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2015 Scope It Out 5K – Washington, DC


Sunday was the 10th Annual Scope it Out 5K.  It was my fifth year running to celebrate my husband being colon cancer free! Seems so long ago now that he was recovering from surgery and chemo. Every year, I run this race as a reminder of how far we have come from those days and to continue to do my part spreading the word about how important it is for anyone with symptoms or at risk for colon cancer get screened. Remember: the treatment for colon cancer is a lot worse than any colonoscopy!!

Scope It Out 5K 2015

Both my kiddos ran this year’s race too! Last year’s 2014 Scope it Out 5K, HB joined us and this year Nate Dogg committed and rocked it!  I could not have been more proud of both of them! Apparently,  Nate loves to talk while he runs and expects a two way conversation, so Scotty had the pleasure of counting cop cars, crowds of people and anything else Nate Dogg wanted to mention during the 3+ miles. Good times!

I still regularly visit blogs created by others battling colon cancer. When I got back from the race, I decided to visit a blog by a young women in Arizona:  Michelle Whitehead Hastings. She had not been updating regularly because the cancer came back and she was undergoing some painful treatments. I wondered how she was doing and was shocked to learn she passed away late last month.  Michelle was a women, wife, mother, daughter – a bright shining person, who tried to give back as she navigated her own treatment. I took a moment last night to say a prayer for her and her family. And although I didn’t know the news at the time – I ran the race in her honor. RIP Michelle.

Race Results

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my time was better this year than 2014 and 2013! Keep in mind that I am not a runner. I had not run since this fall and even then it was no more than sprints. While there is nothing amazing about my pace in the general sense, I am quite pleased with it.  And I came in the top 17% overall. Not too shabby!

  • 2015: 9:36
  • 2014: 10:13
  • 2013: 9:55
  • 2012: 9:03
  • 2011: 9:29

Scope It Out 2015 Results

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2015 Scope it Out 5K Event Photos

Scope it out 5K 2015Scope it out 5K 2015


10649662_10152772708013741_6033625574996435756_nScope it out 5K

Scope it out 5K 2015

Scope it out 5K

Another Day – Another Opportunity


Yeah – I am tired when I wake up at 515A but that doesn’t stop me!

Yesterday, I went to the CFI Endurance class and let me tell you — i slept like a baby last night.  Not only was it physically challenging, the mental game you have to play wears on you as well.  I am going to continue to share my thoughts and experiences taking this class so that others can see if it’s something they want to take on as well. As someone who has asthma and just generally dislikes running in general, it will be interesting to see if this four week commitment will change my view and perspective on running.  It certainly is going to kick my ass, so much so that I had issues with this morning’s workout — and energy.


  • mobility
  • DROM
  • Tire Flips
  • Prowler drills


  • KB Swings
  • Wall Balls


  • 30 KB Swings
  • 15 Wall Balls

11:37 OUCH!


1332942992479_3191001The Scope it Out 5K Washington DC Presented by Chris4Life race is on Sunday! There’s still plenty of time to donate to Team Hoagie’s Heroes as we run to celebrate Scott Hoaglund’s fifth year colon cancer free!! Here’s the link:

Scope It Out 5K: March 24th


With Scotty out of town my schedule is all wonky. I got my workout in and actually got a PR on my back squat.

600m jog
MobilityHannah Bea

rope climbs

2×12 Back squats










I would love if you would consider donating to our team for the Scope it out 5K – a great cause to raise awareness and funds for families fighting Colon Cancer!

I know times are tight for many – so no pressure!

This is Scotty’s fifth year cancer free –and we are running to celebrate under Hoagie’s Heroes:



Make a Leap


JonI want to send a big THANK YOU to my big brother Jon Gettinger for making the FIRST donation to team Hoagie’s Heroes! I love you and you are awesome!

We are raising money for the Scope it Out 5K Washington DC Presented by Chris4Life and running the race in honor of Scotty’s fifth year colon cancer free.  Consider donating or joining our team!! And make sure no matter what that you become familiar with the signs and symptoms of Colon Cancer! 

