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Dead Liftin’ workout


EIO, Michael and 'The Judge'

So as tired as I was from going out last night – and as hard as my little internal monster voice tried to talk me out of going to group training this morning – I went. My ‘other’ voice said “it’s only one hour – you don’t have to work today – you can take a nap and boot camp is off all next week — so get your butt up, dress warmly and head out the door”. I know by now that once I am in that car and then warmed up – I will get thru the workout and feel so much better overall.  Although now that I am home – I am pretty sore so the feel better overall can be debated…

We did some shoulder work this morning including doing some max rep work. My shoulders have said Enough already! And part of the ending workout included yet again running outside — it’s sub 30′ outside. No workout should include that during the winter in Northern Virginia. It’s just not right.  And I am not complaining but a girl with asthma should not be running outside so much in the winter — my lungs and throat are on fire from yesterday’s half mile run with that cold wind so today’s run was not a welcome sight.

Michael, my trainer did something amazing today. He dead lifted 405lbs! We were talking about dead lifts and how my back was hurting from Thursday’s workout which had us doing 135lb DLs. He said you haven’t done a DLuntil you do over 200lbs – which some of the amazing ladies have done! So at the end of training today, he set it up and did 405lbs! Pretty frickin amazing — Great Job Mikey!

So I am back from group training, sore as all heck – wishing I could crawl back into bed – which I may do later today — Here’s to a great Christmas Eve — and an even better Christmas to all those that celebrate!

It’s all mental workout!


So I headed to boot camp at 545a this morning, even though I worked out last night. It’s part of my routine – I can’t help it! But I definitely felt the impact on my energy and strength. Next week boot camp is off – so I will probably head to Gold’s to get some training in.

I have not been sticking to an all Paleo eating approach – although I haven’t gone completely off the wagon. Wheat/gluten as a staple is no longer status quo for me. I did have some chocolate yesterday and a few treats at our team pot luck on Tuesday. But I am so crazy about it — I felt such guilt. It’s frustrating that I can’t be ‘ok‘ with having a treat now and then without thinking ‘OMG – It’s going to ruin all I have done‘. In the upcoming year – I am going to work on being kinder to myself and focus on retraining my internal voice when it comes to body image and my relationship with eating/food.

Today’s workout included a 1/2 m run outside and let me tell you — when you first go outside, you say ‘oh this isn’t too bad‘. Ha – turn the corner and this super cold blast of wind greets you and you eat your words! It felt like we were running with a weighted vest on! Couple that with asthma – my lunges kept seizing up whenever I took a breath and as you can imagine, I took a lot of breaths — it was tough but I got through it.

The thing to keep in mind is that right after that run, I have to come in and continue on — that’s when mental grit comes into play. That only comes with training and practice! You do the best you can and the next time you do it – you improve! Over and over again!

And now – it’s not even 9a. I have already worked out – and can continue on with my day!

WOD with Reflection


Pull Up Essentials Class at Plumbline Training

As I was doing the run this morning, I thought how much this sucked. It was cold and I am so sore from 2 days of pull ups. But as much as it sucked, it was awesome too. Here I am getting to workout with a group of strong, funny, amazin women all working on the same goal — living a fit and healthy life.

Someone told me the other day how ‘tiny‘ I was now and someone else piped in and asked me to tell them the secret. I am sure she didn’t appreciate the answer I gave but I didn’t hold back. I said ‘sorry – no secret. I get my ass up at 5A during the week and workout and I don’t eat crap food’. That is no secret. Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, we all know that we need to make fitness and health a priority in our lives and find something that works for us and more importantly, incorporate it into our daily lives –it can’t be a half baked effort either. The way life is now a days  – it’s so much easier to do nothing. You have to research, plan, do — over and over again until it works. Fake it until you make it! I am not going to sugar coat this type of life. It takes effort, work, commitment and some sacrifice. For me, it has been worth it — I feel better, I have met some really wonderful and special people who have given me so much more than I ever could imagine, and in my opinion – I look better now than I have ever looked and I will be turning the big 40 in February. How’s that for hard work paying off?  I guess yesterday’s news of cancer claiming someone else way too early has me reflecting on health and fitness. In so many cases, living healthier can help fight off so many cancers, why wouldn’t you get to work?

