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Know the Symptoms of a Magnesium Deficiency


Magnesium -Natural CalmAfter working on a specific strength program for 12 weeks at Highbar CrossFit, the time has come to test and see the progress. Yesterday, I got a 5# PR on my Squat clean. Today – my back squat! PR’d by 10# to end at 220# although I think I could have done more – ran out of time and had to get home to get the kids off to school. Sometimes you have to leave some in the tank to take care of life.

I feel so great about my progress. The coaches at Highbar take such a different approach to strength training that sometimes I think maybe it’s not working, but then you test and you are a whole hell of a lot stronger than you realized.  But then I remind myself that i am still starting out by doing something pretty stupid.

After getting my PR this morning, I am taking the plates off the bar. I don’t think I have ever had plates that heavy on a barbell before, so it never occurred to me to take the plates off in any particular way. Well think about it –heavy plates on each side, removing all the plates off of one side before the other… Yeah, the bar was a teeter totter and went flying. I am so lucky that no one was around it because it could have done some serious damage. The only damage done was to my EGO as everyone stopped, became silent, and then laughed at me. Coach Dan then said Do you even lift, Bro?. I’m always learning…

I gotta talk about the benefits of Magnesium again. I sometimes forget to take it and then get in the routine of skipping it for days on end. Then I remember to take it and quickly remember why I should take it. The last two days, I’ve been taking Natural Calm before I go to bed and I am telling you – the difference in how I feel when I wake up is night and day. I am not sore, not groggy, not super exhausted.

Yesterday, I shared a link about symptoms of a Magnesium Deficiency, but the bottom line is that a magnesium deficiency can affect virtually every system of the body. It’s that important to your overall health and wellness.  My suggestion is to talk to your doctor, of course, but add a glass of Natural Calm before you go to bed for awhile and see if you feel better.


Back Squat 1RM: 220 (10# PR)

I got a PR at Highbar CrossFit in Ashburn

Read This

For Laughs

Icing on Top of my Training


quote-every-accomplishment-starts-with-the-decision-to-tryThis has been a really good training week for sure. PR’s with each lift, today being no exception. I am really learning the art of resting between sets too. Coach Randy is adamant about it and it really does make a difference. It’s such a different approach to lifting for me than in the past – and to see the progress because of it is so motivating.

Front Squats
3 rep: 175# PR

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Chin Ups
Slam Balls 15#

1 man-maker each round 20# db

I am so happy about this WOD too. I did all the chin ups solid. That’s 50 solid chin ups and my time wasn’t too shabby.

I’ve been reading a lot about nutrition and different approaches to eating based on one’s athletic ability. What has become really clear to me is that there are so many theories out there and they run from one extreme to the other.. Eat this, don’t eat this etc. The thing that has become really clear is we are all different and based on that fact, one size doesn’t fit all. We all have different goals, different body types, different histories and genetics – so how can one approach work, really? It seems so common sense, but if it were widely acknowledged -then we wouldn’t all be reading about all the different approaches being “the one” that works. You have to try different ones –and customize what works for you. Period. So, the more you read and learn – the more you are able to figure out what works.

There is no denying though that the closer your food comes to the original source, the better. Processed foods aren’t good for you. Sugar is not good for you. But whether you eat potatos or rice – well, that’s up to you. And don’t be the Nutrition police – no one is perfect. My sermon for today is now over.

Why I Don’t Promote “Clean Eating”

And the final thing I want to share is this article written about 3 years ago in the CrossFit journal: Beyond the Body. It’s about the traits beyond the physical ones that make CrossFit chicks so attractive. I like the perspective because for me, it goes way beyond that. I love the challenge, the amazement, the intensity and the people I get to experience from CrossFit – inside and outside the gym.


Personal Records Are Being Set


PR-Challenge-imageThis week is the end of the 12 week strength program I have been following with HighBar CrossFit.  I have been training with Randy and Dan for about five months now and have seen nothing but improvements. Yesterday, I PR’d (personal record) my squat clean. This morning I PR’d my 5×5 back squat. It’s such an awesome feeling to see this much progress as I have never followed a specific strength training program before. And to get the experienced, focused coaching that I need to tweak my lifts — I am excited every morning to head into the gym and do work. More excited than I have been in a very long time.

I wish other parts of my life were going as well as my training but then it wouldn’t be life –right?

On a related note, read this: Why You Should Fill Your Company With ‘Athletes’. It is so aligned with what I have been talking about regarding the kind of people who don’t settle for mediocrity. The constant eye on the prize personality type — looking to learn, to improve, to thrive. Think about the traits of athletes — and then think about the kind of people you want working around you? They usually match up pretty closely.

Here’s some other interesting stuff that I think you will find interesting:

  • Have you watched any of Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee yet? Pretty cool little video series with some cool cars and funny people.
  • Dogs Are People, Too – Anyone who loves dogs knows that they have distinct personalities and are just something really special.
  • It’s no secret that there is a lot of power behind celebrity endorsements. We all want to do whatever our favorite celebs are doing in the slim chance we can be like them in a small way. So, think about how powerful favorite athletes are when it comes to selling products to our kids –  Are Pro Athletes Helping Market Junk Food To Kids?

