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Stay Focused on The Problem, Not The Person


I had trouble sleeping last night — I was all tight and uncomfortable and my mind was full of thoughts. 3A is a rough time to start thinking about all the things that are on your mind, like the topic of saying things you don’t mean because you are hurt or angry. Or saying things you know you shouldn’t –true or not true.

We all do it — revert back to our school days and say things out of spite or to hurt someone when if we stopped, calmed down and took a deep breath, we would not have said it.  Sometimes even though you don’t mean it, it can do some damage. There are consequences to saying things that you don’t mean. Good and/or bad ones. You can hurt people’s feelings, demotivate them, and make them downright angry.

408433_495872973800398_608133319_nWhat is the price you pay for lashing out and saying something hurtful? Short-term and long-term consequences and what it can do to ongoing relationships. It’s easier said than done of course –we are creatures of habit and learning a new way to communicate is hard.

I think one of the keys is to focus on the situation/issue and not the person. The second it becomes personal, you have the chance of hitting a nerve.

I came across this that seemed to explain this point well:

Always stay focused on the problem, not the person. By constantly returning to the core of the disagreement and staying focused on it, you can alleviate the all-too-easy tendency to start name-calling and picking on each other’s personal traits. Most of the time, who you each are and what you believe in is not at stake when you disagree––it’s an issue, and that issue is what needs to be refined and resolved, not the person! If you do find yourself inclined to name call or speak unkindly, consider the following:


Always be prepared to do “time out” if you feel overwhelmed, angry or liable to physically threaten or harm the other person. Cooling down is a right and a responsibility, not an afterthought.

Hope that helps others out there – it certainly is something I am striving towards. Improving my communication delivery will help me personally and professionally and I know it needs work. I try to always keep in mind the person’s intentions as well. Most people out there don’t intentionally want to hurt someone’s feelings and are coming from a good place. If you start there, usually it helps to create an outcome that makes everyone happy.

To help with my tightness and extra energy, I went for a nice run this morning on the trail. I ended up doing about 4.5 miles – not all running but the point was to get outside and move my body. I got some sun, connected to nature, and got some exercise. Perfect combination.

A Return to Running Shoes


Super fun night last night for a great cause. A bunch of the CrossFit Impavidus crew came out and we laughed, danced and a few, drank. I had one drink — and let it rest.

Yesterday, I did do the 12.2 workout but stuck with the 30 reps to get me a score. It’s not worth me feeling like crap for this competition so I am going to do what I feel is in my best interests. So, 30 reps with a 45lb bar of Snatches. Done!

Today, I went for a run with Scotty. 2.5 miles to help him prep for his first 5K. It was cold and windy but we bundled up and did it. It felt great to run. I haven’t run solidly in a while. I even grabbed my real running shoes instead of my minimalist ones and you know what — it felt great. I don’t care what people say, I think I am going to return to running in my running shoes…

All About the Run Workout


Ahh Fall is in the air. Have I mentioned how much I love the cooler temperatures! Work is busy, home is busy, I am busy — it’s good all around. It’s funny how feelings can change so quickly. Leading up to school back in session, I was stressed out. I weathered the storm, and now am heading forward and things are manageable. Up and down, like a roller coaster. It’s called Life!

So the last month or so, our CrossFit early AM class has had a few teens in it. 16-18 year olds adding it to their off season sports training. It’s very humbling to see the young guys smokin us out of the water. Today, we ran a lot and one of the teens, Cameron, is 17 and he ran laps around us! Looked like he didn’t break a sweat. Oh to be young – although knowing how I was when I was his age, I couldn’t do a quarter of what he did. I love seeing them learn and really get into CrossFit. I am excited to see how it will help his wrestling season…

Today was all about the run — 800 m sprints. How in the heck can you sprint for 800m was the question I had!! No one answered me.


