It’s important to not forget how far you have come from time to time. I certainly don’t dwell in my past mistakes or missteps, but I do check in to remind myself how far I have come. It’s a great way to inspire and recommit myself to the journey that I am on.  So – I found this picture of myself from October 2007 & decided to post it here.

Oct 2007

April 2011

You know what is so funny to me. No one would have called me heavy and although I didn’t feel thin or in shape — I didn’t feel this mushy!  It’s so weird to look at pics of me from before I found my passion. I had both my kids by 2007 — so I was obviously living the life of a Mom with a 5 and 3 year old. Not easy by any means and this was 7 months before my first boot camp experience —

As you can see — anyone can decide to make a change in their life. You have to commit and work at it. It doesn’t get handed to you but it’s definitely up to you to make it happen. And you can do it with baby steps — start working out, make gains physically — then look at your diet or start with your diet and when you are ready — start exercising! The point is — Make a Change!