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Aug 14 – Run Amuck 2010 – Are you Ready?

Running Jumping Jacks - single count, 10 repetitions 36" orange wall - water filled barricade runners will jump over Tires - football style tire drill Mud Pit - enough said
barbwire crawl - clothesline tired 24 inches above the ground.  Runners will crawl under the clothesline! Hay Bales - slalom around hay bales Orange barricade / mud pit - runners will go over the barricades and into the second mud pit Bring on mud pit #2
Crunches - 10 single count Natural Logs - scattered on ground, runners will need to be cautious Pipes - runners will crawl through the pipes which will have water dripping from top Flutter Kicks - 10 single count, lay on your back and alternate legs vertically Fire Hose - fire department will be out with their hose spraying down runners

These are the icons from all the obstacles I am going to come across this Saturday during Run Amuck

Run Amuck engages runners in a three and a half mile challenge filled with obstacles, mud pits, water blast and more!  The race, which begins at 7 a.m. in Historic Butler Stadium, follows McCard Road for two miles before turning into a rugged offroad run along the Stadium Trail.  After exiting Stadium Trail, it’s back to the streets for the finish on the Butler Stadium track.

I’m excited and nervous all at the same time!

The Finish Line


Starting the Race

The Finish Line Smile

RARE 5 Mile Trail Run – START from Adam Eidson on Vimeo.

Results are in


68th out of 90 racers.  I’m pretty happy with my standing – first trail race, heat, humidity, bee stings, asthma sinus infection — and still finished proudly. I would have been proud to just finish to be honest!

RareCrossfit 5 Mile Race


I am still fighting off this cold and combine that with how sore my body is from yesterday’s race = skipped my workout this AM.  I was planning on going as usual but when the alarm went off, I moved a little bit and realized that sleep was what I needed.

I am launching a big project this weekend for work – all the craziness at work is for this project so, I need to be sharp and feeling well.

Yesterday’s race was the hardest physical challenge I have ever done – It was in the woods, on a trail which is something I have never done and boy is it different than running on a paved path. The course was:

1 mile holding a 10lb weight (Men held 20lb)
drop the weight and run uphill to the next station which was approx another mile
50 burpees
continue the run about 2 miles
30 tree jumps (box jumps but with a large tree)
run another 1m or so, 30 pushups
pick up the 10lb weight and run to the finish which was approx 1mile.

There were lots of parts that were uphill and you had to be alert bc of the uneven path – there are tree knots in the ground, rocks, you name it.  Also, going uphill on the trails winded me and at one point, I stopped and took a hit off my inhaler because I couldn’t catch my breath. But I carried on —

And to top it off – a few of us ran right into a swarm of bees! I got stung 2x and it was scary.  There was a guy who got stung 18 times on the back and the lady in front of me got stung in her head quite a few times.  Afterwards she was going to give up and I said to her – we didn’t come all this way to give up so let’s refocus and keep moving. We stayed pretty close to one another for the rest of the race, and I pushed her on — telling her to keep moving etc.  She came up to me post race to thank me.  Sometimes thats what you need to reach the finish line!

Post race – I got dehydrated. It was so hot and I was drenched with sweat. I finished and started to feel the effects – dizzy, chills, nausea. I went to sit down and the nice folks running the race watched me and one guy went and got some electrolyte pills and tums for me to take. It took me a whle of drinking a lot of water and those pills – but I did eventually start feeling better. I do have to say though that for the rest of the day , I was wiped out and I am sure it’s part of the reason I don’t feel so hot this morning either.

Next race, I am going to be sure to hydrate really well days before and also go get some of those electrolyte pills.  I am not sure how I felt about that race – it was so hot but I feel really proud of myself. I finished and I was far from last which was my one goal – to not be last.

Crossfit Trail Race – July 18


Here are my pals Cheryl and Lidia as we gear up for the xfit trail run that we did today. The info about the race said it was a 5 miler but those with garmins said it was more like 5.7 miles. I could tell while I was running it that it was more than 5 miles.

I will write more about it later but for now, it was very hot, it was a trail run – so it was out in the woods with uphill, downhill, uneven paths. I have never done anything like it and I am feeling it now.

I didnt come in last which was my goal. There were 140 people in the race and I was told that I came in way earlier than last. Official results won’t be posted until tomorrow at the earliest – so we shall see.

The RARE CrossFit 5 Mile Trail Run


RCX5TR – RARE CrossFit Blog.

I’m nervous about this one. It’s my first race like this and what if I don’t have the strength to do it?  It’s on Sunday morning – bright and early! Wish me luck!

