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Weekend Workout to start off the day —


I have had a really good day — started it off with a great workout at CrossFit Impavidus. It was a hard one for sure, but it was the kind of workout that when you were done — you were super happy, super wiped out, but then on a super endorphin high. I also love that because the workouts are different every day, the coaches can take advantage of the great unusual weather — so we got to run outside. My other coach stuck too the routine no matter what, even during warm up. I like that element of surprise and spontaneity.

Sampson Stretch
10 Pass Thrus
10 Butterfly Sit Ups
10 Push Ups
10 Air Squats

OH Squat

6 Rounds
200m Run
25 Lateral Burpees
time: 20:09

And when the workout was done, we did a few cool down stretches and we were done.
But, what i love about CFI and Saturdays is a bunch of us hang around helping one another with skills. Some of the coaches stay and help and then the students each add in. Today, I worked on the butterfly kip and by the end of the 10 mins, I had it! I definitely need to practice more — but I got the general rhythm down.

People learn differently and need a few different suggestions. I am very cerebral and need to see it over and over again and then deconstruct it, identify where I am messing up, see it again, try it again — until I get it. The coaches are ok with that — each one approaches training different and offers their take — and after trying each one, one of them does get into my head and voila!

Another great day of CrossFit — I wish this place had opened a long time ago. I feel so empowered and so reinspired — even taking rests days is becoming hard for me — but I take em!



A slow day here in Northern Virginia. I woke up and headed to Kimmy’s house for a run. We did about 4 miles today. The air was cold and crisp and it made it tough on my asthma. After we finished the run we headed over to meet our friend Melissa’s new Puppy – Laney! She’s a 9 week old Boxer and cuter than cute.

Then I spent the rest of the day Fall cleaning. Scotty and Nate both haven’t felt good so we all took it easy today.

It’s Hot Hot Hot


With the heat index at somewhere near 105 in the DC area, I am headed to the gym. Why risk heat stroke? And even though a few friends told me I should not work out for a few more days – I am going to go and just take it easy. Heck, it may make me feel better —

I posted this video because frankly – these women kick ass!

best buds forever


I don’t have a lot to say today if you can believe it. Another gorgeous day ahead of us here in Northern Virginia. We are co-hosting Nate’s 6 th birthday party with his best buddy Grant.  These 2 have insisted on having a party together for the last 4 years – both were born on the same day, same year and have been super close buds since they were babies.  It will be interesting to see what next year holds for them when they both head off to their respective public schools and will no longer attend the same one every day. I have a feeling they will continue to have the same bond — they are so different in personalities but yet just really like each other.  It’s a wonderful thing to see…

Nate & Grant 5th Birthday Party 2009

Hope you have a great day and do something active!  I am leaving you with information on desserts – substitutes you can make to enjoy and indulge a bit but not so much that you completely go off the deep end.

The Healthiest Desserts in America

via The Healthiest Desserts in America | Eat This, Not That.

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