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Rest and Recovery are Not the Same


To follow up on yesterday’s seasons of change post, I found a post that capture the essence of what I was talking about: Change of Season. The last line “Commit to the process then release your attachment to the outcome….” really says it all doesn’t it?

Ali QuoteI want you to take some time to read this: Are You Recovering, Or Are You Just Resting? My friend Madeline shared it along with this comment:

“Merely taking a day or two off from exercise when you’re feeling overtrained (or All Banged Up) is, to put it bluntly, the slacker’s version of “recovery.” One of the many things that was underscored during our training with Rob MacDonald of Gym Jones is that recovery requires just as much (or more!) discipline as training itself. Which means if you’re training hard, a case could be made that you should spend more time focused on recovery than you do on training itself.”

For quite some time I had been feeling just run down — and would take a day off regularly but what I have realized now is that I was not really allowing my body to recover and it was taking its toll. High Intensity Training like CrossFit is hard on your body but it’s hard to take time off. It’s why people keep it up –which is great and bad at the same time. 

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What you allow is what will continue



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Rest and Recovery Reflections


Sometimes I forget to stop and smell the roses – I am sure we all do. Today – I had some time to quiet my mind from all the stress that has been around me lately. I did stop and think about how lucky I am. In a million years I would never have thought my life would be the way it is — but here I am. I have a great family. a husband who is healthy and who, along with my 2 kids keep me laughing every day. I have some funny kids.  In a lot of ways – I am living the dream and have so much to be thankful for.

I have had the pleasure of meeting great people,  and having a few of them influence my life, finding perspective and humor in what could possibly be the most challenging thing I have ever had to face, and have found a passion for living. I have to remember these feelings of accomplishment when I begin to be hard on myself instead of being kind.  My rest and recovery has not only helped by body recovery, I feel refresh and renewed with a sense of accomplishment and passion.

I mentally had a hard time grasping the idea of resting for 4 days straight – will I lose some headway I made physically, will I ever begin again, will I slip and fall off the wagon, will I let people down? — all thoughts that raced through my head but what I realized was that it has been good. The run I did yesterday felt good. My body wasn’t aching and feeling stretched past its limits. I was energized during the run – granted Kimmy was there for support and company – but I did more mileage than I have done in a very, very long time.

I realized that I do need to rest regularly – it’s tough getting up at 5a 4x a week, heading to a very demanding workout, then taking care of 2 kids and a house for school/cam — and then head to a full day of work where I am challenged in more ways than one — then homeward bound for family ‘work’ and time – it’s a lot of work running a household and all that entails.  I can’t go for a year without a break – it’s not good for me mentally or physically. Resting to let your body recover is beneficial and it’s something I am going to do regularly. I am not superwoman afterall.

Here’s to Monday and back at boot camp…

Rest and Recovery


Another rest day in motion. I can totally see how someone can get used to NOT getting up at the crack of dawn — I think this forced rest has done me good though. I am going to run tomorrow morning and have a running appointment with my pal – Kimmy – Saturday morning — so while rest is good – there is no chance of slipping into my old habits. It’s not me anymore —

One thing I have been thinking about is doing some yoga or stretching on a regular basis. Center myself and get some flexibility back.  Maybe even try meditation – to help quiet my mind a bit. I am definitely in my head a lot when I work out.

What’s nice about the group of ladies I work out with – I have heard from many of them – just checking in on me and telling me they support my rest time.  How great is that?

Day 1 – Forced Rest


Dear Diary,

Today was day 1 of my forced rest period. It may not seem like a big deal but knowing that I missed my boot camp was a mental challenge for me. It was great to sleep in an extra hour or 2. My body is still feeling fatigue so while I know I am doing the right thing – I still need to believe it physically.

Here are some reminders about fitness and nutrition goals:

1. Establish a realistic goal: Think about what you want to achieve and why. Set a positive-minded, health-and-fitness-oriented goal that you know you can accomplish. Be specific and realistic.

2. Find a support system: Surround yourself with people who can help you achieve your weight-loss goal, whether that’s a formal support group, a class, one-on-one counseling or your friends and family.

3. Think positively: Resist destructive thinking and put your energy toward proactive steps that will take you to your goal. Stop thinking of yourself as fat, and start focusing on how fit you can become.

4. Use nutrition as an ally: Emphasize good nutrition and educate yourself about how nutrition enables your body to control cravings and regulate its weight through healthy metabolism. Remember that you need good nutrition in order to exercise effectively.

5. Find time for fitness: Keep in mind that fitness isn’t just about burning calories: It’s a fundamental component of a synergetic, effective weight-loss strategy and an active, healthy lifestyle.

6. Watch for positive change: But don’t get hung up on the scale. The first changes may be seen and felt elsewhere!

7. Get help when you need it: If you aren’t making progress, or if you’re feeling bogged down and confused, get some expert help!

via Life Time Fitness – Feel good inside.

Post Race Recovery?


It so beautiful outside.. 80’s and a breeze – I havent run on the trail in a few weeks so I knew it was a perfect day for it. I squeaked out a 5m run but not without stopping a few times.  I am not sure if its the strep or the trail race I did, but my performance is off. I am not running as fast as I did a few weeks ago and my mind tends to wander a bit. Anyone know if this is common after a rough race? The only thing I can find is some post race recovery information but it really doesn’t talk about it….

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