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Filter Water Using Bamboo


I’ve been meaning to share some interesting things I noticed while on vacation in San Fran and how they have inspired me to make changes to my daily life…

First,  if you are shopping in San Fran and want a store provided shopping bag (plastic or paper), you are charged 10 cents. How many of us have way too many plastic shopping bags at home? I have piles of them. I know some people use them to pick up after their pets, but I am sure even then, we all have too many.  I am going to work on getting in the habit of bringing my own bag to the mall, target, grocery shopping etc. If more of us did it – we could make a real impact on the environment.

Second, my brother uses bamboo charcoal to filter water. He keeps a pitcher of water on his counter top with a bamboo charcoal square in it.  It filters water and saves you money.

Bamboo CHarcoalThe first benefit of bamboo charcoal when used as a water filter lies in its composition. Bamboo charcoal is extremely porous and the activated carbon in it allows it to do a couple of things to make your water better. The pores and carbon absorb impurities from the water such as added chemicals that are normally used to clean water and pollutants that slip by anyway. These things not only leave a bad taste but also make the water unhealthier to drink, especially for babies and children. The charcoal can be placed in a jug of water for about six hours to do its work or can be put in a plastic filter over the tap so that the water can run through the stone (though this won’t be quite as effective). The impurities are stored in the charcoal until it can be recharged under sunlight for a few hours. Activated carbon bamboo charcoal is the best way to go because the carbon allows the stone to absorb more impurities, so you can just pick up any old chunk of bamboo charcoal and expect it to work as well.

My brother said you can find it in an asian grocery store, so I am going to check out Lottes this weekend to see if it’s there. If not, I may have to order it online although I can’t seem to find it on Amazon either.

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Life is Too Short


Rest Day


Success: The Difference You Make In People’s Lives


San Fran ViewI got back from San Fran a few days ago and am still processing and decompressing all the experiences HB and I had on our SF trip. Of course there was mostly family time which is what’s important. My two little 3 month old nieces are just the cutest, sweetest babies in the world. I was in heaven holding them, helping feed them and just being around them as each day brought new discoveries of life. And babies smell so sweet — It was very hard to leave because I know the next time I see either of them, they will have grown and no longer be these little bundles of wonder. I loved seeing them interact with HB as well – helping foster a connection between them is really important to me and it was something that I missed out on growing up. Amelia, my three year old niece, was in awe of HB and followed her around like a groupie. It was so awesome…

The weather was amazing for walking all over San Fran -which in truth is one of my favorite things to do. I just love taking in the sights. Every where you look is like a postcard, at least near the marina.  I think on Monday alone, we walked over 9+ miles and although my feet were aching, I didn’t mind a bit. We went down to the Ferry building, picked up some Blue Bottle Coffee – If you get a chance to try their coffee, DO. They roast their own beans and seriously, it’s the best. Then we walked down Market street to do some shopping and then walked all the way to the Wharf to enjoy some Ghiradeli ice cream and then walked on home.

During our trip we also went to Chinatown, into Oakland to attend a BBQ, shopped at Fort Mason Farmer’s Market, and just hung out. It was a perfect little get away for HB and I — no stress, great family, babies and awesome surroundings.  I feel re-energized and ready to move forward…

I worked out on Weds morning and then yesterday, went to a Flow Yoga class – which is kicking my ass. Holy cow is yoga tough. I can already feel progress in my shoulders and overall flexibility and my body doesn’t hurt as much during regular CrossFit – so those are all wins in my book.

HB in San Fran

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The quote above really applies to someone like Pharrell – he’s making a difference in people’s lives. Watch the video below and you will see how awesome he is. It seems to me that many people who make it in their field of choice lose that perspective of appreciation. To see someone as talented and famous as he is right now really understand the impact he can have is refreshing and touching.


  • Back Squats
  • Pushups/Pull ups


  • 3m Ladder
  • db lunges
  • db renegade rows
  • –1 min rest–
  • 5m Ladder
  • slam balls
  • crab walks
  • –1 min rest–
  • 3m Ladder
  • db lunges
  • db renegade rows

I Left My Heart in San Francisco


I am still playing catch up from the last few weeks — work has kept me busy and then my five day girl’s trip to San Fran, which just ended yesterday.  I love having a daughter and being able to take her on a few special trips — just her and I traveling. She is one of the easiest travel companions except her propensity towards being very emotional. I always forget how the last day of our trip goes when we are visiting family.  She gets really sad and upset, cries about how we don’t live near our family. It’s cute and sad at the same time. I love that I can give her some special memories and I do wish we lived closer –but the reality of living somewhere usually doesn’t live up to the vacation dream.