5×5 Back Squat

8min Ladder
2, 4, 6, 8….until time runs out
KB Swings
Box Jumps (24in box)

Two PRs in Two Days? That’s a great feeling —I also like that my coaches are following the same program that I am — and are seeing results. Here’s video proof –

  • Coach Randy hitting a PR on his clean – his goal set 1 year ago was 300lbs. Bam! Time for a new goal…..
  • Coach Dan starting to lift heavy again after taking a break: Here is a video of him cleaning with his final clean weight: 330 lbs

Highbar is keeping me on my toes for sure!


Open Your Mind about The Ideal


oxygen Sunday morning, as I was doing my regular grocery shopping I saw Camille Leblanc-Bazinet on the cover of Oxygen Magazine in the check out line. I was so proud to see her mainstream. As I was paying for my stuff, I noticed a woman picking it up and showing her husband –I overheard her say Oh, that’s that CrossFit we have heard about. I was smiling -and then I saw her point to Camille’s picture and stick out her tongue and say Yuck. My smile disappeared —

What is it with people — muscles and strength don’t look good on a woman? Come on now — Open your mind and understand that women come in all shapes and sizes and what’s important at the end of the day is that they are being the best they can be –an authentic self.

Funny timing – I came across this post again yesterday:

The Fear Of “Bulkiness” and CrossFit

I love this part:

The chase of some worldly physical ideal will slowly slide down the list of why you will show up to CrossFit everyday and basically torture yourself. You will get totally addicted to the feeling you get when you do things that were simply impossible for you a few months ago. The body you get is nothing more than a by-product. It takes discipline in the kitchen to perform (physically, mentally, and spiritually) your best so keep in mind that you should…

I am on day two of my refocus on nutrition and performance and I am feeling great. Not eating like crap allowed me to sleep great last night, wake up feeling great — have more energy and am in a better mood. Can’t not love that!!

I PR’d again this morning on my bench press — by 20#. Nothing to complain about there. I am really feeling at home at HighBar now, which is a great feeling.

200m jog
10 squats
4 sampson stretch
4 instep lunge
10 squats

Test on Bench Press
1×5 115# (although I tried 125# for 1 and 120# for 3) PR


  • Run, 400 m —
  • then — 5 rounds:
  • 5 Box Jumps
  • 10 Kettlebell Sumo
  • Deadlift High-pulls,
  • 1 pood 15 Push-ups —
  • then — Run, 200 m

Focus on Lighting A Fire Within


feeling valuedI have been thinking about how people perform better when they are made to feel valued and how important that is in so many aspects of life. Your professional life, your immediate family and of course your friends.

How many of us have been in a relationship (intimate, friendly, or professional) where you are left feeling less than important or overlooked or undervalued and it continues to permeate throughout the duration of the relationship? You know what you are left to feel — used, resentful and in many cases, you start to question your own worth.

  • Why do these people not want to invest in me?
  • Why do people treat me like I am not valuable?
  • Why am I not getting recognized for the work I do?
  • Why am I not invited to do things with my friend?
  • Why does he/she never call me or make plans with me?
  • What’s wrong with me that I am not being included?

This quote I came across this morning really resonated: “You can either light a fire underneath people or you can light a fire within them” 

Yes it takes leaders/friends/partners time to invest in the relationships but the payoff for both sides is immense. In a work related environment: it definitely takes time to learn how different people are motivated, what encourages them, what inspires them to learn and how they grow.  But by investing in time to find these things out, you grow as a leader and personally as well.

I have been struggling with finding the reasons why some people that I am around a lot aren’t inspired or engaged on a daily basis in what they are creating. They are dialing in their work, they are more concerned with pointing out others faults and showing everyone else what THEY know as opposed to doing things to benefit the team and ultimately the overall mission. When you are around people like that regularly, it becomes toxic.  And what happens is it starts to chip away at your own ability to continue to be inspired.

I take pride in making sure the work I do –or the commitments I make are followed through to the best of my ability. If it has my name attached to it — it reflects me and I am serious about doing good work in all aspects, but I can’t force others to adopt that perspective and I can’t sell inspiration or enthusiasm.

I always think back to that book He’s just Not that Into You for inspiration. That book resonates in so many aspects of life –not just women and dating.  There are so many clues people give to let you know whether you are valuable to them. 

  • Friends: Is the relationship give and take? Or is it all one sided?
  • Work: Are you being recognized and compensated appropriately?
  • Family: Are you being listened to and valued as an equal member of the family?

There is no wrong or right answers on what to do — it’s about you and whether or not you will allow yourself to be in a situation where you aren’t being valued or treated appropriately.  Sometimes you put up with it because of the benefits it offers you, or have other reasons –but I can tell you for most people, that is only temporarily ok. You know when your life is out of whack and things aren’t working. It’s up to you to break free from fear and decide that it’s not OK anymore –and demand respect (in whatever way that means for you). 

Ok, enough random thoughts for today.


  • 400m jog
  • DROM
  • Band Mobility


  • Front Squat


  • Front Squat 1-10-1-20-1-30 (go for heavy and 1 RM)
  • Tabata Burpees

Total: 170# and least amount of burpees 3. (I HATE BURPEES)


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