side shuffle
push ups
skip jumps

feet hooked with partner
side to side hands on shoulders
platinum sit ups
general stretching
25 side push ups(high 5 the person next to you alternating side)

65lb back squats
25lb db Single Arm Swings (each arm)
Double Box Jumps x2
450m, 100m (alternate)

I finished in 34m and change — not within the 30 min time limit but considering I didn’t finish the last time we did this WOD, I count that as a win! I modified the TGU a bit and did not use any weight on one side because my left arm still hurts when I put full on weight on it. Gotta do what you gotta do to heal —

Rest day tomorrow, and instead of camp on Thursday, we are all meeting up for the Turkey Trot in Lansdowne to do a 5k race with added ‘stations’ compliments of Plumbline Training. Should be fun, fun, fun!

A Sunday run is good for your health


I have had a sinus headache for 2 days. Gotta love Fall in Northern Virginia I tell ya.  I decided that even though I didn’t feel like going for a run this morning, that I would force myself to go and maybe it would help my headache. You know what? During the run — I had no headache.  At home post run — it came back although not as strong.  I ended up doing about 3 miles total. I have to get used to running in the crisper, colder air.  It’s definitely a different type of running for someone with asthma.

Still doing great on my new approach to eating aka Paleo. I have added a square of 82% dark chocolate because I have a sweet tooth and have been craving it like nobody’s business. The Dark Chocolate seems to satisfy that and because its over the 70%, its benefits are still there. Let’s see how the scale plays out tomorrow. My mid section is certainly more toned and I feel stronger overall. Just look at the pictures I posted this week. Nutrition plays a HUGE and Primary part in staying healthy and in shape. I have often thought that as hard as I work at my workouts — there has to be some part of the puzzle I am missing. I took all the necessary steps to get my body in shape and still felt all lumpy in my mid section – not the sleek, toned abs that I should have. I knew I had strong abs but a layer of fat stood in the way of seeing them. I am telling you — it takes time, patience, commitment and passion to make a change like this. But, it doesn’t have to happen overnight! Take it in steps and move on to the next step when it feels right to you —

Run A lot Workout


Because last week we were inside because of the cold, this workout was a bit different today. It was cold but for me, it’s better than being cooped up.

high knees
walking lunges
heel to butt

rocking tiers
leg raises
half pikes
general stretching
50 push-ups

hang clean snatch 65lbs
walking lunges 25lb db 50m
handstand push ups (modified using the box)
double burpees (you do a double push up each time)
1mi run (15, 3 round)

It was me and my pal, Chandra that stuck it out even though time was officially up. I stopped at half a mile because it was already way past time — and I can only get home so late in the AM. A lot of the Plumbline ladies have to rush home and get their kids ready and on the bus to school so it’s not an option to stay longer once time is called.

I really am lucky that Scott takes the lead in the AM with the kids and supports me doing this. On most mornings, the kids are dressed, fed and just about ready to head out the door when I get back. I make their lunches, get their school paperwork in order and help them finish getting ready and then they are out — I think that in order for me to make this all work, teamwork and support is the key. So many of us out there don’t have that and it can seriously be the one thing that keeps someone from starting on their own path to wellness.

River Creek 5K Fun Run


This morning I got up — enjoying that extra hour of sleep — and headed out for a small fun run 5K race in the River Creek Community to benefit Capital Hospice. It was in the 30s and the race course was hilly. My lungs killed and I found myself stopping quite a few times to recover. Cold air and asthma do not go together when you haven’t been running in the cold for a while.  It turned out the race was actually 3.8mi –and as I approached the last part of the course, a big hill that seemed to go on forever greeted me. Who would put a BIG HILL on the course after the ton of hills we just endured and make it right before the finish line — that is just mean!  The pic above was taken during our lovely brunch hosted by Kimmy. She won a medal for first in her age group!

I don’t have the official race results yet but I “think” i finished in about 33 minutes —

(33 minutes) / (3.8 miles) = 8.68421053 minutes per mile

Ahh, Weekends


I don’t think I have mentioned this before — I am running a small 5k race in River Creek with some of the Plumbline Ladies.  The race benefits Capital Hospice — as I have mentioned — races are a good way to give back and get exercise. There is no better combo than that! You help others and help yourself at the same time! So, because of that — I decided to move my rest day to today in preparation for the run tomorrow. And I am sore from the new session yesterday, mostly in my arms, shoulders oh who am I kidding — all over!