My brothers are busy guys, have their own lives with their own families. Sometimes I feel like we are intruding on them when we visit. It’s nothing they do intentionally –both of their wives, my beautiful sister in laws do more than their share of accommodating us and making us feel welcome.  And then there is my niece, Amelia — a two and half year old fire cracker.  She has quite the personality and isn’t shy to let you know how she feels about you. I forgot what having that age of a toddler around is like – i love it and am glad my kids are over it at the same time. The joy little kiddos see at that age is amazing — everything is new and their favorite thing to ask is What’s That?

And have I mentioned how much I love, love, love San Francisco? The people, the atmosphere, the scenery, the lifestyle –everyone is outside, active –enjoying a great way of life. Or at least that is how it appears.

I stopped by CrossFit San Francisco for a bit –talk about an amazing place. It’s all outdoors and they have this

amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

All in all it was a fantastic trip –I’m tired but it was worth it. Family is so important and it can be hard to continue to be connected but it’s so important not only for us, but our kiddos too.

I got up and headed out for my workout this AM:

Pass Thrus

Snatch Balance

10min AMRAP

  • 8 Snatch (kb alternating)
  • 12 squats
  • 8 Sit ups

total: 9+15  

Oh and as for staying on point with healthy eating –yeah, didn’t happen so much on my trip. I had gluten free pizza, some ice cream from Ghiradelli and Swensons, broccoli and rice from R&G Lounge,  Saki, egg drop soup — i feel yucky if I am being honest. My pants are tight, I feel sluggish and my workout this AM was not my best performance. The key for me is how well I re-adjust to being at home and going back to my normal, healthier eating style.  I don’t like this feeling….

A San Francisco Run


As promised – I went for a run/workout in San Francisco on my trip. I felt like I was eating my way through the trip so it was only fair on my body to do a bit of exercise. My brother and I headed out together on Sunday — and I am so happy I did. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous and I didn’t bring a camera but had my brother take this shot right before we started in front of his apartment to document that I actually got my fitness in!

We ran up a few hills (imagine that in San Fran!) and ran down some stairs, through the marina and a park — then stopped at a workout station area where they had pull up bars, slanted boards to do sit ups, push ups — then we did some burpees, lunges, push ups. We also showed each other some new moves to add to our workout on occasion and then headed back to the apartment which included running some serious stairs! My asthma was no where to be found and the scenery made the entire workout so worth it. How can you not want to get out there and run with the beautiful bay surrounding you? The best thing to see — the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance.   My goal is whenever and wherever I travel – I will run the area. Carmel was beautiful, San Fran, super beautiful — I wonder what trip is next?

A Gold’s Gym WOD


We were invited over to a new couple’s home that moved into the neighborhood last night. What a fun night we had — lots of laughing, sharing stories, opinions — getting to know new people.  I love the meeting new people and getting to know them phase — it opens your mind up to new personalities, experiences and thoughts.

We stayed out later than usual so I slept in a bit which is fine by me. After doing some stuff around the house – I headed to Gold’s gym to do a mini WOD — The run was what did me in initially. I couldn’t seem to catch my breath so I was happy it was only 1m.

Gold’s Gym WOD
1m run
12 repsx2
25lb db shoulder press
25lb db walking lunges
20lb db chest press
20lb db tricep curl
15 pull ups

100 jump ropes
100 rope waves
20 24in box jumps
30 push ups

I head to San Fran this coming Friday to meet my 6m old niece, Amelia! I surprised Hannah with a ticket too since she has no school next Monday. A great part about it is — all my brothers and sisters will be there! David and Jon live in SF. Connie and Dee live in Portland, OR and they are flying down and my Mom decided to come last minute as well! So a mini family reunion in addition to Mom, Dee, Hannah and I meeting Amelia for the first time. I am so excited — and I am excited for Hannah to go on a trip with just me. A little girl’s trip with some aunts, uncles and nana thrown in! There is nothing better than family —

Priorities for Eating Paleo on a Budget


Priorities for Eating Paleo on a Budget

Some good ideas and info on eating Paleo from a San Fran nutritionist who advises that real food for real people is the way to go.

These are my tips to help you to navigate which foods are the most critical to buy at the highest quality level and which you can set lower on your priority list and save for the times when you have some extra cash to spend on your food.

Eating with a Paleo or Primal approach can seem daunting when you realize that you are no longer going to rely on the cheap, filler ingredients you may have become accustomed to buying on a regular basis. No more rice and beans. No more bread, pasta or cereal. These are all cheap foods. And rightfully so; they provide poor nutritional value when you compare them to vegetables, meat, fruit, nuts, seeds and quality fats and oils.

The concept of a Paleolithic or evolutionary approach to eating is that we rely on whole foods that are in a very edible form as they exist in nature with very little “processing” required between when it’s picked or killed and when it’s eaten. This is the biggest part of an evolutionary approach to eating that resonated with me, besides the fact that it’s based on consuming whole foods of high quality. That said, getting your hands on the best quality vegetables, fruits, meats, nuts, seeds, fats and oils can be cost prohibitive if you’re trying to buy the top of the line ingredients across the board.

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