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Thrusters for a Saturday


It was great to get back into the swing of things — it’s sad to think how 3 days away from working out can make such a difference — it takes forever to get into shape but about a week or so to lose some of the gains.  But what makes a difference is that you get back on the wagon once vacation is over.

We went to Busch Gardens yesterday — and looking around made me sad. There are unhealthy, overweight people EVERYWHERE. You can see how it affects them by looking at the the way they walk and move around. It affects the quality of their lives and its more the norm.  I was talking to Hannah about it when we were on a bench taking a rest. I tried to not talk about it with any sort of judgement — just a matter of fact that overweight people are unhealthy and are everywhere. It was true too — We looked around and 9 out of 10 people at that park would be considered obese. Maybe it’s just the type of folks who frequent amusement parks but I’m not so sure.  There is nothing like seeing heavy people eat french fries, funnel cakes and ice cream to set you back on the path to being fit. I don’t want to be encumbered by something I have control over.

I was thinking about how the past few days at Monticello and Williamsburg, in the evening, the kids and i used their lush grounds to do handstands and cartwheels together. I also had the kids run stairs at the Univ of Virginia and timed them. It was actually Nate’s idea — and we used his iPod timer to see how fast they could run up and down over and over again. We had a great time doing it too — How many other parents stop and do that type of stuff with their kids? I wish more —

20 Jumping Jacks
10 Push ups
10 squats
partner tire flips


partner wod
5 Thrusters 65 lbs for EACH MINUTE
On the minute, perform 5 Thrusters, followed by burpees for the rest of the minute. One person works out at a time
total: 15:50

Weekend Workout


I have a busy day that started out at CrossFit Impavidus for another fun and hard workout. Scott has informed me that I basically say that about every workout, every morning when I come home. So I’m probably like the boy who cried wolf.  But it’s true and it’s good because that means you never stop progressing.

I’m headed to Ashburn YouthFest to talk to teens about CrossFit Impavidus Kids/teens program. Should be pretty fun.

800m run
Dynamic stretches
Pass thrus
Push Ups

Sled pulls in 2 teams. As team player is going, you do push ups, leg flutters, run in place
tabata! 4m (20s work, 10s rest)
Pull Ups
Bottom to Bottom Squats
Push Press
4, 11, 7 total

Cancer Sucks! Cure by Design Event tonite!


Great WOD today compliments of Coach Nate at CrossFit Impavidus. My brother Jon is in town so I brought him a long as well.

Sampson Stretch
10 Pass thrus
10 Whirly Birds
10 Bendy Whirly Birds
10 Hollow Rocks
10 OHS

Rope Climb

w/Partner Mike K
800m run
100m tire flips
move 300# 50m
100m Sleds
5 rope climbs or 20 burpee pull ups for each climb substituted
40m bear crawl
800m run
time: 33:08  Mike ended up doing 2 rope climbs so we did a lot of burpee pull ups. I believe I did 37 and holy crap, it was torture!

Mobility stretches

Now I have to go get ready for Cure By Design and my husband, Scott’s catwalk debut! I’m so excited for this event — to honor those that have survived cancer is so important and it benefits a great cause because we all know Cancer Sucks.

Cure by Design is an event in which the fashion, design and retail communities join forces with the local corporate community to benefit the American Cancer Society. The focus of this special evening is a fashion show that spotlights designer fashions and, more importantly, the cancer survivors who model them. These survivor models are living proof of the strides we are making in the fight against cancer, and their vibrant smiles portray a message of hope for the cure.
The money raised at Cure by Design enables the American Cancer Society to fund cutting-edge research, early detection and prevention education, advocacy efforts, and life-affirming patient services. By supporting Cure by Design, you are partnering with the American Cancer Society to help cancer patients in your community.

Weekend Away


Paleo Diet Infographic

Here’s a cool Paleo explained infographic I found at one of my favorite blogs: the clothes make the girl. Mel has some great info, has a great sense of humor, is strong and kicks ass. She inspires me regularly.

As I am away this weekend – I am going to share some of my favorite images from last weekend’s Reebok CrossFit Mid-Atlantic Regionals:

This guy inspired me so much. Strong, focused and just generally HOT. (what — I’m just being honest)









This is Christmas. That is her real name and she’s awesome! And strong, fit, nice, funny and HOT. (Ok, what? I am being honest)

CrossFit Impavidus Weekend Workout


Memorial Day weekend is here! I headed to CrossFit Impavidus for their free weekend workout. I have said this before but I like the open community workouts because I get to see some of the people that go to CFI at other times during the week. I am a 6A girl, so I rarely get to see the evening folks.

Once again- Coach Lori created a great, challenging WOD for the gang to do. It keeps you moving and you feel exhausted at the end – the way you should.

Dynamic Stretching
Tire Flipping in Teams

50m run/7 push ups
50m run/7 lunges
–1m rest–
50m run/7 air squats
50m run/7 pull ups
–1m rest–
50m run/7 burpees
50m run/7 Knees to elbow
Round 1=7
Round 2=4
Round 3=3

Push Up Challenge
15# plate on back 24
Push ups (no plate) 5
Push ups on knees 10
total: 39

It was a great day at CrossFit. If you aren’t busy this weekend and are in the Ashburn area, stop by CFI on Monday at 9A for a special WOD called ‘Murph’ –

“Memorial Day Murph” at CrossFit Impavidus

Monday, May 30.
Start time: 9A
Post Murph Pot Luck- at the box.
(Pot luck theme: lite brunch type food )

Show your support and head to CrossFit Impavidus Monday 9AM.