Dynamic stretching
High Knees
Bear Crawl
Run Backwards
Heel to Butt
Rockette Kicks


4 800m sprints
2m rest between rounds
times: 4m,10m,16:03m,22:06m

2m L-Sit Holds
2m Handstand Holds


As you can see, we do a lot of different stuff every day. I love doing the gymnastics, because it really forces you to learn to tighten and use your core.  You have to have body awareness and be able to maintain mid-line stability in order to hold L-Sits and Handstands for any period of time. I am still using the wall for Handstands, but if I had someone to spot me, I would regularly try to do them solo because I think I am ready to not use the crutch — maybe I will try it with just a mat or something. Gotta fall a few times to get better. Practice makes Better as Coach Jerry says.

And thanks to the handstands today, I am now dizzy.

Hang Cleans and a Run — A Great Start to Monday


It was tough getting back into the swing of things including getting up this morning. I really do believe not eating paleo has affected my sleeping. I have been waking up around 3a and tossing and turning for a bit before I fall back asleep. I hate that feeling of wanting to sleep but not being able to.

To be honest though – I was excited to get back to my normal routine. As brutal as some of the workouts are, it’s a great feeling to really run your body hard and leave the box all sweaty and wasted.

800m run (added myself)
25 DUs
5 Shoot throughs
L sit for 10 sec

Hang Clean

For Time:
21 65lb Hang Power Cleans
800 m Run
15 Hang Power Cleans
800 m Run
9 Hang Power Cleans
800 m Run
time: 15:59

I’m sure that after being out for a week, my work day will be ultra busy playing catch up. Also Hannah starts a new camp this week and of course it adds a big complication to our lives — most of these camps end at 330! I mean come on — So I have to leave work around 245 to get her in time. It’s such a disruption in the day and unkind to parents —

Getting you more Fit


What can I say? It’s scorching hot in Northern VA and it’s only 7A. Be careful out there for anyone getting some fitness in, hydrate and know the signs of overexertion and rhabdo. Even getting your fitness on is not worth risking your health. And coming from me –who forsakes Sleep often in the name of fitness– you know it’s true!

All of the CrossFit athletes left the box today drenching in sweat — yeah, good times.  My friend Andre is working on improving his running, so he and I go for a quick 800m run before class starts each time he’s here if we can. I also am not in love with running, so I like to tackle it with a partner. Also those things that are your weakness in fitness and in life in general –those should be the things you work on. They are the key to getting  you stronger, faster, more fit.

800m run
10 Pass thrus
10 Kick to Handstands
10 strict pull ups
10 ring dips

Skin the Cat
Inverted Ring Hand Stands
Dead Lifts

145# Deadlifts
20in box jumps
time: 9:07
Not my best time – Coach Jerry stopped me to work on deadlifts, so it stalled some of my time. I’m not sure if it was the certification this weekend, but my DL’s are all screwy. I am over thinking things way too much I think —

Hitting my stride


Today was one of those days when you just get the rhythm of a particular exercise and you kick ass doing it. Normally I’m not a super efficient runner nor a fast one — but I felt my stride when we did our 800m warm up this morning and it carried through the WOD as well. I love that feeling of just having a good workout – even though I’m tired and sore as hell from yesterday’s WOD. And I love Tues and Thurs training days because Coach Jerry is there to add in the gymnastics element. I’m like a little kid in a candy store learning all this stuff that I didn’t grasp when I was younger.

We also had a really big crowd this morning show up for the 6a. Usually we average about 6 athletes and today we had around 11 — all different levels of experience and fitness — but all of them there to give it their best shot. When you are working out with people that are there to push themselves too — it really adds to your own effort. I love it!

800m run
10 Pass Thrus
10 OHS
10 Trunk Rotations
10 Cherry Pickers

Handstands on the parralettes

4 Rounds for time of:
15 SDHP 65#
10 Box Jumps
Run 400m
Time: 16:15

I had a great stride going for the 400 m run each time, so that is where I made up a lot of time. However, I didn’t feel so hot at the end of this WOD. Maybe because I didn’t hydrate beforehand or it was because it was super humid outside – so my asthma was letting itself be known. One of the athletes Anna said — man, you don’t look so good when I was done, so I hung outside to get some air for a bit and drank, drank and drank some more water.