I love the weekends — I get to sleep in a bit. Today, I actually slept in until 945a if you can believe it. I haven’t done that in a very long time!  I also usually get a great breakfast made for me by my wonderful hubby. Today it was scrambled eggs with all natural sausage and veggies.  It was so good and for lunch I made a big ass salad with orange pepper, pan grilled chicken, avocado, romaine lettuce, baby spinach, lemon juice, splash of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. So good.

Hope you are all out there enjoying a wonderful fall day….

A healthy gut is the hidden key to weight loss | The Healthy Skeptic.

We’ve only recently begun to understand the extent of the gut flora’s role in human health and disease. Among other things, the gut flora promotes normal gastrointestinal function, provides protection from infection, regulates metabolism and comprises more than 75% of our immune system. Dysregulated gut flora has been linked to diseases ranging from autism and depression to autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto’s, inflammatory bowel disease and type 1 diabetes.

Recent research has shown that the gut flora, and the health of the gut in general, also play a significant role in both obesity and diabetes. I’ve seen this anecdotally in my practice as well. Nearly every patient I treat with a blood sugar issue also has a leaky gut, a gut infection, or some other chronic inflammatory gut condition.

For Some in New York Marathon, Barefoot Is Way to Go


For Some in New York Marathon, Barefoot Is Way to Go –

If running 26.2 miles in a couple of hours seems daunting, imagine doing it barefoot.

Barefoot runners are still a tiny number of the more than 43,000 expected to race in the New York City Marathon on Sunday, but organizers say they have seen an increase in runners who are interested in the trend.

“I feel like I get asked at least weekly, if not more,” said Mary Wittenberg, chief executive of the New York Road Runners, which organizes the marathon and other races throughout the year.

Barefoot runners are not new to marathon courses — Abebe Bikila of Ethiopia won the marathon in bare feet at the 1960 Rome Olympics — but their ranks have grown in recent years, prompted in part by a bestselling book that promotes the practice and the arrival on the market of several lightweight, thin-soled shoes designed to mimic the feel of running barefoot. The Barefoot Runners Society, a national club for unshod runners, claims 1,345 members, nearly double the 680 members it had in November 2009, when it was founded.

To work or not workout –that is the question!


It started Thurs mid morning — nausea, fatigue, lack of energy — and started to subside Friday evening after spending 2 solid days in bed. Not wanting to get out to even get water. It’s hard to be mom sometimes because there is no one around when you get sick to take care of you.  I skipped group training yesterday morning — and woke up this morning feeling ok. I wouldn’t say 100% but I would say better. So of course I decided to go for a run –why that would make sense in my head is beyond me — but I guess I am so conditioned to just do some sort of exercise. I have been holed up in bed for 2 days — I needed to move. So squeaked out 3 miles this morning — not a very fast pace but it’s done and in a way  — i wish i hadnt done it.

I  included this article below — it’s very much in line with past posts I have made –about pushing past pain and finding the mental grit to keep pushing yourself even when your body/mind says stop. I am still working on it but have noticed an improvement in this skill…

Pushing Past Pain to Improve Performance –

Start the week workout with 200m OH run – is it fun?


Happy Monday right? As long as I have been getting up at o’dark thirty, you would think it would be easier but it isn’t. I still wake up on Mondays with the ‘it can’t be 5a yet feeling‘.  I get up anyway because I know I will feel great once I am there and then- even better when I am done! There was some serious raccoon screeching outside my window last nite at around 3a — scared the crap out of me and made it that much harder to get my butt up this morning!

rockette kicks
back walking lunge

good mornings
25 bottom up push-ups
general stretching

checkpoint push-ups
20lb db lunge squats x2
100m bounding/primal walk
200m run with 25lb plate OH
65lb back squats

There is something about doing a farmer’s run that feels like torture to me. Whether it’s holding 2 25lb dbs in your hands and running or holding a 25lb plate OH and running — there is a real reason that farmer’s use wheel barrels. There is no fun to be found in doing it — it is probably one of my least favorite exercises to do.

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