Find out more about Memorial Day Murph and how to register to become an official participant of The 2011 Memorial Day Murph.

Saturday Free Workout at CrossFit


It was a free Saturday workout at CrossFit today — love meeting new people and hanging out with some of the athletes that go to different time classes.

sampson stretch
10 Pass Thrus
10 OHS
10 Pull Ups
10 Hollow Rocket/Supermans


100m run
20 Air Squats
100m run
20 burpees
100m run
20 pull ups
100m run
50m lunges with 25lb plate
100m run
50m broad jumps
time: 20:22

I was trying hard to get in under 20m, but I had to wait for a space on the pull up bar. I ended up doing 12 in first batch of pull ups with no band and then moved on to a band. The 2nd round I used a band. For 20m, it was a really tough workout!

CrossFit is like being a kid again!


Great day at CrossFit Impavidus. A ton of new people showed up and although it was a crazy workout – it all worked out in the end.

sampson stretch
10 OH Squats
10 Pass Thrus
Hollow Rockets

20 AMRAP (10 min split w/ teams)
Tire Flip – rest
Pull ups – rest
DB Snatch 20lbs – rest
burpees – rest

sled drags- rest
pull ups – rest
wall ball squats – rest
jump rope – rest

The team structure posed a bit of an issue — caused some chaos and I think I missed a few rounds but overall it was fun. We had to flip gigantic truck tires — and I have no idea how much those weigh but we didn’t have a partner so it was on our own.

Then I worked on my kips again with my new pal – Sven and then did a few cartwheels. That’s the fun of CrossFit really. Where else do you get to do this kinda stuff – it’s like gym time for adults. It gets you out of the gym rut, and into being a kid again.

This is not exactly what we did today but it gives you an idea of the tire flipping:

Hi Ho, Hi Ho – it’s off to nature we go…


My dear friend Sara

I had a really fun Friday night – I went over my friend Sara’s house – who invited me and our friend Anu for dinner. It was so nice to chat and laugh with them. Both of these women really inspire me in so many ways – that I am so thankful for being in my life!

And as you can tell — I’m still in the greatest mood – things are just going well for me. I am full of new ideas and inspiration —

Headed to my CrossFit Impavidus workout and I knew some of it was outside — with this weather it would be a crime if it wasn’t.

big tire flips

1m stations/rest 1 min 3x
body rows
wall ball squats
65lb dead lifts
sit ups

102/100/92 -294 total

I stayed and got some more 1:1 coaching from Nate on snatch and pull ups.

It’s such a beautiful day, that I am taking the kids to the Nature Preserve in Leesburg to do a little nature hiking. I was talking with a friend of mine, Sara, this week and she made me realize that i need to redefine what sort of activities we all do. I am now an active, fit person who should do active, more outdoorsy activities in my spare time. When you become an athlete later in life, it affects everything you do including what you consider fun — so off to the preserve we go!

CrossFit is Community too!


Today’s workout was all about the team. I like switching it up and doing the workout where you rely on others to do their part — in order to come out on top!


fun run w stops to do 10 burpees & 10 air squats


KB Swings


Team stations


50m? sprint

35lb KB swings

push up (hand release)


Total tally – 861 which was almost 100 more reps than any other team! Which was awesome because the teams were broken up into all male/all female teams but there was an extra person with the guys, so my pal Adrian came to workout in our group – Team Awesome. So 3 ladies, 1 guy= Kicked Ass!

Then I stayed after and Coach Nate worked with me on mobility with my shoulders/back. I have a posture issue and as I have said before – the more tired I am, the less I remember to put my shoulders back in their sockets — Think Stupor! So he suggested doing some passive mobility work with a KB. Lie on your back and hold it straight ahead for 1m to help my shoulders learn their way back.

We also worked on my Kip again. I have that swing down, and now I think I figured out what I should do once I am ‘weightless’ — now it’s about more and more practice. Practice is the key for me! I love Saturdays at CrossFit Impavidus. You get to meet new people who are trying CrossFit for the very first time and I get to have more targeted coaching from Nate. It’s something I look forward to every week — the community part of the program.

Saturday Workout at CrossFit


I love that CFI has a free class for anyone on Saturday mornings that wants to try CrossFit. There is no hard sell — because for most, once they try CrossFit -they are hooked. No Hard sell necessary.

My friend Tina tried it today. Her husband already joined and is a die hard CrossFitter. She did a great job! This pic was taken AFTER the workout –and we are still smiling.

Sampson Stretch
Pass Thrus
OH Squats
Sit Ups
5 Pull Ups
5 Ring Dips

4 rounds for time
20 wall ball squats/box jumps
30 push ups
40 situps
time: 23:19

cool down
sampson stretch
front/back scorpions

It was a great workout! The whole group had a lot of fun too if you can believe it! Another great workout!

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