Brambleton Ribbon Run 5K Race


Great day for a race don’t you think? Well — to be honest, it was a bit colder than I would have liked but the race is for a great cause, so I can put up with it.

The race started at 730A — and I got there around 630 to help the CrossFit Impavidus team set up their sponsorship table.  Then Jason, James and I geared up for the 5K. It was an odd race — people were a bit leisurely than a lot of races I have done before.  So it took me almost 2m to cross the start line and then a bit more time to get past the leisure walkers. Again, there is room for everyone in the race but there is race etiquette to allow the faster runners room to get going. It’s one of the things that I lose patience with during these races. All I ask is that you be aware that there are other people around you. Don’t stop to wait for your friend, if you have a stroller, dog, small kids — move to the right and stay more in the back of the race, don’t have the expectation that if you are running with a partner, that you can stick together all the time. People need to get through — it’s a race!

The course was pretty good – some inclines, some flat, some declines. And I think I did ok. Results:  27:57 9:00

The only thing that was odd today, was it took me literally hours and a nap to get rid of the chills after the race. I could not get warm, no matter what I did.  When I got home, we went out to some garage sales in the area and some other people who attended the race, remarked about the same thing! So, it wasn’t just me!

Today, in my Ashburn community, they had a huge garage sale to help raise money for a young man who was brutally assaulted – Declutter for Divineys. Ryan Diviney was left in a coma following a senseless beating on November 9, 2009 while a college student. So all the monies raised would go to help pay for his care. It’s so great to see a community ban together to help someone else in need.

Clean Jerks


Tomorrow – I am doing my 2nd 5k of the spring at the Brambleton Ribbon Run 5K with Team Ashburn CrossFit Impavidus! It’s a great way to get out there, give back for a good cause, and feel like you are a part of something bigger. Try one — you will see what I mean!  Heck, come and join me tomorrow morning bright and early at 730A!

50 SU/20 DU (I got a few in!)
10 Pass Thrus
10 OHS
10 Push Ups
10 Ring Rows

Clean & Jerk

65lb squat clean
65lb jerk
(rx’d for ladies was 115lb — I didn’t do that obviously)
total = 21

Why didn’t I do RX’d? Well — that’s a lot of weight and I have issues with the form of a squat clean. I bend my arms way too early. I want to work on that before diving into heavier weights. And to be real, 65lbs squat clean jerks is still tough although 21 rounds in 5 mins tells me that maybe I should have gone up a bit higher. When my form is off for squat cleans, I tend to muscle it up instead of using the momentum of proper form to get it into the location for a jerk.

Every time I use the word Jerk – there is a little voice inside me that feels like a kid using a bad word. Do you have that same feeling?

It’s a Wrap! Scope It Out – Colon Cancer 5K


A great day for a 5k for a great cause!

Top 20% finisher!

Age Category Results : 16    Stephanie Hoaglund      40 Ashburn VA            30:24 29:26  9:29


Race Overall: 240  91/488   1670 Stephanie Hoaglund      40 Ashburn VA       30:24 29:26  9:29

A San Francisco Run


As promised – I went for a run/workout in San Francisco on my trip. I felt like I was eating my way through the trip so it was only fair on my body to do a bit of exercise. My brother and I headed out together on Sunday — and I am so happy I did. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous and I didn’t bring a camera but had my brother take this shot right before we started in front of his apartment to document that I actually got my fitness in!

We ran up a few hills (imagine that in San Fran!) and ran down some stairs, through the marina and a park — then stopped at a workout station area where they had pull up bars, slanted boards to do sit ups, push ups — then we did some burpees, lunges, push ups. We also showed each other some new moves to add to our workout on occasion and then headed back to the apartment which included running some serious stairs! My asthma was no where to be found and the scenery made the entire workout so worth it. How can you not want to get out there and run with the beautiful bay surrounding you? The best thing to see — the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance.   My goal is whenever and wherever I travel – I will run the area. Carmel was beautiful, San Fran, super beautiful — I wonder what trip is next?

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