My workout this morning was the kind that kicked you to the curb right off the bat. I even said out loud during the first set of 50 ring dips — ’50 of these eh?’. You know it’s going to be tough when that is how I start off. I could feel the burn in the arms after each rep and I tried as hard as I could to squeak out 10 at a time — yeah, that didn’t go so well.

So, why do I do this — work out so hard and do things that many people think are crazy? Well here are 2 stories that really highlight the benefits that come from doing CrossFit.

Over the weekend we bought a new chaise lounge couch for our family room. It’s like a couch with no arms. Scott brought it home but unfortunately, while he was trying to get it out of the box and not waiting for me — he threw his back out. So I took on the challenge of getting that darn thing in the house. I did see if the neighbor teens were home, but they weren’t. So yes I did get that thing in the house — and although it was awkwardly shaped and I had to fiddle with it, I got that thing in the house with very little problem. I thank my intense workouts for that —

And this morning, I was talking with my friend James who started CrossFit around the end of the winter. He shared with me how he was in Florida this weekend and he and his cousins went kayaking for 4 hours. Later that evening, all of his cousins were super sore but not him. He was fine. He said he thanks CrossFit for that.

So as you can see — High Intensity Interval training and CrossFit workouts prepare you for LIFE. Life is all about unexpected challenges – whether that means picking up your baby and carrying her around everywhere, moving chaise lounges, or kayaking. Constantly varied, high- intensity, functional movements is what life is all about. And it’s also the overall approach that defines Crossfit.

I don’t want this blog to seem like I am all about selling CrossFit. I am totally into it obviously, but I want everyone out there to be inspired to get active and fit. You don’t have to do what I do –but do SOMETHING. The reason that this program works for me is that it’s never boring – each day brings a new workout, you get to workout with a great group of people, you are challenged on a regular basis by a great group of coaches and you get to feel success regularly. If that is not what we all are looking for in a workout program, I don’t know what is. But if by chance it’s not and you are searching for a program that works for you — stop and think about what defines a great fitness program for YOU.

If you could create a fitness program that is tailored towards you – what would it be?

Would it be solo or in a group?
Do you need coaching? or time with a trainer?
AM or PM
Music or no music?
travel time to get to your ‘gym’

If you choose a program that doesn’t meet most of your criteria, I can guarantee that it won’t work long-term. This is about making a change in your life — so that’s why I think CrossFit works. It combines a bunch of stuff and constantly varies it. We do gymnastics, strength training, endurance, mobility, mental conditioning and I meet the most amazing people – who support, cheer and party with you.