There is so much good going on my life it seems to make the things that aren’t going as they should be seem magnified.  One thing I have learned about myself over the years is I am a thinker. I tend to have a very raw knee jerk reaction to something, then I step back and think about it –and ultimately fix or get to whatever it is I need to do.  People that don’t know me well tend to react from the initial knee jerk reaction and it obviously causes issues for both them and me.

The past few days I have been stuck in that initial knee jerk reaction phase and all I have to say is Thank God for good people in my circle. I asked for some pep talking and I got it. I asked for support and help, I got it.  And think I am now thinking and acting on some things that need to be cleaned up. I know I am being vague but sometimes the actual issue isn’t the point — it’s what you do when you are confronted with something that is throwing you off balance in your life. And how you work through the fear -of the unknown, of failure. It’s really about discovering yourself and making progress and change. It’s hard and sometimes it sucks and you go kicking and screaming–but usually what’s on the other side is so much better.

One of my friends yesterday shared this quote with me as a part of her kick me in the ass pep talk:  Leap, and the net will appear. -John Burroughs

I am going to keep that quote close to my chest as I work to make a leap….

A snowy morning in Northern VA! Nothing major but enough to delay the kiddos a few hours so the roads can be cleared. It looks so pretty outside and it was pristine at 530 this morning!


  • DROM
  • Drills
  • Burpee/Shoot Thru/Suicide combos


  • Split Jerk



  • Split Jerk (go heavy!)
  • Tabata L-Sits

I only got up to 125# because my technique is off with the hip drive. It’s frustrating to know I can lift more if only my form was dead on. I have to keep working on learning how to use my hips to drive weight up! Bam!

Hoagie’s Heroes: Scope it Out 5K March 24 2013


Scope it Out 5K

This year is a big year for my family.

HoagieThe beginning of Summer 2008, my husband, Scotty was surprisingly diagnosed with colon cancer and had to undergo surgery to remove half of his colon and a year of chemo -that had us spending all day, every other Tuesday at Georgetown Hospital and two days at home with a chemo pack.  During the entire process, Scotty was an amazing fighter — continuing to work as much as he could and staying positive and keeping his amazing personality in tact.  The cancer story is followed in my original blog: Colon C – The Journey

This July, it will be FIVE years since that diagnosis and for colon cancer that’s a big deal. That means we can put a period at the end of it and call it DONE.  They consider it cured. Now to put things in perspective — cancer changes everything about you and your family so while the cancer is gone, the changes it makes to you are lifelong –good and bad.

Colon cancer, if detected early is very curable & awareness of its signs and symptoms is vital. Anything we can do to help someone else become aware and informed BEFORE — we are on board.

Last year, we put together a team: Live FIt and Sore! and managed to raise a lot of friggin money for Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation.  We raised $5600!!!

I don’t particularly like setting a goal for $$ amount because I appreciate each and every donation whether it’s a big amount or not! So — I’m going to give it a go again this year and see where we land.  I also as a practice don’t ask anyone to support any cause –this one is so near and dear obviously that I make this one year exception.

Last year we had the best time running the race and having brunch afterwards.  You can join us for the run this year, donate to our team, and/or raise some money for our team!

Join us or Make a Donation to our Team Hoagie’s Heroes! 

Scope it OutJoin the Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation in the heart of Washington, D.C. for one of the largest annual colon cancer awareness events in the country – part of National Colon Cancer Awareness Month. The race course starts and ends at Freedom Plaza and will take runners and walkers up scenic Pennsylvania Avenue to the U.S. Capitol, bringing the Scope It Outmessage to the doorstep of our nation’s decision makers.

When: March 24, 2013 at 09:00 AM


Freedom Plaza
1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington , DC

Join us or Make a Donation to our Team

Nate Dogg – R.I.P.


Today is my rest day — I have workouts planned for the rest of the week including a 5K in DC the Chris4Life Scope It Out 5K for Colon Cancer Awareness! It’s my first race of the season so I am pretty excited! It’s not too late to join me or donate to the cause under Team Ashburn CrossFit Impavidus!

Thanks to those that have already committed to run and/or have donated to the cause!
I woke up this morning to hear Rapper Nate Dogg died. Very sad and another reminder how short life can be. I call my son Nate Dogg all the time in homage to the original.

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