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Dead Liftin’ workout

So as tired as I was from going out last night – and as hard as my little internal monster voice tried to talk me out of going to group training this morning – I went. My ‘other’ voice said “it’s only one hour – more »

It’s all mental workout!

So I headed to boot camp at 545a this morning, even though I worked out last night. It’s part of my routine – I can’t help it! But I definitely felt the impact on my energy and strength. Next week boot camp is off – more »

WOD with Reflection

As I was doing the run this morning, I thought how much this sucked. It was cold and I am so sore from 2 days of pull ups. But as much as it sucked, it was awesome too. Here I am getting to workout with more »

A Sunday run is good for your health

I have had a sinus headache for 2 days. Gotta love Fall in Northern Virginia I tell ya.  I decided that even though I didn’t feel like going for a run this morning, that I would force myself to go and maybe it would help more »

Run A lot Workout

Because last week we were inside because of the cold, this workout was a bit different today. It was cold but for me, it’s better than being cooped up. warmupx2 high knees walking lunges heel to butt sprints warmupx2 rocking tiers leg raises half pikes more »

River Creek 5K Fun Run

This morning I got up — enjoying that extra hour of sleep — and headed out for a small fun run 5K race in the River Creek Community to benefit Capital Hospice. It was in the 30s and the race course was hilly. My lungs more »

Ahh, Weekends

I don’t think I have mentioned this before — I am running a small 5k race in River Creek with some of the Plumbline Ladies.  The race benefits Capital Hospice — as I have mentioned — races are a good way to give back and more »

For Some in New York Marathon, Barefoot Is Way to Go

For Some in New York Marathon, Barefoot Is Way to Go – NYTimes.com. If running 26.2 miles in a couple of hours seems daunting, imagine doing it barefoot. Barefoot runners are still a tiny number of the more than 43,000 expected to race in the more »

To work or not workout –that is the question!

It started Thurs mid morning — nausea, fatigue, lack of energy — and started to subside Friday evening after spending 2 solid days in bed. Not wanting to get out to even get water. It’s hard to be mom sometimes because there is no one more »

Start the week workout with 200m OH run – is it fun?

Happy Monday right? As long as I have been getting up at o’dark thirty, you would think it would be easier but it isn’t. I still wake up on Mondays with the ‘it can’t be 5a yet feeling‘.  I get up anyway because I know more »