them from time to time –and share what my meals look and taste like. If I didn’t believe in them, I wouldn’t be helping them so you know it’s genuine feedback. I also find that it really helps me stay on track with eating well — I am so busy that sometimes I get home at 8p and am starving – these meals take a minute or two to heat up and they are as good as homemade.

They are also a great group of folks working there — locally owned and they truly believe in what they are doing!

I had no idea what to expect from today’s workout and almost hit the snooze one too many times – but my get up and go voice pushed me to do just that and as usual, I am happy I went.

600m jog
bear crawl
frog jump
inch worms
crab walk
handstand box walk

pass thrus
OH Squats
Front Squats
Hand Mobility



7 rounds

  • 12 Thrusters (53)
  • 10 sit ups
  • 100m run with 25# plate

time: 17:14 

This one sucked — big time but I got through it and feel better now that it’s over!!

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