The RARE CrossFit 5 Mile Trail Run (RCX5TR) has the same focus as all of the Fred Event races: good, friendly, and fun competition. This is the first year that we are offering this type of event, but we have done our homework and are very excited to have the RCX5TR as a summer race. We offer awesome racing PLUS a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to our amazing sponsors, we offer light free food plus beer brewed by our local Blue & Gray Brewery post race (no worries – non-alcoholic beverages will be offered as well). And what better place to enjoy these perks than on “the beach” of the Rappahannock! Spectators will have the option to take advantage of all the adventure the river has to offer since the race site is located right on the premises of the Virginia Outdoor Center (V.O.C.). Next to tubing, canoeing and kayaking, the center offers a rock climbing wall for beginners and experts. Competitors will all run the same distance – an APPROXIMATE 5 mile course. Due to the fact that these are off-road events, the distances are not certified to be 5 miles. We use calibrated cycling computers to measure the course. In addition, your times will vary a great deal from running on the road, since the course has some good ups and downs and is tight and windy in places – but that’s not all!!! Think you are in top notch shape, this race isn’t your average 5 mile run. In addition to the varying terrain, we have added other physical challenges to this race. In order to finish you must complete these challenges at each mile marker. Do you have what it takes to complete The RARE 5 Mile Trail Run…we shall see!!!

Race for the Cure – June 5, Washington D.C.


Susan G Komen Race for the Cure!

On June 5th tens of thousands of people will gather on the National Mall in Washington DC to make a big impact on the global movement to end breast cancer forever. Many of us know of or have family or friends who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Without a cure, an estimated 25 million people around the world will be diagnosed with breast cancer and 10 million could die over the next 25 years.

Up to 75 % of the Komen Global Race income stays in the Washington DC metropolitan area to fund local screening, treatment and education programs for the medically under served. The remaining dollars support the Susan G. Komen Global Promise Fund , a program which is dedicated to reaching under served people in areas where breast cancer mortality rates are the highest.

Please help us by joining in the walk/run on June 5th or by donating funds.  To register, go to If you are unable to walk or run with us on Race Day, consider registering to Sleep In for the Cure.

No matter how you get involved, you will help make an impact.



The Dow Live Earth Run for Water – to take place April 18, 2010 – will consist of a series of 6 km run/walks (the average distance many women and children walk every day to secure water) taking place over the course of 24 hours in countries around the world, featuring concerts and water education activities aimed at igniting a tipping point to help solve the water crisis. Pete Wentz, Alexandra Cousteau, The Roots, John Legend, Estelle, Collective Soul, Sam Moore, Angelique Kidjo will lend their names and their time in support of this important cause.

Click here to find an event near you!

Zooma Women’s Race Series


I read about this new series of races called Zoom from Mel’s blog – The Clothes Make the Girl and it sounds really interesting.

Zooma Women’s Race Series is an exciting new concept in women’s running that celebrates the power and beauty of all women. From their website:

  • Purpose is to promote women’s and girls’ health and fitness by encouraging them to participate in a challenging and fun running event
  • Pampering amenities and exciting entertainment with a “girls’ weekend” atmosphere
  • Inaugural event held in Annapolis, MD on June 1, 2008 attracted over 1,600 runners
  • ZOOMA welcomes both men and women to participate in all ZOOMA events.
  • 2010 events will be held in Austin, TX, Annapolis, MD, Colorado Springs, CO, and Atlanta, GA

Sounds like a great concept to encourage overall fitness and a healthy lifestyle that is personalized to women. I have found for me, personalization is the key to keeping my overall commitments. Make it fun and meaningful to the audience, it’s more likely to stick.  There is no one way to exercise and/or lead a fit life for everyone and we all have different needs or accommodations that we need to take into account. So if you are near to one of these, check it out!!

Spring is in the Air


What a great day for a run and to race for the ribbon – raising money for breast cancer research! This race was not the biggest race but it felt like the right amount of people. My first race of the season – a 5k – and I finished 26:58 which may even been earlier but they didn’t use that automatic chrono tracking system and used those stubs which I find to be consistently inaccurate. It takes a while to get going with a race like this because you are behind people when you start off and then people tend to like to run together in the groups they are with which holds you back. I get frustrated at times because walls of people block any chance of you getting to break away. I did the race with some of my Plumbline family which made it more fun. I tend to keep my eye on the ladies during the race to set my pace.  We even ran into Michael our trainer from Plumbline Training who ran the race with his family.

After wards we all went to this new diner in Ashburn, Coney Island Diner. It’s right off Rte 7 and they serve all sorts of diner fare. While I wouldn’t say it’s the best diner I have been to – I am from New Jersey after all – it’s decent food and reasonably priced. Here is a coupon you can use through April.

I feel so lucky that I have these great ladies in my life and they love doing active stuff like I do. I am going to look into doing some water rafting this spring/summer with the group. Where else can you find some super fun, in shape suburban women that love to go and try new things?

Spring is in the Air…can you feel it?

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